Best Tobacco Nic Salts

Tobacco Nic Salt Juices

Nic salt vape juice was the ultimate e-Liquid game changer but it also brought vaping back to its roots. Nic salts are created by adding benzoic acid to classic freebase nicotine. The result is a lower pH level and nicotine that crosses the blood brain barrier more quickly.

The lower pH level means that higher nicotine levels can be added to an e-Juice without making it too harsh to vape. Higher nicotine means less vapor is required. This greater potency of nic salts brought less powerful eCigs back to the forefront. Vape pods are perhaps the best known device for vaping nic salts. Stylistically they may appear dissimilar but the basic function of vape pods closely mirrors the original vape cigalikes. They are mouth to lung devices that extract great flavor from higher nicotine e-Liquids and provide a mouth to lung vaping experience that is similar to a combustible cigarette.

Vape pod kits, like the Mi-Pod Pro, are discrete devices that require minimal power to run higher resistance coils. There are both prefilled vape pod kits and refillable vape pod kits.

Best Tobacco Nic Salts

Tobacco Nic Salt Vaping

There is no shortage of tobacco nic salt options because this category of flavor works very well with smaller mouth to lung vaping devices. Tobacco eJuices once dominated the vaping industry and in many ways nic salts are an ideal formulation for authentic tobacco vaping flavors. The draw of a mouth to lung vape pod is much closer to an actual cigarette than a powerful box mod. The amount of vapor generated by vape pods are roughly akin to the smoke kicked out by a combustible cigarette.

Today we are taking a look at the best tobacco nic salts on the market. The banning of prefilled vape pod flavors, state bans and regulatory changes, the possibility of a vaping world with only tobacco flavors is a real possibility. You may already not have access to flavored vape juices depending on which region you live in.

Best Tobacco Nic Salt Flavors

Here's a list of the top selling tobacco flavored nic salt juices available on the market today. This may be especially helpful for vapers that find themselves in regions with vape flavor bans.

Red Tobacco VaporLax Salt

The Red Tobacco VaporLax Salt vape juice is a must try for former smokers. This bold, American tobacco flavor is perfectly complemented by notes of maple to make a well-balanced tobacco nic salt flavor. The Red Tobacco Salt is sold in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths for adult vapers.

Pod Juice Jewel Tobacco

The Jewel Tobacco Vape Juice by Pod Juice provides a silky smooth tobacco flavor that is designed specifically for refillable vape pod devices. This vape juice is sold in up to 55mg nicotine strength, which is higher than most other vape juice manufacturers on the market today.

I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco

Coming in at #3 is the I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco vape flavor. It has a rich aroma and the flavor is stout enough to be an all-day vape. With nic strengths of 25mg and 50mg, this tobacco vape juice is designed to satisfy heavy smokers and vapers alike. The VG/PG ratio of 50/50 makes it ideal for use in vape pod devices and allows for a smooth throat hit.

Air Factory Salts Tobacco

Tobacco Air Factory Salts e-Juice is a surprisingly spot-on tobacco flavor for a company that is known for their fruit vape flavors. This tobacco flavor is satisfying, full-bodied and satisfying. Available in 18mg and 36mg nicotine strengths.

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