Hyde N-Bar vs Hyde Mag Vapes

The Hyde disposable vape brand, for better or for worse, is known for constantly releasing new disposable vape models under the Hyde name. While this strategy brings a wide variety of hot new vapes to the market, it sometimes leads to less time spent on testing before each release. Therefore, some Hyde disposables become wildly popular, while others tend to become a flash in the pan.

Two of the popular Hyde disposables that have recently been released are the Hyde Mag and Hyde N-Bar disposable vapes. These Hyde disposable vape models have some similarities as well as some important differences. Our vape experts have sampled both the N-Bar and Mag to provide details on what you can expect from each disposable vape.

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Hyde Recharge Vapes

One of the main similarities between the Hyde Mag and Hyde N-Bar vapes is the internal rechargeable battery. Both of these new Hyde disposable vapes has a 500mAh, rechargeable battery that is charged via Micro-USB charging cable. This rechargeable battery allows vapers to use every last drop of the 10ml of vape juice that is prefilled in either device. While the small battery capacity allows you to quickly charge the Hyde Mag and N-Bar devices, it also does not hold a charge as long as some of the other best rechargeable disposable vapes on the market today. The Draco vape, a 6500 puff disposable, contains a 1000mAh battery that lasts twice as long on a single charge.

However, the Hyde recharge batteries should get most vapers through a single day of vaping without the need for a charge. Heavier vapers may need to charge this battery mid-day, or carry two devices on them to minimize the risk of being stuck without a charge.

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Puff Counts

Both the N-Bar and Mag vapes from Hyde disposables provide about 4500 puffs per device. This is due to the fact that both Hyde disposable models have identical battery specifications and liquid capacities. The 10ml devices should get most vapers about a full week of use with either the N-Bar or Mag.


While both Hyde disposables provide impressive flavor quality, the draw on each device differs. The N-Bar and the Hyde Mag both seem to have tighter airflows than most other disposable vapes on the market today. However, the Hyde N-Bar definitely provides a stronger puff than the newer Mag version. Both Hyde disposables are very aesthetically pleasing, but have significantly different looks. The Mag has a tall, narrow body that has grooves that fit perfectly in your right hand. The N-Bar from Hyde uses a smooth, rectangular body that is slightly shorter than the Hyde Mag device.

The Hyde Mag device fits a bit more comfortably in your hand, while the Hyde N-Bar body is a bit more compact and easier to fit in your pocket.

Hyde Flavors

To start, the Hyde disposables line consistently puts out quality vape flavors in their disposable devices. While many of the Hyde disposables have flavors that are offered in multiple models, Hyde does seem to release new flavors with each device release. Below are some of the best flavors available in the Hyde Mag and N-Bar lines (according to our review staff).

Cherry Peach Lemonade

The Cherry Peach Lemonade Hyde N-Bar is bursting with a fantastic blend of fruit flavors. Each puff of this flavor produces a mix of sweet and sour. At first puff, you taste sour cherry, then fresh peach and finally a citrus lemonade flavor.

Mango Peaches and Cream

The Mango Peaches and Cream flavor is a delightful blend of ripe mango and peach flavors, topped off with a sweet cream. This great mix of dessert and fruit is available in both the Hyde N-Bar and Hyde Mag disposable vapes.

Mandarin Lime Hyde Mag

The Mandarin Lime Hyde Mag has a bit of a deceiving name because this flavor tastes like a sweet orange vape, more than a lime flavor. The Mandarin Lime creates a great balance of sweet and sour that allows you to vape it all day. Adult vapers that prefer orange or lemonade vape flavors will assuredly enjoy this Hyde flavor.

Philippine Mango Hyde Mag

The Philippine Mango Hyde Mag provides a supremely sweet mango flavor that has minor hints of other various fruit flavorings in it. This is a truly fantastic mango disposable vape flavor for vapers that have been longing for the Mango Juul Pod to return to the United States.

Blue Razz Hyde Flavors

There are a plethora of Blue Razz Hyde flavors available in all of their different disposable vape variations. The Blue Razz Cloud Hyde Mag and Brazmallows Hyde N-Bar vapes stand out due to their unique take on the blue raspberry flavor. Both of these vapes have a bit of blueberry and raspberry flavoring, but add an injection of sweetness that tastes similar to a cotton candy vape flavor.


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