Best Tobacco Disposable Vapes

Many vapers prefer the taste of a rich tobacco flavor in their vape device. The tobacco-flavored vape is commonly found in convenience stores and gas stations across the entire world. However, the disposable vape market is largely dominated by fruit flavors. Ever since the federal government decided to place a flavor ban on closed vape pod devices, disposable vapes have grown in popularity because they offer adult vapers the flavors that they preferred in a similar vaping device.

A tobacco vape can provide a nice option for vapers that want their preferred nicotine strength without the sweetness of a fruit or dessert vape. Furthermore, in many states across the United States, the tobacco-flavored vape is the only available option due to local laws. Our vape review staff has examined a wide variety of disposable vapes that are offered in a tobacco flavoring to find the best options for vapers.

Top Tobacco Flavored Disposables

Our vape review crew has tested many disposables on the market to find the ones that perform best. Each disposable line offers a different take on the tobacco flavor, as well as a different hardware design that affects longevity and performance. Here are thoughts on some of the best tobacco disposable vapes available for purchase today.

Tobacco VaporLax Disposable Vape

The Tobacco VaporLax Mesh vape provides a bold tobacco flavor that former combustible cigarette smokers should enjoy. It lacks the overwhelming sweetness of other "tobacco" flavors on the market and provides a sophisticated tobacco flavor that is rich and bold.

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BOBO Tobacco Vape

The BOBO Tobacco disposable vape follows the new trend of rechargeable, long-lasting disposable vapes. Each BOBO provides up to 6000 puffs per device due to it’s rechargeable battery and its massive 14ml eJuice tank that comes prefilled. While the rest of the BOBO disposable vape line has a wide array of fruity mixes, the Tobacco BOBO really stands out due to it’s complex tobacco flavor. This tobacco disposable is a fantastic option for long-time smokers that are making the switch to vaping, as well as adult vapers that prefer a rich tobacco flavor in a quality, easy-to-use device.

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Tobacco Flum Pebble

Tobacco Flum Pebble kicks out an estimated 6000 puffs and 14ml of salt nic. Compared to a gas station tobacco flavored prefilled pod kit, that is 20 fold more capacity than a Juul pod. The flavor is there too. Plus the 600mAh battery is USB-C chargeable, meaning no slow moving proprietary charger dock. 


Turkish Tobacco Cube

The Turkish Tobacco Cube is a long-lasting disposable vape device that provides a traditional tobacco flavor in every puff. Even though this newly designed disposable vape does not include a rechargeable battery, it still offers a great experience due to the 11ml of prefilled vape juice in each device. The tobacco flavor is on the lighter side which is better for vapers that prefer less flavor in each puff.

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Smoking Vapor eCigar

The Smoking Vapor e-Cigar is simply one of the finest electronic cigars available for purchase today. Many vape businesses have discontinued their take on the e-Cigar, but this disposable eCigar has sold well enough to stand the test of time. The SV eCigar is available in a Gold Tobacco or Grape Blend flavoring and looks like a traditional combustible cigar. A fantastic option for cigar smokers that are interested in another option.

Cuba Cigar Elf Bar BC5000

The Cuba Cigar Elf Bar BC5000 uses a light mix of tobacco flavors that isn't as overwhelming as most other cigar-flavored vapes. Vapers looking for a nice straight-tobacco flavor that is light and smooth will enjoy this long-lasting tobacco vape from Elf Bar. Elf Bar's popular BC5000 design is long-lasting and comes in a shape that fits easily in your palm and lasts for up to 5000 puffs.

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