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The Draco disposable vape is a new disposable vape by leading vape manufacturer, VaporLax. It is one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes available on the market today. The Draco vape lasts for up to 6500 puffs, which is fueled by the 1000 mAh, rechargeable battery in the device. It is also prefilled with 16ml of vape juice in twelve different flavor options. We’ve tested all twelve of the Draco disposable vape flavors for an in-depth review of the Draco’s performance, flavor options, and longevity. Draco, latin for Dragon, has a fitting name due to it’s massive, majestic design and “scaled” texture.

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Draco by VaporLax Performance

The Draco disposable vape has a couple features that really help it stand out amongst the crowd. It’s 1000 mAh internal battery gives you enough battery life to get through a full day of heavy vaping without the need for a charge. In comparison, the Hyde N-Bar and Hyde Mag vapes have a 500 mAh battery. While this large battery adds to the size of the Draco, the tradeoff is well worth it. There is no worse feeling that getting stuck with a dead vape battery while you are on the road.

In addition to the long-lasting battery life on the Draco, vapers are also given the ability to adjust their airflow on the Draco device. The adjustable airflow control on the Draco is found at the bottom of the device and utilizes a basic sliding piece that allows users to toggle between a looser draw or tighter draw.

How Long Does the Draco Last?

Simply put, it is shocking how long this disposable vape can last. Most Draco vapes that we tested lasted anywhere from 10-14 days of heavy vaping. While most puff counts on disposable vape packaging could be very misleading, this one is truly a vape that can last a long time. While most disposable vapes can often be less cost effective than their refillable counterparts, the Draco can give vapers a great bang for their buck at its $19.99 price point. Vapers that are used to disposable vapes that last for a couple days may want to get an extra Draco vape in order to swap flavors. This vape will not die out on you in a couple of days, so don’t expect the need for a replacement flavor until at least one week of use.

Draco Vape Flavors

The Draco disposable vape by VaporLax is available in twelve quality vape flavors that are really impressive. Each Draco disposable vape contains a 50mg (5%) strength, tobacco-free nicotine vape juice and is prefilled with 16ml. There are some familiar vape flavors in the Draco flavor lineup as well as some truly unique ones that really stand out. Let’s cover each Draco Vape flavor option:

Mango Dragonfruit

This flavor blends a complex dragon fruit flavor with a smooth mango. The exotic blend of fruity flavors in this Draco vape provides an incredible blast of flavor in every puff. The mango and dragon fruit fusion of flavors is a must try for adult vapers that enjoy tropical fruit vapes.

Cool Mint

The Cool Mint Draco vape is a great mix of icy mint and menthol flavors. While there are hundreds of cool mint disposable vape flavors available on the market today, this one is probably in the longest lasting disposable vape device. Not only will this vape last up to two weeks, it also provides a really great minty flavor that adds a nice amount of sweet mint to the refreshing, icy base.

Mixed Berries

The Mixed Berries Draco has a powerful berry taste at first draw, but you can taste a hint of sweet, creamy flavoring upon exhale. This mixed berry vape provides a bit more complexity than the standard mixed berry vape in other disposable vape lines. Try adjusting the airflow on the bottom of the Draco device to get the perfect draw for this vape.

Red Grape

The Red Grape Draco is a favorite among the staff that sampled the Draco vapes for this review. It uses a sweet grape and strawberry flavor with a hint of ice. The light ice on exhale makes it a refreshing vape, without overpowering the fruity base. A nice flavor for vapers that enjoy straight fruit flavors, as well as vapers that enjoy a hint of mint in their vapes.

Citrus Lemonade

The Citrus Lemonade Draco is another great example of a fruity disposable vape flavor that balances the perfect amount of sweet and sour. It is hard to pinpoint the exact mix of citrus flavors in this vape, but it does taste like a refreshing lemonade flavor with a various other fruits added to the mix.

Strawberry Kiwi

The Strawberry Kiwi Draco is a nice fusion of strawberry and kiwi flavors. This is one of the sweeter Draco vape options available because the strawberry flavoring tends to overpower the kiwi a bit. A great strawberry vape with a hint of kiwi.

Mango Berry

The Mango Berry Draco is a supremely sweet disposable vape that uses a blend of blue razz and mango flavors for a really nice overall flavor profile. Try adjusting the airflow on this one to control your hit and adjust the flavor in each hit.

Sour Cherry

Sour cherry is a difficult vape flavor to replicate. This is why most vape manufacturers leave the cherry flavor out of their flavor lineup in their disposable vape or vape juice lines. The Draco Sour Cherry has a tart and sweet cherry flavor that is very well done. A nice flavor to try if you are a fan of cherry flavors.


The Luscious Draco provides a candied melon flavor that tastes like a sweetened watermelon in every puff. A straight-forward fruity vape that lasts significantly longer than other melon vapes on the market.

Peach Ice

The Peach Ice Draco is a nice blend of fresh peach and mint flavors. Peach Ice vapes have become very popular recently because the peach flavoring provides a nice mix of sweet and sour that perfectly complements the mint. A very refreshing vape that menthol vapers will enjoy.

Strawberry Cream

The Strawberry Cream Draco is a very sweet and creamy disposable vape flavor that has a decadent, dessert flavoring. It has a strong, creamy base and a light strawberry flavor.

Blue Lush

The Blue Lush Draco is a great mix of berry and melon flavors that is a great option for vapers that enjoy “Lush Ice” vape flavors but are tired of the overpowering mint on exhale. A very fruity Draco flavor.


It is absolutely divine, but how do i know its finished? Mine still gives puffs, but has a burning smell and taste, is this normal?

Stefanie September 14, 2022

Love this product!

Vince Costanza March 15, 2022

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