Best Grape Salt Nic Vape Juice Flavors

There are now a wide variety of grape vape flavors to sift through in the vape industry. The grape flavor was often ignored with high-VG freebase e-Liquids, but has recently became a top-selling flavor among nic salt vape juice and disposable vape products. Most vape manufacturers use a purple, Concord grape flavor that is often used for grape juice, wines and candy flavoring. Our team of vape experts have sampled a wide variety of grape nic salt flavors available for purchase today in order to provide you with a list of some of the best grape vapes on the market.

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Grape Vape Juice for Vape Pods

Since most vapers have switched from vape mods over to refillable vape pod kits or disposable vapes over the last couple of years, nic salt vape juice for pod systems have become increasingly popular. Salt Nic juices typically use a base that is thinner than that of freebase e-Liquids due to the lower percentage of vegetable glycerin that is used in the vape juice. Nic salts typically use a 50/50 VG/PG mixture that works better in low powered disposable vape and vape pod devices. While there are many quality grape disposable vapes available for purchase today, we will be focusing on grape nic salt liquids below.

Top Grape Salt Nic Flavors

Below are some of the highest-rated grape vape flavors to choose from for your refillable vape device. Keep in mind that these e-Juice flavors use a higher nicotine content and are not designed to be used with high-powered vape mod devices.

Crush Grape VaporLax Salts

The Crush Grape VaporLax Salt provides a rush of sweetened purple grape flavor in every puff of your vape. Immediately upon opening the bottle, you could smell the tremendous grape flavoring before even vaping it. The Crush Grape flavor has a fruity, purple grape that has hints of other fruit flavors that gives it more of a complex flavor than just “grape”, but make no mistake about it, this is primarily a grape flavor.

Reds Apple Grape Salt

This tremendous nic salt vape flavor for pod devices takes the award-winning Red’s Apple blend and adds a fresh grape to it. The Red’s Apple Grape Nic Salt is a very sweet fruit flavor that tastes like a mixture of apple juice and grape juice flavors.

Grape Strawberry Cloud Nurdz Salt

The Cloud Nurdz e-Juice line is a popular brand of vape juice that uses supremely sweet fruit flavors in their blends. The Grape Strawberry Cloud Nurdz Salt blends a ripe strawberry with a candied grape flavor. This fruity flavor duo is a great option for vapers that enjoy sweet, fruity vapes for their pod device.

Grape Mi-Salt

The Grape Mi-Salt vape juice is a fine option for vapers that prefer grape flavors. The Grape Mi-Salt has a primarily grape base, but utilizes other fruit blends to add to this fruity vape. This truly unique nic salt flavor is available in 20mg (2%) and 40mg (4%) nicotine strengths, which makes it a top option for vapers that are interested in lowering their nicotine strength.

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