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With new federal regulations increasing online prices for vape products, it is now more important than ever to find your go-to local vape shop. When researching top Phoenix vape shops, it is necessary to find out which ones offer the best selection, best prices, and best customer service. Our vape experts know the Phoenix smoke shop and vape shop businesses inside and out, so we’ve compiled a list of the top shops available in the Phoenix metro area to help you find your favorite one.

Mi-Pod Vape Shop

The Mi-Pod online vape store now offers free local pickup to all customers in Arizona. You will need to call their customer support staff ahead of time and your order will be ready within the hour. This new update to their business has allowed them to cater to all of their local Arizona customers without the steep costs of signature with delivery. Since this is a pickup only store, you will not be able to shop around in-store. However, the major benefit to shopping online is a much wider selection of products with lower costs. The Mi-Pod online vape shop in Phoenix offers hundreds of disposable vape flavors and all of the leading e-Juice lines in vaping today.

The Mi-Pod online shop also offers unique Mi-Pod vape kit colors that are exclusively sold online, as well as a cool Mi-Customs page that allows you to design your Mi-Pod vape kit with any color scheme you can think of. Show off your team colors, match your outfit, or simply pick your favorite color with Mi-Customs. If you are looking for a high end refillable vape pod device, or disposable vape, look no further than Mi-Pod. Mi-Pod's customer service phone number is available between 8am – 5pm at: 1-800-768-9982

Mi-Pod Vape Shop
4908 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Cloud Slingers

Cloud Slingers is a chain of vape stores in the state of Arizona that has 16 locations with outstanding pricing and product selection. If you live in the state of Arizona, there is most likely one of these incredible vape stores near you. Cloud Slingers offers a wide variety of vape mods, vape pods, vape juice and disposable vapes. Vapers that are looking for hard to find items may have their best luck visiting one of these incredible vape shops. Most staff is very knowledgeable and willing to help you with all of your vaping needs. The cool artwork on the walls of each Cloud Slingers shop gives this company an added “plus”.

Smoking Vapor Plus

Smoking Vapor Plus is a chain of vape shops that were some of the first vape shops opened in the Phoenix area. Their long-time customers are quick to tell you about their superior customer service at each location. Their staff is equipped to help long-time vapers as well as consumers that are new to vaping. Smoking Vapor Plus has 4 store locations that include a variety of vape and smoke products for all shopper’s needs. Their stores are located in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Peoria.

Gravitate Smoke & Vape

Gravitate Smoke & Vape is a chain of smoke shops that offers a great selection of vape and smoke store products. Gravitate carries a much better selection of vape products than your run-of-the-mill smoke shops. Find the latest and greatest in vape mods, vape pods, e-Juice, disposable vapes and more at any of their 11 locations in the Phoenix metro area.

On top of their nice vape variety, Gravitate also offers a nice selection of all smoke products that any smoker could possibly need.

High Maintenance

High Maintenance is a chain of smoke shops in Arizona that offer an incredible supply of glassware, vapes, and more. Since this is more of a smoke shop that sells vapes, the primary focus is on glassware, hookahs, vaporizers and other head shop gear. Most vapers should be covered at High Mainenance with their nice selection of disposable vapes and vape juice for vapers in need of product on-the-go. Their shops in Tempe, Mesa and Chandler will give vapers and smokers incredible customer service at all times.

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