Best Lower Nicotine Air Bar Flavors

The Air Bar disposable vape brand is manufactured by Suorin, a well-known vape manufacturer. The Air Bar vapes started out as small disposable vapes that only contained 1.8ml of nic salt vape juice. As the vape market evolved, Air Bar released the Lux and Max vape lines that improved the battery life and flavor quality of their disposables.

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Air Bar Vapes in 2% Nicotine

While most disposable vape manufacturers will only offer a 5% (50mg) nicotine-strength, the Air Bar company decided to offer their vape flavors in multiple nicotine strengths to aid vapers in lowering their nicotine consumption. Not only does this provide disposable users an easy option to drop nicotine strengths, it also offers another option for vapers that typically use refillable vape pod kits with a lower strength nic salt vape juice. A disposable vape is a nice backup device to have for when you are on-the-go. No need for filling or carrying around a bottle of vape juice.

The 20mg (2%) Air Bars can be found in the Air Bar Max and Air Bar Box lines. These newer Air Bar models offer lower nic strengths in only select flavor options. Suorin decided to select their top-selling vape flavors specifically for these lower nicotine disposable vapes.

Best 20mg Air Bar Max Flavors

After testing the full line of Air Bar Max flavors, our expert vape review team pinpointed a couple that stood out from the rest of the line. Below is our list of our favorite Air Bar flavors available in a 20mg nicotine strength. Air Bar vapes commonly have multiple nicotine options available for vapers to choose from.

Kiwi Berry Ice

The Kiwi Berry Ice Air Bar Max vape offers a tremendous blend of fruit and ice flavors. The sweet berry is balanced by the tart kiwi and cool mint flavors in this Air Bar flavor that provides layers of flavors. The Kiwi Berry Ice Air Bar Max is among one of the top-selling flavors in the Air Bar line for good reason.

Blueberry Raspberry

The Blueberry Raspberry Air Bar Max is available in 50mg (5%), 20mg (2%) and nicotine-free strengths. This berry vape flavor by Air Bar is a sweeter berry flavor that mixes authentic blueberry with a sweet raspberry flavoring. It adds a slight menthol flavor on exhale, however it is not too overpowering.

Red Mojito

The Red Mojito Air Bar Max is another incredible flavor in the Air Bar line. The Red Mojito mixes a fruity blend with a touch of citrus and mint flavors for a vape flavor that has tons of flavor. This complex flavor by Air Bar is available in the standard 50mg (5%) nic strength, as well as lower nicotine options.

Sakura Grape

The Sakura Grape Air Bar Max uses a sweet, purple grape flavor with a cool mint kick on exhale. The Air Bar lines, well-known for their fruit flavors, did a great job mimicking an authentic grape in this flavor. However, don’t let the name fool you, it definitely has a strong kick of mint and menthol in it. The Sakura Grape is available in 50mg (5%) strength, as well as lower nicotine variations as well.

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