S6xth Sense Mini Slim vs Slim Vape Batteries

Like the S6xth Sense SLIM, the Mini-SLIM is a pen-style vaporizer designed for concentrates, distillates, clear or thick oils. It is about an inch shorter than the SLIM but just as thick. It feels like a cigarette in your hand but is short enough to fit in your jean’s change pocket without sticking out the top. Unlike the SLIM the S6xth Sense Mini-Slim vape battery is an auto draw device which means you just hit it and it provides a hit strength based on how hard you are drawing. If you suck hard, you get a hotter, bigger hit. If you draw slowly, you get a lower heated puff with less vapor.

Mini-Slim Vape Battery Specifications

Manufacturer: S6xth Sense

Colors: Black & Silver
Device Size: 56.40mm x 11.30mm
Charge: USB - C (Not compatible with 2.1A ‘Fast Chargers’)
Battery: 200MAH
LED Indicator on bottom: When the LED button is blinking the battery is dead or is not making a connection to the cartridge.
Threading: 510
Power: 3.7 Volts
Included with Purchase: 1 Mini-SLIM 200 mAh battery with auto draw, 1 USB-C Cable
Usage: Auto-Draw (just screw on a cartridge and hit it), Pass-through Charging Technology (vape while you charge)


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S6xth Sense Slim Battery Vaporizer 

The SLIM Battery Vape Pen is an easy-to-use battery designed for concentrates, distillates, clear or thick oils. It is an oil cartridge vape battery featuring variable voltage output, firing button operation, and three power settings to accommodate almost any cartridge or clearomizer vape tank on the market. Power settings are important as environmental factors as well as oil selection will affect the hit. If you are in a higher elevation the SLIM will require a stronger temperature setting to get the same puff someone at a lower elevation receives at a lower setting. Once you find the perfect power level according to your cartridge and location, you can forget about changing settings and just enjoy.

S6xth Sense Slim Specifications

Manufacturer: S6xth Sense

Colors: Black & Silver
Device Size: 87mm by 11.2mm
Charge: USB - C (Not compatible with 2.1A ‘Fast Chargers’)
Battery: 380mAh rechargeable battery
LED Indicator: LED displays power settings

  • Rainbow = Pre-heat setting
  • White = Low Power (2.7V)
  • Blue = Medium Power (3.1V)
  • Red = High Power (3.6V)
  • Blinking LED = Dead battery or not making connection with your cartridge

Threading: 510
Power: Voltage based output (3 power levels: 2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V)
Included with Purchase: 1 Variable Voltage Slim battery, 1 USB-C Cable
Usage: Single Button Fire-Operation, Pre-Heat vaping technology

The three power levels are selectable, so you can use the optimal heat for the cartridge you are using.

  • Double tapping the button activates the preheating function for 8 seconds.
  • A single tap cancels preheat mode
  • Three taps allows you to scroll through the three voltage settings

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Review: S6xth Sense Mini Slim vs Slim Battery


Both charged in under a half-hour and started up when turned on without issue. I sat down to review the new Mini-SLIM compared to the original S6xth Sense SLIM. For good measure I also had my Swon, and one of my old Smoking Vapors batteries.

Cartridge for Testing

For this product comparison, I decided to use a cartridge I was already familiar with (King Louis #13) so I already knew what it was SUPPOSED to taste like. I had also just finished curing a King Louis #13 from my garden, so the expected flavor profile was firmly set in my mind.


These vape pen devices power the coil that heats up your vape cartridge, which vaporizes your oil that you inhale. At the end of the day, what is different from battery to battery is the heat level used to heat the oil, the options to change the heat, and the draw (how hard it is to pull air through) to obtain the subsequent hit strength. Other factors considered for this review were ease-of-use, design and functionality.

Slim Vape Battery Summary

The SLIM is a pen-style vape battery with a firing button (a button to switch between settings or take a hit). Clicking the button allows you to choose the voltage (and thus the strength of the hit). It also allows you to go in or out of pre-heat mode.

I hit the button twice to start pre-heat mode. It heated the oil for eight seconds then turned off as expected. I tried it again and hit the button again one more time while in pre-heat mode to instantly take it back into regular mode.

There are three selectable power levels (low, medium, and high), to choose an ideal heat level as close as possible to whatever is optimal for whichever cartridge you are using. Outside variables like elevation and cold will affect the temperature and subsequent hit.


I started with the lowest setting 2.7V by clicking the button three times until the LED turned white. At this setting the cart was delivering a rather weak hit. It was a little stronger than using an E-cigarette battery to vape thick oils, functional but not ideal.

I clicked the button three more times until the light turned blue indicating it was on its medium setting and pushing 3.3V. This was a good setting for the black label cart I was using in Arizona air, inside a heated room. The taste was okay. I could tell it was King Louis and it gave me a solid hit. If I used this device, this is the setting I would most often use. I did not stay at this setting as log as I would have liked because I was starting to feel the KL13.

I clicked three more times to get into the SLIM’s high setting. The light turned red, I took a puff, and coughed for the next 15 minutes. Okay, the high setting at 3.6V hits like a sledgehammer. This is too much for everyday vaping using the cart I was using at the time. It might be ideal for thicker oils or under different conditions.

I tried a few other carts with the SLIM and found it good to use. It seems sturdy and is about 5” long with a cart, so with the cartridge attached it is quite long. It might go nicely in a purse or glovebox, but I wouldn’t walk around with it in my pocket. Especially because you run the risk of something hitting the button in your pocket and going into pre-heat mode.

Mini-Slim Vape Battery Summary

The Mini-SLIM, like the SLIM, is a 510 vape pen designed for concentrates, distillates, clear or thick oils. It is smaller in length than the SLIM and just as fat, so it feels the same size as a cigarette in your hand but is short enough to fit in your jean’s change pocket without sticking out the top. Unlike the SLIM the Mini-SLIM is an auto draw device which means you just hit it and it provides a hit strength based on how hard you are drawing. If you suck hard, you get a hotter, bigger hit. If you draw slowly, you get a lower heated puff and less vapor.

The first thing I noticed out of the package is that it was indeed short (about an inch shorter than the SLIM). It is the same thickness as the SLIM so with a cartridge attached is about the length of a cigarette. It feels solid and sturdy, and the cart was a little easier to put on the shorter sturdier Mini-SLIM.

The big difference here is that the Mini-SLIM is an auto draw battery, so you just screw on a cartridge and hit it. The harder you hit it the stronger the heat and subsequent hit. Rather than find a setting I like to vape and being stuck there, with this device every hit can be as weak or strong as I feel in the moment.

This little Mini-SLIM hits like a truck. If you draw hard, it hits hard. The ideal temperature (and taste) are easy to achieve because you just draw a little harder until it tastes right. No buttons, no fuss, just hit it and quit it. No button also means no accidental activation in your pocket because something pressed the button. No button, no accidental heating.

Another thing contributing to this device’s ease of use and improved flavor is that on the red setting the SLIM is pushing up to 3.6V wide open. The Mini-Slim is a shorter 200 mAh battery, so even when you really hit it hard it is capped at a reasonable hit level. Second, the SLIM allows more air (looser draw) so in addition a very strong hit 3.6V hit, you got a lot more of it coming through at once. With the Mini-SLIM, the smaller air hole gives a nice tight draw. You can still get a big strong hit from the Mini-SLIM, but it only happens when you want it to.
The Mini-SLIM like the SLIM, hits like a sledgehammer when you take a hard pull, but the smaller air hole means you have a second to think about it, and to speed up or slow down the velocity of the draw. The SLIM’s High (red) setting coupled with the additional airflow lets you take an accidental insanely BIG hit.
In my opinion the difference is like the difference between driving a stick shift vs. an automatic.

  • The SLIM with its button, programming, and three heat levels is the stick. Find a setting you like and leave it there the rest of the trip.
  • The Mini-SLIM with its auto draw feature and no button is like driving an automatic. You can step on it at any point and get more out of it without worrying about what gear you are in (which temp level you are using). The Mini-SLIM handles “switching gears” for you.

I preferred the taste of the King Louis cartridge through the Mini-SLIM. The tighter draw of the Mini-SLIM coupled with its auto draw capability allowed me to take a perfect hit every time. I could adjust the hit mid-toke according to the feedback my lungs were giving me by easing up or bearing down on the pull. I felt like I had more control with this device because it is intuitive to use and easy to get the most out of it. I also appreciated how the Mini-SLIM fits into the change pocket of my pair of blue jeans without being visible or stabbing me every time I sit down.


At the end of the review, I believe the two batteries both hit very well. Both operated as advertised. Once I dialed in a setting that I liked on the SLIM it hit great.

The Mini-SLIM gave me that same great hit with no fuss, muss, or buttons. Coupled with the perfect size air input hole provides an excellent hit every time.

A new vaper might really appreciate being able to set the SLIM on the lowest setting and then suck as hard as they like without overdoing it.  A veteran vaper skiing in CO may prefer the SLIM because at that elevation and in the cold the high setting allows her to vape normally.  The biggest difference will be your preference for stick or automatic (button or auto draw).  I personally prefer the Mini-SLIM for the reasons stated above.

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