Our Mission

To improve the lives of adult smokers and their families - physically, emotionally, environmentally and societally – by eradicating the harm caused by smoking and changing the world for the better, with style.


The Mi-ONE® Brands story

Our brands are the creative expression of a collaboration amongst thousands of individuals across the globe who dare to dream and lend their inspiration, encouraging us to create something impactful, unique, and special.

Our Story


At Mi-One Brands, we put you - the customer – first in everything we do.  We aspire to treat everyone like family with love, respect and understanding as we embrace each individuals own unique gifts and personality.  Our team embraces these core values as we work everyday to support our mission and change the world. 

- Family Spirit
- Creative & Passionate
- Evolve & Grow
- Accountability

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Home court advantage

Mi-One® Brands takes pride in being an American company, designing and engineering all of our products right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Team