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Fruitia Esco Bar Vape Review

Fruitia Esco Bar Vape Review

The popular Esco Bar disposable vape is known for collaborating with leading vape juice manufacturers to provide popular Esco Bar flavors. The Frui...

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Oxbar RRD Vape Review

Oxbar RRD Vape Review

The Oxbar refillable, rechargeable disposable vapes are unique vape devices that have benefits to both disposable vape users and refillable vape us...

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Mi-One is a brand unlike any other and will always have my support for life. They've impacted my life in several ways being my effective delivery system for CBD. It has introduced me to so many people, as a conversation starter with it's stylish looks and diverse uses.

-Samantha J (SJ)

I had no idea vaping on the go could be so easy! No more mods or batteries being lugged around. It feels like it’s setting the trend for pod devices especially in the looks department! But mostly the brand looks after it’s people, it’s a feeling that you matter. They’re there to help.

- Amardea E.

The Mi-One brand is an honest company that stands by its products 100% so I have confidence buying in Mi-One brand products. It has allowed me some freedoms that other vape mods just can't do. I love the chain I can wear this under my shirt with me even if I don't have my purse with me.

-Jamie M.