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My Mi-Pod lights up, but no vapor?


If your Mi-pod indication light is working but no vapor is coming out upon inhale/draw you are likely experiencing a connection issue. With some troubleshooting you can get your device working again.

Your device will do the following in this situation:

  • Light up upon inhale but produce no vapor
  • Charge or indicate a full charge when connected to a charging source
  • Turn on/off when pressing the power button


This issue can occur if the two-gold spring loaded contacts inside your device are not cleaned. Another possible reason can be the two gold contacts are pushed in a hair while in their packaging stopping the proper connection to take place inside of the device


The following troubleshooting steps can help to fix this problem:

Check that your device is on: Turn your device on with 5 quick clicks. For troubleshooting turn your device on and off two times. Do the same 5 quick clicks to turn the device off.

Check the inside of your device: Remove your refillable pod. Look at the bottom of your pod to make sure it still has the silicon grommet. If no, the air channel will not seal so the device will not work. Next you want to clean both of the contact pins on the inside of your device. Pocket lint, dirt, juice and other materials can prevent a proper connection. A Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol works well for this cleaning process.

Manipulate your pins: The pins on your pod can be manipulated slightly with your fingernail. Pull the pins out just a bit so they can make a connection (DO NOT pull the pins all the way out. Only a millimeter or two max)

Spring loaded pins: The contact pins in your device are spring loaded. Check these pins for give and bounce with a Q-tip or pen. If they are not springy then your device may need to be replaced.

If these tips do not resolve the issue with your device, please follow this link to begin your warranty claim:

Mi-Pod spit back

WHEN REFILLING - Make sure not to force the bottle tip in so that it seals. If you do, the air has nowhere to go but out the coil. Tilt the pod at 45 degrees when filling and this should help.

To fix this and get the juice cleared - Take the pod out of device, lightly cover the side-airflow with a napkin and carefully blow air through the mouth-tip the. The flooded juice will exit through the side of the pod, be careful as some juice may stain clothing. Then after a few puffs you should be good to go.

WHEN UPSIDE DOWN - (like laying on the couch) - Unfortunately gravity is the issue. When upside down while vaping, the suction combined with vapor condensation will create drops of liquid that slowly pull juice past the cotton. Following our steps to fix flooded pods will remedy this, but it will not prevent it.

If these tips do not resolve the issue with your device, please follow this link to begin your warranty claim:

Charging the Mi-Pod

Simply Charge your Mi-Pod by connecting the provided USB 1 AMP power plug to a 1 AMP wall adapter, then insert the end of the charging cord into the USB on the side of your Mi-Pod. Once the device is plugged in your Mi-Pod will illuminate the LED light. The light will light up according to the level of power it was at upon plugging it in.

Do not plug your device into a laptop, car charger, or gaming appliance. Always be sure to only use a 1 AMP charging cord and wall adapter. 

Lost or Broken Charger: You can find the recommended amperage chargers at your local dollar store or convenience store. You can see the AMP information on the back of the wall adapter where the metal prongs are.

If these tips do not resolve the issue with your device, please follow this link to begin your warranty claim:

How long do pods last?

Each pod is designed to handle up to five refills. Each pod duration depends on how often you use the pod, the viscosity of the E-Liquid, how sweet your E-Liquid is and the way the pod is filled between fills. If your pods are burning suspiciously quicker, Call us at 1-800-768-9982

 To get the longest life out of your pod:

  • Turn your pod to a 45 degree angle while filling, do not flood the coil or overfill the pod.
  • Between each fill, the best practice is to not let your pod go all the way dry or empty before filling. This will cause the cotton to burn quicker.
  • Do not use too sweet of E-Liquid in your pod for longest life.
  • If you get dry hits due to visible bubbles, shake/tap your pod until the bubbles go away. Bubbles will cause the cotton to get dry quicker due not not enough juice getting soaked on the cotton.
  • The pod lasts longer when it's not being vaped on when the Mi-Pod is drained to the Red Power level.

If these tips do not resolve the issue with your device, please follow this link to begin your warranty claim:

When will my order ship?

After you place an order online at, your order will typically process and ship within 48 hours. Orders placed on Friday After 12 PM AZT, will not be processed Saturday or Sunday, due to our warehouse working-hours (Mon-Fri until 4pm AZT). Your order will go out the next following business day. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation to the email provided on the order with a tracking number. Please be sure to also check your spam folder as our emails are sometimes placed in that folder. Please be aware that during the holiday season and extended weekends with major holidays, order fulfillment time may be extended.

If these tips do not resolve the issue with your device, please follow this link to begin your warranty claim:

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