Can You Refill a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes are incredibly popular with adult vapers left in the lurch by the federal ban on flavored vape pods, but they are just one time use devices. Vapers love their form factor and convenience, lending itself to the big question – can you refill a disposable vape?

Disposable Vapes

The number of puffs you can get from a disposable are contingent on three factors: eJuice capacity, coil resistance/power output and battery life. All brands offer a wide variety of disposable vape styles that range from massive 10ml disposable vapes all the way to small stick style disposables.

The similarities between disposable lines crosses over to flavors as well. The reason Mi-Pod carries so many different disposable types is because of this flavor overlap. Even if your favorite disposable eCig is sold out, you can probably find a comparable flavor from another product line.

Refilling a Disposable Vape

Depending on the quality of the disposable vape, it is nearly impossible to refill most disposable vape pens. However, there are certain disposable vapes that are easier to access for refilling than others. We do not recommend refilling a disposable vape because it really makes no sense and is not designed to be opened. You will probably need at least a paper clip and maybe a small screw driver to pop-open the mouthpiece to start the process.

If you have nic salt vape juice on hand, why not put it into a refillable device that is meant to be filled or obtain a new disposable. It can also be a bit messy and time consuming as the eJuice is typically stored in cotton polyfill and not a pod.

Higher quality disposable vapes are often more difficult to pry open than lower quality disposable vapes. The problem with this is that the lower quality disposable vapes often are made with lower quality batteries that will not hold a charge for another fill of vape juice.

In order to refill a disposable vape, you will need to pry open the top of the device and lift the silicone piece off of the top of the device with a paperclip or similar tool. Next, fill with a nic salt juice into the polyfill material found inside of the device. You will need to avoid dripping vape juice down the center tube. This is the airflow tube you will get spitback and leakage from anything that falls into this.

Why Refill a Disposable Vape?

There is really no reason to fill a disposable vape. Unlike a prefilled vape pod kit, a disposable vape usually cannot be recharged. Therefore, you are taking a risk of wasting your vape juice after filling the device with eJuice and having no way of extracting it.

Most of the rechargeable disposable vape devices on the market are nearly impossible to re-open, so it is not recommended.

We would never recommend refilling a disposable vape when it always makes more sense to simply purchase a refillable vape pod kit designed for that purpose. It will have better performance, flavor, and the ability to be recharged and the added bonus of actually being designed to be refilled. If you are planning on refilling a disposable vape, you clearly already have nic salt vape juice on hand and are willing to fill a device. If you are looking for a refillable vape pod device, shop all Mi-Pod vape kits here.


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