Best Dessert Disposable Vapes

While vape flavors like strawberry cream, cream brulee and lemon tart were tremendously popular in the era of high VG e-Juices, when the vape industry shifted its focus to disposable vapes everything changed. Vapers looking for a sweet dessert alternative were left with primarily fruit vape flavors or fruit and ice mixes. Don’t worry sweet-tooth vapers, we’ve got you covered with our list of top selling dessert disposable vapes.

Best Dessert Disposable Vapes

Top Dessert Vape Flavors

The Fresas Con Crema Cube disposable vape (better known as strawberry cream) is a smooth disposable vape flavor that comes in one of the longest lasting disposable vapes. The Cube disposable vape comes in a 50mg option and a nicotine-free option which helps it stand out from the crowd.

The Sirius Rainbow Mix disposable vape is a staff favorite for a reason. It packs multiple fruity flavors into one long-lasting disposable vape device. The 10mL of Rainbow Mix prefilled e Juice perfectly blends sweet and sour fruit flavors into a top-notch nic salt vape juice.

The Fresh Vanilla Hyde vape flavor provides a long-lasting french vanilla taste. It has a rich, creamy vanilla taste that is not too overpowering. This makes for a nice all-day vape for adult vapers that enjoy vanilla flavoring.

The VaporLax Captain disposable vape is a sweet and savory cereal vape flavor that provides a creamy base with an extra added sugary and buttery flavor that makes it an easy all day vape. The VaporLax device also provides an industry-leading defective rate, so are assured to get a long lasting disposable vape experience.

Lemon Bar VaporLax disposable vapes are a top selling dessert vape flavor that mix a tart lemon taste with a creamy custard and meringue base. This flavor is a must try for vapers that enjoy a sweet vape.

The Xtra Candy disposable vape provides an ultra-sweet vape juice in an easy-to-use disposable vape device. The mix of sweet candy flavoring makes it a favorite among adult vapers with a sweet tooth.

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