WHY MI-ONE ® Brands

Our brands are the creative expression of a collaboration amongst thousands of individuals from across the globe who dare to dream and lend their inspiration that encourages us to create something better, unique, and impactful. We recognize the power of the emotional connection of being accepted, being embraced for who you are as you are, for it is at the very core of what inspired our business creation. We invite you to help us change the world by eradicating the harm caused by smoking - physically, societally, environmentally and emotionally. Celebrate your uniqueness unconditionally as we work together to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Community Impact

The 'One' in Mi-One symoolizes oneness or unity. Mi-One® Brands has always strived to bring people together with the overarching sentiment to improve the lives of those around us. Our goal of providing a quality option for smokers all around the world to make the switch has resonated with so many. The Mi-One® Brands community is vast, spanning over 40 different countries. From our social media family on Instagram (100k+ strong) to our partners carrying our products in retail stores all across America. We are united, passionate, and one force with a common goal to improve the the lives of those around us

Love Of Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Mi-One® Brands. We constantly are pushing the envelope with our product designs and ideas. We pride ourselves on delivering an end product to the consumer that exceeds their expectations on all fronts. The products and service we provide screams passion, fashion, love, and creativity.