Mi-One Values

Family Spirit

We treat each other with equality & respect. We each embrace our diversity and act with humility and gratitude as we build a loyal team that is authentic, transparent & honest. We listen to one another and act from a place of love, understanding, and compassion. We encourage vulnerability and replace blame with curiosity & empathy

Creative & Passionate

We open our minds and listen to our intuition to unleash our creative, fun and adventurous spirit every day. We embrace our unique individuality to inspire one another. We strive to exceed expectations and delight our customers by facing challenges with optimism and enthusiasm.

Evolve & Grow

We embrace & drive change through fearless and decisive actions. We are resilient and ‘fail-forward’ in pursuit of growth and development. We believe in our people and provide opportunities for self-expression & personal growth.


We put the customer first and commit to excellence in everything we do. We are disciplined in our actions to deliver quality, reliability and profitability while acting with responsibility toward our environment. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and commit to improving processes and finding innovative ways to do more with less.