Caliburn AK2 vs Mi-Pod 2.0

Today, our expert review staff tested two of the newest refillable vape pod kits from legendary vape manufacturers, Uwell and Mi-Pod. Our team has beaten up each device to test it for longevity, performance, battery life, and more. For the purposes of this review, both vape devices were tested using Pod Juice, a popular nic salt brand with a 50/50 VG/PG base. Below are some of the similarities and differences between the two quality vape pod devices that we’ve sampled.

Mi-Pod 2.0

The Mi-Pod 2.0 is a lightweight refillable vape pod device that fits easily in your hand and has an industry-leading battery life. The Mi-Pod 2.0 is the follow up to the popular Mi-Pod Pro device. You will immediately notice the different frame and improved pods. These new Mi-Pod 2.0 Pods are designed to maximize the flavor in your vape juice in every puff. These pods are also compatible with freebase e-Juice (with a 70/30 VG/PG mix) as well as nic salt vape liquids. The new 2.0 device provides a draw that is in-between an MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DL (direct lung) hit. In layman’s terms, this device hits perfectly. It is not too restrictive and not too airy.

Another impressive component to the Mi-Pod 2.0 device is the 1250 mAh internal battery. This battery is far superior to other vapes that have a similar pod style. In comparison, the Caliburn AK2 device contains a 520 mAh battery, which means that it holds a charge for half as long as the Mi-Pod 2.0 device.

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Caliburn AK2 Kit

The Caliburn AK2 is a tiny pod device that fits in your palm and hits like a heavyweight. It is the follow-up to the popular Caliburn KOKO vape pod kit. The AK2 is an auto-draw device that requires no button to activate. Simply puff and inhale. The Caliburn AK2 utilizes Caliburn A2 pods that contain a 0.9 ohm mesh coil that is designed to be used with nic salt vape juice. Each A2 pod does not utilize replaceable coils, so you will have to toss each pod once it is burnt out. Each pod can be filled about 4-5 times per use before the flavor is lost and the pod starts to clog up and leak. The A2 pods also provide a comfortable mouthpiece that is easier to puff than previous Caliburn pod devices.

The draw on the Caliburn AK2 device does not have an adjustable airflow or wattage, it is a straightforward pod device that is easy to use. The AK2 also provides a hit that is in between a DL (direct to lung) and MTL (mouth to lung) that is in between a vape mod and disposable vape. Simply fill and puff for a satisfying hit.

One odd aspect of the Uwell Calburn AK2 Kit is that it does not include a charging cable. The 520 mAh battery is rechargeable via USB-C but it is not included in the kit.

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The Mi-Pod 2.0 and Caliburn AK2 are both designed to have a similar draw. Neither pod device has a traditional MTL (mouth-to-lung) draw like many of their peers. Both devices have a hit that is looser than a normal MTL draw, but tighter than a DL (direct lung) hit.

Both of these quality vape pod devices also provide nice compact form factor that is easy to carry around. Both of these top-selling starter kits also have pods with a 2ml e-Juice capacity and a 0.9 ohm, mesh coil to ensure high quality flavor production in every puff.


One major difference between the Caliburn AK2 device and the Mi-Pod 2.0 is the quality of the internal battery. The Mi-Pod 2.0 has a significantly longer battery life which ensures that you will get through the whole day on a single charge. A 520 mAh battery should be suffice for some vapers. However, heavier vapers will risk having a dead battery in their Caliburn device at some point during the day.

Another noticeable difference between the two vape pod systems is the overall style of the device. The Mi-Pod 2.0 comes in four different colors that all have a very elegant finish. The Mi-Pod 2.0 styles seem colorful, but not too flashy. On the other hand, the Caliburn AK2 comes in some nice colors, but include an odd inscription on the device that says “Keep On, Keeping On”. The Mi-Pod 2.0 is a bit taller than the AK2 kit (due to the larger battery) which feels different in your hand. The overall size isn’t necessarily a “pro” or a “con”, just something to be aware of when you make your purchasing decision.


Both of these refillable vape pod systems provide great value for vapers interested in a new device. They are both a really nice starter kit for new vapers, because they are both very easy to use. No special power settings are included on either device. The Mi-Pod 2.0 is slightly more expensive than the AK2 kit, but includes the necessary charger in the packaging, has a far superior battery life, and has sleek exterior styles that are aesthetically pleasing.

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