Draco, BOBO, and Vaal Max Vapes Now Available at Red Star Vapor

Red Star Vapor (a Phoenix-based retailer with 44 locations) has recently reached an agreement with Mi-Pod to sell Mi-Pod’s latest disposable vape products at all its retail locations.

Since Mi-Pod Wholesale is a leading vape distributor in Arizona and Red Star Vapor is a leading retailer in Arizona for vape products, it made a lot of sense to start working together to bring Draco, Bobo, and Vaal Max disposables to Red Star Vapor's 44 retail locations throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. You can now find one of these incredible disposables late at night, no need to wait for shipping!

Red Star Vapor was founded in 2014 and is a leading vape retailer that prides itself on superior customer service that allows new vapers, as well as experienced vapers, to feel comfortable in their stores.

With coverage throughout the southwest, the company’s mutual customers can walk in off the street after hours and buy Mi-Pod/VaporLax products when and where it is convenient for them to do so.

Red Star Vapor carries all the leading vape devices available on the market today as well as their own line of Red Star vape juice.

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Red Star Now Carrying the Following Vapes

Find these top quality vapes at any of the 44 Red Star Vapor locations today.

BOBO Vapes

The VaporLax BOBO Disposable Vape, features a 14mL prefilled E-Liquid capacity, 5% nicotine concentration, and provides up to 6000 Puffs. BOBO Vape flavors are top-shelf and the device itself provides solid flavorful puffs. Each BOBO comes with 14ml Prefilled 5% (50mg) e-liquid.

The Bobo is ready to smoke without pushing any buttons or turning anything on due to its draw-activated firing mechanism. Additionally, the mouthpiece on the BOBO is a little like a duckbill and provides a very tight seal against your lips and a very comfortable draw. The BOBO Vape has a rechargeable battery that is rechargeable via micro-USB charger (charger is not included). With all that juice in it, you can expect a couple of recharges before you will empty it completely.

Draco Vapes

Draco disposables represent the latest in disposable vape technology. These long-lasting disposable vapes are filled with 16ml of quality tobacco-free nicotine vape juice providing up to 6500 puffs of 50mg nicotine. The Draco vape device also has a very comfortable mouthpiece and an adjustable airflow slider on the bottom of the vape you can dial in the perfect puff.

The Draco also comes in 12 incredible flavors that are accentuated by the high-tech mesh coil in the Draco vape device.

Find out more information about the Draco Vape here.

Vaal Max Vapes

Vaal Max has crafted the feel of an "old school" mod and served it up in a disposable vape. Former vape mod users will recall their favorite vape mod and max-VG vape juice experience while using this innovative device exclusively available at Mi-Pod.

Vaal Max combines an 850mAh, rechargeable vape battery with a 0.7-ohm dual mesh coil to provide a Direct-Lung (DL) vape experience that feels very much like a vape mod. The air intake hole is on the bottom. The artwork on the devices looks like cool graffiti you might see in a large cityscape.

You can find more information on Vaal Max Vapes here.

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