Best Hyde Vape Alternatives

Hyde disposable vapes were once one of the popular disposable vapes in the United States and beloved by adult vapers.

While many vapers like to use the same disposable vape and flavor that they are used to, it may be necessary to find some alternatives to the Hyde disposable vape right now.

Mi-Pod's disposable vape collection includes myriad brands that offer many flavors that are quite similar to those once offered by Hyde but with disposable vape hardware that is more powerful and longer-lasting. 

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Top Ten Hyde Alternatives

Below, we provide reasoning and examples for why we selected certain devices to serve as the best Hyde Alternative. We break each choice down by model. For a quick overview, here are our selections. 

Hyde Vape Shortages

Hyde Vape was an outstanding device with a wide range of flavors. They were an early adopter of the rechargeable disposable vape and offered an extremely reliable product. Luckily, there are a vast array of disposables that vastly exceed any Hyde device in terms of performance and longevity. Flavor is a more subjective, but modern mesh coils can generate very precise flavors and vapor density has greatly increased in newer and longer lasting designs. 

Hyde Edge Alternatives

The Hyde Edge is one of the most popular models in the Hyde vape product line. The Edge is available in the original version, as well as the Hyde Edge Recharge version. The newer rechargeable Hyde Edge is charged with a micro-USB cable.

If you are a vaper that enjoys the large, Hyde Edge Recharge, an incredible alternative to the Hyde Edge recharge is the Elf Bar rechargeable vape.

When the Hyde Edge was launched, its top competition was in the form of Elf Bar disposable vapes, specifically the BC3500 and the BC5000.

Lost Mary OS5000 and EBCreate BC5000

The now defunct Elf Bar BC3500 was most similar to the Hyde Edge Recharge in e-Liquid capacity and “puff count”. The BC3500 contains 3500 puffs and is prefilled with 10.5mL of nic salt vape juice while the Hyde Edge Recharge is prefilled with 10mL of eJuice and generates about 3300 puffs. 


Elf Bar is no longer called Elf Bar, but the EBCreate BC5000, and its companion the Lost Mary OS5000 remain top sellers. They have an absurdly wide selection of flavors. They are incredible compact and easy to use. They may not have the screens and boosted coils of some modern designs, but they remain an incredibly viable Hyde Edge Recharge Alternative. 


The Lost Mary OS5000 is of course mechanically identical to the BC5000 but with a different assortment of amazing flavors. 

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Vapers that enjoy the original Hyde Edge model that is not rechargeable are probably best suited for the VaporLax Mesh disposable vape collection. These remain a reliable and more simple alternative when compared to the long-lasting disposable vapes that now dominate the market.

This disposable is very comparable to the Hyde Edge in terms of size, e-Liquid capacity, flavoring and vapor production. The VaporLax disposable vape contains an extra 0.5mL of vape juice than the Hyde Edge and offers a premium line of flavor options. The 6.5ml Vaporlax Mesh is by no means an undersized disposable vape, is easy to use and has the classic vape pen configuration. 

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Hyde Rebel Alternatives

The Hyde Rebel Recharge was another popular model designed by the team at Hyde disposables. The Rebel Recharge is a 10mL disposable vape that is available in 16 different flavors.

Fifty Bar Vapes

Regular Hyde Rebel vapers that are looking for a great substitute should seriously look into upgrading with the US-assembled Fifty Bar Disposable Vape.

Fifty Bar Vapes

With e-liquids formulated by American masters for the American palate, the long lasting Fifty Bar features anti-burn technology and performance that far exceeds any hyde model. Long-time vapers will be delighted discover they also offer classic Beard Vape Co. flavors and a ton of super strudel based vapes, as well as the classic mango and mint flavors that most adult vapers seek. 

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Hyde Curve Alternatives

The Hyde Curve Max is another large disposable vape that is a long lasting device. The Curve Max contains 8mL of vape juice and is sold in a 50mg nicotine strength.

If you want to find something that is from the same technological era but improved, Cube Disposables are a great alternative. The Cube vape is prefilled with 11mL of vape juice and comes in a nicotine free option, as well as a 50mg nicotine strength.

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Geek Bar Pulse

You have another option for replacing the Rebel. That is to move into the space age. The Geek Bar Pulse represents the pinnacle of disposable vape technologically. They feature two power settings, massive capacities, USB-C Charging, and Smart Displays that keep you informed about how much e-liquid and battery life remains. 

Geek Bar Pulse Collection

The Geek Bar Pulse is loaded with even more space age imagery. It features similarly powerful technology and a selection of unique flavors. Pulse Mode, which corresponds to Burst Mode, is kicking out an impressive 20-watts of power. Disposable vapes have come a long way when it comes to performance, and any adult vaper who loved the Hyde Curve should check out these powerhouses. You will find many creative and time-tested flavor options in the Geek Bar Pulse collection

Geek Bar Pulse


Hyde N-Bar

The Hyde N-Bar vape is the newest innovation from top-selling Hyde Vapes. This rechargeable disposable vape is shaped like the popular SMOK Nord device and contains 10ml of quality nic salt vape juice.

This form-fitting disposable looks quite different than your other run-of-the-mill disposable vape options. 

ELUX Cyberover

The might ELUX Cyberover actually uses a form factor quite similar to a Hyde N-Bar. But it packs a lot more punch into the package.  

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As the name suggests, the ELUX Cyberover 18K can generate up to 18,000 puffs. The ELUX Cyberover Collection also has a number of the classic disposable vape flavors that adult vapers prefer, with 5 percent nicotine strength. 


It is also a smart vape with offers haptic vibrations to keep you informed on the device status. Burst Mode cuts the puff count in half but correspondingly increases the vapor density and flavor. 


Additional Hyde Disposable Vape Alternatives

The potential of modern disposable vapes to provide adult vapers with a flavorful and satisfying experience is almost limitless. Here are a few great options that stand out from the crowd. 

RAZ TN9000

While there are a few similar devices left on the market, and disposables with attributes sure to appeal to adult Hyde vapers, the RAZ TN9000 probably most recaptures that intangible vibe of a Hyde Vape. 

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It has a deep and vaguely whimsical collection of flavors. All the great nic salts are there, but there is a also a solid selection of dessert infused classics. 

raz tn9000

The Dream Edition RAZ TN9000 has some unbelievably sweet and satisfying flavors just asking to be discovered by former Hyde users. The adjustable airflow allows the RAZ TN9000 to provide multiple performance windows. 

Flonq Max Smart

Most disposable vapes have a serious limitation. They are only available in 5 percent nicotine strength. While the Cube Zero breaks this mould, and the EB BC5000 and Lost Mary OS5000 are available in zero nicotine form, only the Flonq Max Smart provides cutting-edge performance with multiple nicotine strengths. 

flonq max smart

With an improved coil design that increases the puff count to 10,000 and a SMART LCD screen of great accuracy, this is an intelligent design that allows adult vapers to lessen their nicotine intake while enjoying performance comparable to the best devices in the industry. 

flonq max smart specs

Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

We started this list by pointing that Hyde's old rival the Elf Bar/EBCreate series were natural replacements. Both are incredibly popular and have devoted followings. Specifically, the BC5000 and Lost Mary OS5000 were cited as examples. And the truth is, they have all the flavor and performance one reasonably needs. They are small and simple as can be. 

But Lost Mary also has to compete with Geek Bar Pulse, the ELUX Cyberover and even the darkhorse RAZ TN9000. For this duty they have the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo. 

lost mary mt15000 turbo collection

The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Collection features the exact style of flavors that adult vapers have embraced. It has a discrete display, 15,000 puff performance, a powerful turbo mode, and is not much larger than its predecessors. 

Lost Mary MT15000 review

Hyde Alternatives: Our Verdict

If we are totally honest with ourselves, it would not be wise to wager much money on ones ability to tell a pair of mango disposable vapes apart in a blind taste test. These are the most popular artificial flavors in the world and appear in a ton of disposable vapes for a reason. 

If you are looking for great flavor alternatives to Hyde, it won't take much digging to deliver a comparable device. With a mix of legacy disposable vapes that closely resemble Hyde disposables and next generation powerhouses, there are plenty of great choices for adult vapers here. 

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