Best Mint Nic Salt Vape Juices

Mint Vape Flavors

Juul Mint Pods and nic salts revolutionized the vaping scene forever, resonating with adult vapers and former smokers who loved the cool and crisp flavor of menthol and mint. Unfortunately, Juul mint may have been the most popular flavor with adult vapers but it proved popular with minors as well. Therefore, it has been pulled from the market. For more information you can find our best Juul Mint alternatives.

Best Mint Nic Salts

Refillable Vape Pods

Disposable vapes (link) may be the easiest way to vape nic salts, but they are not the most cost effective or highest performance method. Refillable vape pod kits and bottled nic salt vape juices are a far cheaper combination. There is no shortage of high performance refillable vape pod kits like the Mi-Pod Pro to vape your favorite nic salt e-Juice.

Mint Nic Salts

A 30ml bottle of nic salt vape juice will cost you less than $20 and contains much more e-Liquid than even the most massive disposable vapes that are long lasting disposables. A refillable vape pod kit will typically cost less than $50 and replacement pods are just a few dollars each. This is a significantly more flavorful and cost effective way to vape mint flavors.

The clean and cool notes of menthol work perfectly in a smooth nic salt e-Juice. If you are curious on how nic salts are different than high VG e-Juice, you can find information on what are nic salts (link). The lack of throat hit in nic salts and the iciness cutting through the sweetness makes a great combination. In many cases, there is not much that distinguishes menthol and mint vape flavors.

Cool Mint VaporLax Salt

The Cool Mint nic salt juice by VaporLax provides a smooth mint vape flavor that adds just a touch of sweetness. Unlike other mint nic salt flavors on the market, this flavor does not overdo it with the added sweetness. All VaporLax salts are available in 25mg and 50mg nic strengths.

Jewel Mint Pod Juice

The Pod Juice nic salt line has been growing in popularity across the country ever since the rise in refillable vape pod kits. The Jewel Mint Pod Juice flavor is among one of the top sellers in their line of 23 superb nic salt flavors. Former Juul vapers appreciate the spot on flavor in the Jewel Mint Pod Juice.

I Love Salts Spearmint

Spearmint flavor is one of the primary ways that eJuice makers differentiate menthol and mint nic salts. With Spearmint I Love Salts, the freshest aspects of spearmint gum flavor are there on every drag. Made by Mad Hatter Vapes, this nicotine salt e-Juice is infused with intensely mega-mint flavor from start to finish and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth after you exhale.

Jewel Mint Diamond Pod Juice

The Jewel Mint Diamond Pod Juice flavor takes the sweetness out of the original Jewel Mint Pod Juice flavor that was previously mentioned on this list. The Jewel Mint Diamond flavor is more similar to a menthol flavor than a sweet mint flavor for vapers looking for menthol alternatives.

Mint Air Factory Salt
Even though Air Factory e-Liquids is known for their fruit flavors, the Mint Air Factory Salt vape juice provides an icy mint flavor that is perfect for menthol vapers. Air Factory Salts also offers their salt nic juices in 18mg and 36mg, which is a great option for vapers interested in lowering their nicotine strength.

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