New York Vape Laws Explained

Online vape businesses are currently only allowed to ship vape hardware that contains NO e-Liquid to the state of New York. This law went into effect on May 18th, 2020.

New York Vape Flavor Ban

NY Vape Ban Summary

New restrictions on nicotine vapes have been going into effect all around the North Eastern United States. With the ability of adults to access their flavors of choice being severely curtailed, it is important now more than ever to find some of the best tobacco nic salt juices on the market.

New York State Vape Flavor Ban

The entire state of New York is impacted by the strictest eCig laws in the country. Online vape businesses are no longer allowed to ship e-Liquid or any product containing vape juice to consumers in the state of NY. Furthermore, vape shops and convenience stores are only allowed to sell vape juices that have a tobacco flavoring. This means that the flavors that most adult vapers prefer are no longer available for purchase in the entire state.

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