Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes owe their popularity to ease of use, great flavors and satisfying performance. They are great for smokers looking to switch to vaping. All you need to do is open the package, remove the stoppers and inhale. The draw-activated disposable does the rest and requires filling or refilling.

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Sales have proven that adult vapers prefer ease of use and a strong nic hit over cloud production. One drawback of disposables is a lack of low nic strength and zero nic vape options.


Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes

The potency of nic salt e-liquid allows disposable vapes to provide a satisfying vaping experience with a smooth throat hit, and minimal vapor production. The potency of a vape lowers the wattage requirements of the device as less vapor is required. 

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Less wattage means less power is needed, which allows for a smaller battery. The switch to rechargeable batteries has further reduced the size of disposables, as they need not be larger than 650mAh to get through a day of vaping. A quick recharge or three is all that is required to cut through 10, 15 or even 20ml of e-juice.


Disposable Vape Nicotine Strengths

The reality is that even in a mouth-to-lung vape with a high-resistance coil, not every vaper desires a strength of 5 percent (50mg/ml) and we have found that many of our customers would like to lower their nicotine intake.

Five percent strength salt nic e-liquids are the industry standard in the United States for both prefilled pods and disposables. Prefilled pods also offer lower nic strength options, but they cost far more to operate, it takes five to ten Vuse Alto pods to equal the capacity of a single disposable vape.

Prefilled pods are also limited to faux-bacco flavors. There is no reason pretend that prefilled pods are not just as much a product dependent on artificial flavorings as the most elaborate fruit or dessert vape juice.


Disposable Vape Technology Improvements

The most important reason that low nicotine vapes and nicotine-free vapes are becoming more viable is the improvement in coil technology. A Juul or the original Puff Bar were tiny devices with a very small e-liquid capacity. They also had very small batteries, and high-resistance coils to extend their life between charges. The only way to get a halfway decent puff that could serve as an alternative to a refillable device was to ratchet up the nicotine strength.

Today, disposable vapes are more robust and feature lower resistance coils. While certainly not high-wattage powerhouses or cloud chucking machines, they can use quicker firing coils to burn their e-liquid more freely due to their increased battery and juice capacity.


Nicotine Strengths

It is worth noting that in Europe nic strengths are limited to 2 percent. What might to a US customer is a low nicotine disposable vape is just the standard strength on the other side of the pond.

US customers who are looking for low nicotine disposable vapes are not totally out of luck. Some of the top manufacturers in the business offer low nicotine vapes with multiple strength options. With better flavor choices than pods and as significantly better price performers, the availability of low nicotine options is a game changer.


Best Low Nicotine Vapes

Vaping is not a one-size fits all activity and disposable vapes with multiple nic strengths are becoming easier to find. This is great news for vapers interested in lower nicotine disposable options. They are based on the reliable, proven, and popular designs rather than relying on a new device designed from the ground up as a low nicotine vape.

Low nicotine is of course a relative term. Compared to the high VG e-liquid nic strength options used in high-wattage box mods, a disposable "low nicotine vape" is quite potent. The exception being the nicotine-free disposable vapes.

From personal experience, the convenience of a quick hit from a 50mg disposable is incredibly convenient when on the go but the strength can be a bit excessive. Multiple draws from a 50mg disposable can take a toll as their strength outweighs the instant satisfaction.


Flonq Max Smart Disposable Vape

Flonq Max Smart

If you are looking for the best low nicotine vape, at least low for a disposable, the Flonq Max Disposable Vape Collection is a slam dunk choice. While all fourteen flavors are available in the industry standard 5 percent nicotine, the eight most popular flavor options come in 0, 2 and 5 percent.

The Flonq Max Smart is a big upgrade on its predecessor. The devices are color coded, a white device has a nicotine strength of 50mg, the grey version 20mg, and there is no nicotine in black Flonq. The original Flonq Max, easily identified because of the lack of an LCD screen, has a nicotine strength of 35mg. 

Apart from the changes to the nicotine strength, the Flonq Max Smart has undergone some meaningful performance upgrades. An enhanced coil extracts more puffs and easy more reliable than the industry leading and robust Flonq Max. The same great mouthpiece is present, as is the sleek design. 

More importantly, the Flonq Max Smart is truly a smart disposable and smart purchase. It features an LCD screen that monitors e-liquid and battery life levels. This is not some little light that changes at intervals of 25%. It is accurate to within 1 percent. 

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This is a huge deal. While there are zero nicotine vape juices on the market, these are high-VG formulas that cater to mod users. The Flonq Max Smart alone has the familiar MTL performance of a vape pod kit or disposable vape in a zero nicotine variety. And to split the difference, there is also a 2 percent.

Flonq Max Smart Table of Nicotine Strengths

The reality is that disposable vapes are infinitely more capable than the original gas station pod kits that pioneered 5 percent plus nicotine strengths and the original Puff Bar type disposable vapes that followed. These devices struggled to churn out wispy puffs and had very little longevity, and basically had to make every puff count to be viable for an adult vaper.

A long lasting disposable vape like the Flonq Max Plus, which churns out 10,000 honest puffs thanks to an enhanced coil and holds twenty-fold the e-liquid of a Juul pod, performs easily and satisfactorily as a 2 percent vape. 

Check out the Flonq Max Disposable Vape Review or for additional information. With the Flonq Max Smart you can vape the same flavors, regardless of nic strength although what passes as a throat hit for nic salts will be impacted when the strength is diminished.

The device itself is gorgeous and well-engineered, churning out an honest 10,000 puffs. This is an increase over the original thanks to an enhanced coil which also extracts more flavor.

As for the flavors available in three nicotine strengths, these include such luminaries as Banana Milkshake, an unusually tasty Banana Ice vape, the classic Mint Chill and several fruit and menthol flavor fusions. Another flavor of note is Milk Chocolate, which has a creaminess that will leave the most discerning palate satisfied.

Flonq Max Smart

Beneath sharp outer shell is top-tier hardware. A 650mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers the Flonq Max. An advanced mesh coil provides great taste from start to finish. The ergonomic mouthpiece provides a tight inhale and instantly fires the draw-activation.


Flonq Max Smart Lower Nicotine Vape Flavors 

Here are the flavors available in 0, 2 and 5 percent nicotine strengths. 


Zero Nicotine Vapes

If it is flavor and the physical act of vaping that appeals to you, you will be pleased to learn that two of the best disposable vape companies have zero nicotine versions of their device. As discussed above, the Flonq Max Smart leads the way with eight amazing flavors available nicotine free and delivering these e-liquids in a cutting edge disposable vape. 

EBCreate and Lost Mary by-passed the concept of low nicotine vapes and went all or nothing. No discussion about the merits of freebase or nic salts is required here. There is simply no nicotine present. Mi-Pod is working hard to offer the best low nicotine and nicotine free vapes. Do not miss our Nicotine-Free Vapes Collection, which is continually having great new device designs added.

With the EBCreate BC5000 and Lost Mary OS5000, you can either enjoy their 50mg strength device or the nicotine free version. While vaping may never be associated with a healthier lifestyle in the US, where they are vilified by both Big Tobacco and anti-vaping lobbyists, these products are perfect if you are looking to segue from regular disposable to low nicotine disposable and then we would hope to a nic free lifestyle.

At Mi-Pod our goal is to provide the alternatives to adults who currently are smoking cigarettes or are already vaping. We have no interest in initiating adults into nicotine consumption and are entirely opposed to underage vaping, which has proven an existential threat to our business and industry over the last five years. Unless you already smoke or vape, we are not interested in your business.


EBCREATE BC5000 Disposable Vape

EBCreate BC5000

Whether the name says EB Design or EBCreate, the mighty BC5000 remains one of the greatest vape device designs ever. Compact, reliable, long-lasting, and delivering great taste in every puff, the quality is unchanged since the days before a lawsuit precluded them from using the name Elf Bar in the United States.

The EBCreate BC5000 has a vast array of smoking hot flavor combinations, among the best in vaping, and not every one of their flavors is available in zero-nicotine form. But there is a BC5000 Zero Nicotine Sampler Pack that comes with Strawberry Mango, Tropical Rainbow Blast, and Cranberry Grape. In total there are ten different zero-nicotine BC5000 flavors. Those great options just scratch the surface. Visit our Nicotine-Free Vapes EBCreate Collection for a complete listing. Make sure you select the correct nic strength at checkout.

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For those vapers who are unfamiliar with the BC5000, it is a compact disposable device that delivers approximately 5000 puffs. Draw-activated, it is famous for the precision and deliciousness of the e-liquid contained within. Recharged by a USB-C cable, it redefined what vapers expected into a disposable vape.


EBCREATE BC5000 Nicotine Free Vapes


Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape

Lost Mary OS5000

The Lost Mary OS5000 is one of the hottest devices in vaping. Sharing hardware with the EB Design BC5000, it has a selection of unique flavors that simply resonate with the American palate. Unlike the Flonq Max, there is no low nicotine disposable vape. Instead, it is offered in the standard 5 percent strength (50mg/ml) and as a zero-nicotine disposable. Visit our Lost Mary Nicotine Free Vapes collection for a complete list of flavors, you can select the appropriate nic strength with the drop-down window above the "Add to Cart" button.

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A 5000-puff disposable, the mesh coil easily extracts the great taste of their formulas from start to finish. The lack of nicotine adds a lightness to the vapor, but the draw and vapor production are not impacted.


Lost Mary OS5000 Nicotine Free Vapes


VaporLax 25mg Disposable Vapes

VaporLax Mesh

The VaporLax disposable vape line are a high-quality line that offers industry-leading performance and flavor. Their miniscule defective rates are about 20 times lower than the current industry standard of 2%. VaporLax vape pens are offered in the standard 50mg strength, as well as a 25mg option.

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The top selling VaporLax disposable vape flavor, Cool Mint, is a great option for menthol vapers looking for a lower nicotine disposable vape option. Not all VaporLax flavor options are available in both nic strength options as of right now. The VaporLax disposable is prefilled with 6.5mL of nic salt vape juice and has adjustable airflow controls which allows vapers to control each hit.

The Cool Mint VaporLax disposable vape is among one of the best disposable vape flavors according to our vape expert staff. It consistently among one of the top selling disposable vapes and provides a blast of cool mint flavoring.


Cube Zero Disposables

The Cube disposable vape is offered in two different nic strengths. The Cube Zero is a nicotine-free disposable vape that is offered in a ton of unique flavors that should cater to every vaper’s needs. This mammoth disposable vape contains 11ml of vape juice and is among the longest lasting disposables that do not require a charge. The Cube Vapes collection has a well-rounded assortment of flavors and nic strengths.

The Cube Zero is a great choice for vapers that want to go with a completely nicotine-free option. Cube also offers a 50mg disposable vape which is in line with most other disposable vape brands.


What are Nic Salts?

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To briefly summarize, nic salts are a type of e-liquid made when benzoic acid is added to standard e-liquid nicotine. This process lowers the pH level. A lower pH level is the main reason nicotine salts can be added in much greater quantity to a given e-liquid than freebase or regular nicotine.

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While some studies show it crosses the blood brain barrier more easily, there is no reason why nic salts cannot be used in low nicotine e-liquids. In fact, there are a few high-VG vapes, the style used to provide the best cloud production and direct-to-lung vaping from mods, that use low potency salt nic juice. Most use freebase nicotine, which is perfectly suitable up to strengths of 12 or 18mg, depending on personal preference. After that point, inhaling can get a bit harsh.

Except for nicotine-free and zero nicotine vapes, salts are used in low nicotine disposable vapes. It is amazing how far the technology has advanced. From the earliest e-cigarettes and cig-a-likes, today nic salt loaded rechargeable disposable vapes deliver thousands of puffs of smooth salt nic. They are a great option as an everyday vape and for the vaper on the go.


Nicotine Salts in Disposables and Pods

The flexibility afforded by multiple nicotine strengths in a disposable vape is a game changer. Most nic salt e-liquid bottles are available in two or three strengths. The smoothness and lack of a throat hit from nic salts makes high nicotine levels possible, but the quality of the vaping experience does not decline when the nic level is ramped down.

A 20mg nicotine strength vape delivers great flavor and is equivalent to the most potent e-liquids sold in the UK or EU. The vaping experience is quite similar but in one fell swoop, switching to a lower strength cuts your nicotine intake in half.

The reality is that disposables are incredibly popular because of their convenience and satisfaction, but adult vapers aren't necessarily seeking the highest strength possible.


Why 50mg Became the Standard Nic Strength

High-potency salts became the industry default in low powered MTL devices after they hit the market. This made perfect sense in the earliest days of disposables with their minimal e-liquid capacities, low puff counts, dubious reliability, and high-resistance coils that kicked out very little vapor.

Juul never have worked with either a harsh freebase juice with a strength 59mg/ml, the early Blu designs attempted this and failed. It also wouldn't be very viable if filled with a low nicotine e-liquid either.

Modern disposables generally have a coil of approximately 1.0ohms and are quite capable of medium sized and flavorful puffs. The 50mg crutch is no longer as necessary as it was with a flimsy stick bar vape.


Low Nicotine E-Liquid

If you are looking to save money and have access to an even greater selection of flavors and strengths, consider switching to a refillable device. There are plenty of low nicotine e-liquids on the market, as well as potent nic salts of the same style as disposables. They are an example of perfected technology.

Mi-Pod has several pod kits that have the power to handle low-nic freebase and coils to maximize potent salts. Pods have never been easier to fill. Refillable vapes also create less waste. When the coil no longer works in a refillable, you simply replace the pod. Inhaling activates many of these pod kits, and there is nary a button in sight. Replacement pods are sold in a pack, and the combined cost is much less than a disposable. They are also not as wasteful.


Disposing of Disposable Vapes

It should never be normal for vapes to be littered. Vaping has a perpetual PR issue with powerful enemies seeking new attacks, the failure to properly dispose of disposables has the potential to create another crisis.

They may be pastel colored, and relatively inexpensive but disposable vapes should be treated with the same respect as any electronic device powered by a lithium-ion battery. They are not toys. Keep them out of the hands of children and away from pets. They are designed for adults over 21.

Here are some steps to ensure you're disposing of your disposable vape responsibly:

  1. Deplete the Battery: Drain the battery as much as possible, balancing the e-liquid and battery levels.
  2. Locate a Recycling Facility: Many electronic waste recycling facilities accept lithium-ion batteries. Look up local recycling programs in your area and drop off your used device there.
  3. Dispose of in Regular Waste, if Necessary: If you can't find a suitable recycling facility, dispose of the vape in your regular household waste. However, avoid littering at all costs.

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