Juul Mint Alternatives

Best Juul Alternatives

Juul Mint has joined Mango, Cucumber, Cream Brulee and Fruit Medley in the ashcan of history. It was the most popular eCig flavor on the market. Find out some of the best Juul Mint pod alternatives to satisfy your vaping needs below.

Juul Mint Alternatives

Adults Prefer Flavored Vapes

Flavor bans have created a black market for flavored vapes and have really just made it more difficult for adult vapers to find their preferred vape juice flavor. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice.

The most fanciful sounding vape juice flavors are often high VG, low nicotine formulations that are optimized for use in a box mod. The box mod is a very minor-unfriendly device. It is loud, thirsty, many are too bulky to keep in your pocket, and they generate vast plumes of vapor. No vaping device is less discrete or easier to detect than a box mod.

Juul Mint Pods

Cool, sweet and muted, Juul Mint changed vaping forever. It was a popular flavor with adults vapers. Altria openly supports a flavor ban and stands to benefit the most if vapers are limited to tobacco flavors. Juul Menthol pods will remain on the market.

Much of Juul Mint’s popularity could be attributed to the fact that it was a true “all-day” vape. When compared to the similar Juul Menthol flavor, it had a smoother finish. Juul Menthol pods also have a faint hit of tobacco and a harsher throat hit.

Best Juul Mint Substitutes

Disposable vapes are the natural evolution of prefilled vape pod kits. They are even more convenient, discrete, pack a serious flavor punch and are better price points for retail. If you are looking for a Juul Mint alternative that does not require a refillable vape pod kit or bottle of vape juice, disposable vapes are a great option.

Mint Disposable Vapes

Sirius Cool Mint disposable vapes come in at #1 on the list because they provide a cool, minty taste that is similar to the Juul Mint vape pod. Its mammoth 10mL prefilled vape tank contains more than 14 times more vape juice than an individual Juul Mint vape pod!

VaporLax Cool Mint Vapes are also a great replacement for Juul Mint pods because of their refreshing flavor that makes at an easy “all-day” vape. The Cool Mint VaporLax disposable has a wintergreen mint base flavor and comes with 6.5mL of vape juice in each disposable. It also makes for a great Juul Mint replacement because it is offered in both 25mg and 50mg nic strengths.

Xtra Mint disposable vapes has the cold inhale and exhale that Juul mint fans have long embraced. It never tires the taste buds. Vapers that recently have been using menthol combustible cigarettes will enjoy the compact form factor of this disposable vape. It’s 5mL capacity is a bit smaller than other disposable vapes on the market, but it still contains over 7x more vape juice than a Juul vape pod.

Refillable Vape Pods

There is no less expensive way to enjoy the best mint nic salts than in a refillable vape pod kit. A bottle of nic salt vape juice will typically cost less than 20 dollars and is equivalent to about 40 Juul pods. Moreover, vape pod kits have been repeatedly updated over the last several years and have cutting edge technology and swappable coil options that prefilled vape pod kits simply can’t match. Here are some of the top-selling mint nic salts to use as a Juul Mint alternative.

Jewel Mint Pod Juice was designed by best-selling vape manufacturer, Pod Juice, in order to fill the void left by Juul when they took Juul Mint Pods off of the market in the United States. Jewel Mint by Pod Juice mimics the flavoring that former Juul Mint customer’s desire and makes vaping it much less expensive.

Cool Mint VaporLax Salt is a smooth, icy salt nic vape juice that is designed specifically for low wattage pod devices like the Mi-Pod Pro. It has a touch of added sweetness to the powerful mint flavor that makes it a great “all-day” vape.

Spearmint I Love Salts vape juice is the top-selling flavor in the popular I Love Salts nic salt line. While it is not a perfect substitute for the Juul Mint due to its spearmint flavoring, this tasty nic salt e-Juice deserves a spot on this list because of the exceptional following that it has.


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