Mi-Pod Spit Back


Make sure not to force the bottle tip in so that it seals. If you do, the air has nowhere to go but out the coil. Tilt the pod at 45 degrees when filling and this should help.

To fix this and get the vape juice cleared - Take the pod out of device, lightly cover the side-airflow with a napkin and carefully blow air through the mouth-tip the. The flooded juice will exit through the side of the pod, be careful as some juice may stain clothing. Then after a few puffs you should be good to go.


(Like Laying on the couch)

Unfortunately gravity is the issue. When upside down while vaping, the suction combined with vapor condensation will create drops of liquid that slowly pull juice past the cotton. Following our steps to fix flooded pods will remedy this, but it will not prevent it.

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