Rhode Island Vape Flavor Ban Explained

Back in 2019, Rhode Island became one of the first states to put a flavor ban in place. Rhode Island put a vape flavor ban in effect on all vape juice flavors other than tobacco. Even though a CDC study found that vape flavors were not the leading cause for minors vaping, this data hardly stopped the immediate action by the Rhode Island governor. Initially put into place as an “emergency measure” that covered flavored vape pods, the now permanent state of Rhode Island vape flavor ban now covers all vape juices, prefilled pods, and prefilled vape cartridges that contain all non-tobacco flavors.

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Despite the fact that you are not allowed to purchase non-tobacco vape flavors in the state of Rhode Island, Rhode Islanders are still able to purchase all refillable vape devices that do not contain e-Liquid. Rhode Island vapers can still purchase tobacco-flavored disposable vapes, tobacco-flavored vape juice, empty vape devices (like the Mi-Pod Pro), empty pods and vape tanks. You can find all of the legal vape products that can be shipped to Rhode Island here.

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