Best Mig Vapor Cart Alternatives

Mig Vapor, a vape business that used to offer a wide variety of vape products, closed down in 2021. The Mig Vapor e-Cig cartridges are still available for purchase in 4 different flavors. The Mig prefilled cartridges that are still available are the Sahara, Menthol, The House, and Red Zeppelin flavors. All four flavors still available for purchase have some tobacco flavor in them, while the menthol flavor provides a rush of minty, menthol that overpowers the tobacco taste. Our vape review staff has tested some of the other eCig cartridges available for purchase today.

Best e-Cig Cartridges

The e-Cig prefilled cartridge was the leading vape device back in the early 2010’s. They are easy to use and provided a strong nic hit for smokers that were interested in transitioning to vapes. This made the e-Cig cartridge a great option when the vape industry was in it’s infancy.

Across the years, thousands of vape devices have come and gone, but many companies still have a strong, loyal customer base that still utilizes the e-Cig cartridge system that simply needs a small e-Cig battery, prefilled cart, and charger.

Smoking Vapor SV Cartridges

The Smoking Vapor brand has been around since the early days of vaping. SV started out with brick and mortar stores and kiosks years ago and still carry this quality eCig cartridge product today. The SV e-Cig Cartridges are available in tobacco, menthol, vanilla and blueberry flavors that provide incredibly fresh flavor in every puff. The SV Blueberry and Vanilla cartridge flavors are a must-try for long-time vapers that are currently stuck with only tobacco and menthol options in the Mig Vapor line.

Smoking Vapor has a special that offers a free Smoking Vapor e-Cig battery with purchase of a 50-pack of SV e-cig cartridges.

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Vapor4Life eCig Cartridges

Vapor4Life, or V4L, was largely known for their massive variety of e-Cig cartridge flavors in the early 2010s. Over the years, the market for these eCig cartridges has diminished, which forced Vapor4Life to limit the flavors available on their website. Now, they currently just offer tobacco and menthol flavors in nicotine strengths from 0% (0mg) – 3.6% (36mg).

The Traditional Tobacco e-Cig cartridge at Vapor4Life is a great option for MigVapor cartridge customers that use the Red Zeppelin or The House flavors, while Oasis Tobacco is probably the best fit for vapers that enjoy the Sahara flavor.

Vapor4Life e-Cig cartridges are only available in 5-packs, whereas most other competitors offer a larger bundle deal.

Blu Plus

Much like the Mig Vapor line, the Blu Plus cartridges are available in 3 tobacco flavors and one menthol flavor. They use a similar technology to the Mig Vapor cartridges, but utilize a unique threading that is only compatible with the Blu Plus battery. We have found that Blu vape products perform great with a fresh batch, but sadly have a larger failure rate than others on the market.

Blu sells their Blu Plus at three cartridges for $14.99.

Pre-filled eCig Cartridge Summary

Being an experienced eCig cartridge user, it is always important to find all of the different options available on the market. Since eCig cartridges are prefilled devices that have a shorter shelf life than e-Juice bottles, manufacturers can often run into bad batches of eCig cartridges due to over-ordering or a decrease in demand. On the other hand, since this older eCig technology has fallen in demand over time, some of the quality can worsen due to a lack of focus in production.

After testing a handful of options available on the market today, the SV Battery and cartridge pairing seemed to provide the best mix of flavor options and performance. Each cart tasted very fresh and it was nice to have the blueberry and vanilla options available. Most other vape businesses that sell prefilled carts limit their selection to tobacco and menthol options. Vapor4Life came in as a close second due to their quality and pricing. However, they are no longer being produced, so their quality is not what it used to be.

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