Vape Ban Laws by State

There is a lot of confusion around the ever-changing vape laws in the United States. There are Federal, State, and Municipality vape laws and restrictions that all consumers must know when shopping for a vape kit, vape juice, or disposable vape that fits their needs and is available for purchase in their location.

Federal Vape Restrictions

You must be 21 or over to order vape products at Mi-Pod. All prefilled vape pod flavors except menthol and tobacco are banned (disposable vapes and cartridges are exempt). All vape orders must be shipped using adult signature with delivery.


State Vape Bans

Find information on each state's vape restrictions below.


Arkansas Online Vape Ban

The state of Arkansas has enacted an online vape ban which means that we can not ship to the state of Arkansas for consumer purchases. If you are interested in a wholesale purchase, you can find out more information at MiPod Wholesale.

California In-Store Sales Ban

California bans the in-store sale of vaping products in all flavors but tobacco. This includes nicotine free vape juices. Online sales are not prohibited at the state level but some municipalities have harsher restrictions. 

Georgia Online Vape Ban

A new Georgia state law forces sales of vapor products to anyone other than a licensed manufacturer, importer, distributor or dealer of vapor products must be made in in-person, face-to-face sale.

Hawaii Online Vape Ban

As of July 1, 2023, retail online sales from outside the state are banned. Licensed retailers can still place online orders. Business owners can contact Mi-Pod Wholesale for additional information and to set up an account. 

Maine Online Vape Ban

Maine defines vape products as a “tobacco product”. Tobacco products may not be shipped to anyone other than a licensed retailer or distributor in the state, effectively banning out-of-state online and phone sales.

Maryland Disposable Vape Ban

The state of Maryland has a specific law that prohibits the sale of disposable closed systems in flavors other than tobacco or menthol. This means that online retailers can only ship Tobacco or Menthol flavored disposable vapes to customers.

Massachusetts Vape Flavor Ban

The state of Massachusetts only permits tobacco vape flavors with a nicotine strength of less than 35mg/ml to be sold in their region. The state of Massachusetts also enacted a signature with delivery requirement on all vape shipments to their state, which is now equivalent to the Federal legislature that requires signature with delivery on all vape shipments. Mi-Pod does not ship vape products to the state of Massachusetts.

Michigan Vape Flavor Ban

The Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens blocked the Michigan flavor ban and all vapes are still allowed to be shipped to the state of Michigan. Judge Stephens cited evidence that adults may revert to using even more harmful tobacco products. All flavors can legally be sold to customers in Michigan.

Montana Vape Flavor Ban

The temporary Montana vape flavor ban was lifted on 4/15/2020 and all vape flavors are now allowed for shipments to Montana.


New Jersey Flavor Ban

The New Jersey vape flavor ban took effect on 4/21/20. Since that date only tobacco flavored e Juice, vape pods, disposable vapes and cartridges are allowed to be shipped to the state of New Jersey. All hardware that contains no flavoring is also allowed to be shipped.

New York Vape Flavor Ban

Customers in the state of NY can not receive any flavored vape products. Only refillable hardware that is not prefilled with vape juice is allowed to be sold to the state of New York. Only tobacco flavored e Juice, prefilled vape pods, disposable vapes and prefilled cartridges are allowed to be shipped to the state of New York due to the vape restrictions.

Ohio Vape Shipping Ban

A ban on B2C vape shipments under the traditional delivery model was included in the 2023 appropriations bill HB 33. The only authorized recipients of vapor products are licensed vape distributors, the retail dealers of vapor products and customs bonded warehouses that have paid the applicable excise taxes. The ban includes "electronic smoking devices" and "vapor products".

Rhode Island Vape Flavor Ban

All products containing nicotine have a flavor ban. This means that any e Juice, disposable vape, prefilled vape pod or cartridge that has any amount of nicotine can only be sold with a tobacco flavor. Nicotine-free products can be sold in any flavor and all vape hardware and accessories (that do not contain nicotine) are available for purchase. Find out the Rhode Island Vape Ban details here.

South Dakota Online Vape Ban

South Dakota considers vape products to be “tobacco products”. The shipping of any tobacco products to any consumer in South Dakota, whether the seller is located in South Dakota or not, is prohibited. This bans online vape sales to consumers.

Utah Vape Ban

All sales of tobacco and vapor products must be face-to-face, effectively banning online vape sales to consumers. If you are interested in a wholesale purchase, you can find out more information at MiPod Wholesale.

Vermont Online Vape Ban

We are unable to take orders from the state of Vermont due to an online sales ban. If you are interested in a wholesale purchase, you can find out more information at MiPod Wholesale.

Washington Vape Flavor Ban

The temporary flavor ban expired on 2/8/2020 and all vape flavors are now permitted.



Municipal Vape Bans

There are a number of California municipalities and counties with additional restrictions on vapes and this is by no means a definitive list. These include Boulder, CO, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, and Los Angeles as well in 2023. 

Chicago Vape Flavor Ban

Flavored e-Liquids, disposable vapes, pods and prefilled carts that contain nicotine can no longer be shipped to the city of Chicago. Flavored e-Liquids that do not contain nicotine can still be sold to the city of Chicago, as well as all vaping hardware that is not prefilled with vape juice. Therefore, only tobacco flavored vape juice can be shipped to Chicago residents.

San Francisco Vape Ban

The city of San Francisco banned all vape sales on July 1st, 2019. No vape shipments are allowed in the city of San Francisco.

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