Best Lower Strength Salt Nic Vape Juice

As the calendar rolls over into January, many vapers tend to make vape-related New Year’s resolutions. A common theme among vapers is that they want to either reduce their vape consumption or lower their nicotine strength consumption. Don’t worry vapers, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide to the best salt nic vape juice available in lower nicotine strengths. While most vape juice brands will carry only 35mg (3.5%) and 50mg (5%) in their nic salt lines, there are some businesses that have noticed the need for lower nicotine strengths for vape liquids.

While this article will cover lower nic strength nic salts, it is also important to note that there are fine lower nicotine disposable vape options available as well. A select few disposable vape manufacturers continue to provide options under 50mg (5%) nicotine strength for vapers interested in lowering their nicotine consumption.

Best Salt Nics 25mg or Lower

For the purposes of this article, in order to be qualified as a “lower nicotine” salt nic vape juice, the nic salt vape juice flavor needed to be available in a nicotine strength of 25mg (2.5%) or lower. While this is still a serious nicotine-hit, this is significantly lower than the current US industry norm of 50mg (5%).

This 50mg (5%) nicotine strength was set by Juul during their rise to prominence in 2016. Since most vapers start out by using this nicotine strength on the beginning of their vaping journey, it is important to know that this nicotine strength is not the only option available on the market.

VaporLax Salts

The VaporLax salts provide an incredible option for vapers that use refillable vape pod kits. These nic salt vape juices that are designed specifically for pod devices come in a plethora of flavor options from fruit to mint to dessert flavors. The VaporLax Salts line is sold in 25mg (2.5%) and 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths which allows vapers the option to lower their nicotine consumption over time. Some of the top sellers in the VaporLax line include the Strawberry Cream, Cool Mint, and Rainbow Mix flavors. 

The Strawberry Cream is a supremely creamy flavor that has a creamy base that is topped off by sweet strawberry. This is definitely more of a dessert vape juice than a fruit vape juice flavor.

The Cool Mint option is one of the finer mint flavors available in a nic salt juice. It mixes a wintergreen with menthol flavors that is perfect for vapers that enjoy an icy mint vape.

The Rainbow Mix is a unique flavor that blends a myriad of sweetened fruit flavors that is loads with flavor in every puff. This nic salt is one of the sweeter and more flavorful options that we've ever come across.

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Air Factory Salts

Air Factory e-Liquids, a long-time favorite among vapers has a great line of nic salt vape liquids that go as low as 18mg (1.8%) in nicotine strength. They also offer a 36mg (3.6%) nicotine strength that offers double the nicotine hit. While Air Factory has long been known for their candied fruit flavor options, they also have Tobacco, Creamy Crunch, Custard, and Menthol flavors that taste incredible. The Air Factory Melon Lush and Melon Lush Ice are superb fruit flavors that use an incredible watermelon base that is tough to match.

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The Mi-Salts vape juice line is another top-selling salt nic vape juice line that is available in a nicotine strength under 25mg (2.5%). Mi-Salts are sold in both 20mg (2.0%) and 40mg (4.0%) strengths, which offers vapers a different variety of strengths than other vape juice brands. Not only are Mi-Salts sold in unique nic strengths, they are available in quite unique flavors as well. The Currant vape juice flavor by Mi-Salts is among the most unique flavors available on the market for vape pod devices. It provides a flavorful mix of tart and sweet flavors that has a base flavor of black currant. A definite must try for a vaper that wants to challenge their taste buds.

The Mi-Salt line also features Tobacco, Menthol, Mango, Honeydew, and Grape nic salt flavors. The Grape Mi-Salt stands out as a truly remarkable grape flavor that adds notes of other fruits for a complex fruit vape.

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Cloud Nurdz Salts

Cloud Nurdz nic salt vape juice is leading vape juice line that provides sweetened fruit flavors in high-nicotine salt nic vape juice. The Cloud Nurdz Salts are designed specifically for low-powered, refillable vape pod devices. 

Cloud Nurdz Salts are available in fruit flavors, that are typically a masterful blend of two candied fruit flavors, as well as fruit and ice vape juice flavors. Some of the best flavor options in the Cloud Nurdz line is the Blue Raspberry Lemon flavor and the Grape Strawberry flavors. Both flavors, like all other fruit flavors, have an "iced" version as well that adds a blast of cool mint. The Iced Cloud Nurdz Salts provide a refreshing taste on exhale. All Cloud Nurdz Salts are available in a 25mg (2.5%) option, as well as a 50mg (5.0%) strength.

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I Love Salts

The I Love Salts vape juice line is a staple among vape shops across the country. This popular nic salt line offers a wide variety of flavor options that will appease any type of vaper. The I Love Salts brand has multiple tobacco options, mint/menthol options, as well as a vast variety of fruits. Some of the top-selling flavors in this line are the flavorful Blue Raspberry, Spearmint, and Sweet Strawberry flavors. I Love Salts' flavorists do a tremendous job of matching their flavors so that the vape juice tastes exactly like the name. All I Love Salts e-Liquids are available in 25mg (2.5%) and 50mg (5.0%) nicotine strength options. 

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