Our Story

In 2008, the world was taken by storm with the establishment of Smoking Vapor, which we rebranded in August 2019 as Mi-One Brands. We are a pioneer in the industry that has established deep roots in the vaping community, growing to become a globally influential designer and manufacturer of vape devices and accessories.

Co-founders Amir Hakak and Geoff Habicht created Mi-One Brands with a simple mission in mind: to change the lives of adult smokers and their families for the better with simple, efficient design and convenient, high-quality devices.

They remain as dedicated to that mission as they did over a decade ago, maintaining an active role in the continuous improvement and evolution of Mi-One Brands’ vaping technology.

"Caring about customers first and really listening to their needs has given us the insight and inspiration to create some of the most innovative products in our industry."

-- Geoff Habicht - President & Co-Founder

Mi-One then Mi-Pod

Our first crossover device, the Mi-One, was released in 2014, changing the landscape of the vaping by blending sophisticated technology, elegant style, and an easy-to-use device. The Mi-One brought together the Mi-One Brands tribe for the first time, and helped to shift the paradigm of the industry.

It wasn’t until 2016 with the unveiling of the Mi-Pod, our flagship device, that Mi-One Brands really began to lead the pack. The Mi-Pod boasts wins of more than twenty industry awards, acknowledging the one-of-a-kind technology and innovative design that makes the device stand out from the crowd.

Providing a flavorful, smooth hit and a convenience you’ll find in no other device, the Mi-Pod blends advanced technology with fashion-forward style to give you the best hit on the market. The Mi-Pod is small and discreet, emitting small clouds that allow you to vape in peace and help reduce the stigma associated with e-cigarettes.

The Mi-Pod is also more than just a device--it is what started the Mi-One Brands movement that will lead the way into the future.