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The Puffco Plus Pen is a critically acclaimed design. Loaded with functionality in a very compact shape, it delivered amazing vapor and performs as an electronic nail while retaining a cylindrical dab pen shape. Check out our review of the Puffco Plus Pen for additional information on the first-generation design.

As the smallest and most travel friendly design in the Puffco Vaporizer Collection, the New Plus Pen delivers easily accessible performance from a device that fits in your front pocket. Slotting in at the same price point as the original Puffco Plus Kit, it is a quality device but also the entry level model in the Puffco Vaporizer Collection

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Puffco New Plus Pen Overview

New Plus Pen Onyx

The original was award-winning, and the new Puffco New Plus Pen is more of an upgrade than a major redesign. This means the same great fundamentals are present but refined. Visually, the smooth exterior of the original Plus Pen is now interrupted with a textured center section. This is the redesigned chamber.

Described as the first “pocket nail”, the mouthpiece houses the Dart, which is a built-in silicone tool for loading concentrate. The same three power settings, and Supercharger are also still present. The color-coding system may seem a bit inscrutable at first but provides great flexibility for a device this size. The 520mAh battery can be revived in 35 minutes, although this style of dock is not as flexible as a USB-C design.


Puffco New Plus Pen Temperature Settings

  • Green (Low): 2.7v (~580°F/304°C)
  • Blue (Medium):  3.2v (~650°F/343°C)
  • White (High): 3.7v (~720°F/383°C)



Puffco New Plus Pen Design

As was the case in the previous generation, Puffco Plus Pen device consists of four main components.  A 510-thread battery is the base of the device. It has one button, which provides all of the controls.

A redesigned chamber makes up the middle component. This element has been enhanced for even better heating performance in the New Plus Pen. The top of the new Plus Pen has a revised mouthpiece.

New Plus Pen Mouthpiece

Conveniently contained within is the built-in loading tool with a silicone tip. It has been slightly reshaped and is perfect for moving concentrate into the chamber. This is a true all-in-one portable dab pen. While the chamber is proprietary, 510-thread carts are compatible with the battery base.

All told, you have a dab pen of about 5’ in length, and only a bit more girthy than a quality writing implement. It is available two colors: Onyx and Pearl. You may also know these colors as black and white. 

Puffco New Plus Pen Pearl

The chamber is made entirely of ceramic. There are also no plastics or glues anywhere in the airpath. The New Plus is a pure conduit of flavor and potency. The cleverly designed dart is made of ceramic and food-grade silicone.


Operating Puffco New Plus Pen

The brilliance of the Puffco Plus Pen lies in its flexible performance. It is a portable, all-in-one dab pen, but manages to offer several useful settings that can all be accessed with a single button in a device the size of a fountain pen.

  • Hold to Heat (Standard Setting): Hold the button
  • Cycle through Temperatures: 4 consecutive clicks of the button
  • Power On/Off device: 5 consecutive clicks of the button
  • Sesh Mode: 2 consecutive clicks of the button


Puffco New Plus Pen Sesh Mode

Much like the original Puffco Plus Pen, the New Plus Pen offers Sesh Mode. In Hold to Heat, the Pucco New Plus Pen shuts down after 8 seconds. Sesh mode exists to extend this timeframe, and it is incredibly easy to activate. Whether mid-session or from scratch, simply click the button twice before holding and Sesh Mode is activated. 12 seconds of continuous vapor will follow.

While Sesh Mode suggests a more advanced setting, it is actually ideal for novices. Unlike the manual heating settings of hold to heat, one push button heats the concentrate at your set temperature. You can explore your preferences quite easily with Sesh mode.

Of course, it has other strengths as well. If you are feeling social, Sesh mode is a great way to share. If you loaded too much concentrate, Sesh Mode is a great way to clear it. If you are looking for extended sessions, well you get the point.

It amps up the firing time of the New Plus Pen. The downside is that the 520mAh will not last as long when firing on 12 second cycles.



Puffco New Plus Pen: Everyday Performance

Discrete and with all-in-one functionality, Puffco New Plus Pen picks up where the last one left off. This translates into a design that can be operated cleanly, and quickly with no fuss or muss.

To operate the New Plus Pen, first remove the top mouthpiece. Nestled within the silicone mouth tip is the Dart extractor tool.  Use this device to load the ceramic chamber with concentrate product and replace the mouthpiece. The button can then be used to designate the desired heat setting, or activate sesh mode. Hold the button and the concentrate is quickly heated and vaporized.

Dart Puffco New Plus Pen

Crucial to the flexibility of this dab pen is that extractor tool hidden within the mouthpiece. It is hard to misplace and easy to clean. No additional extraction tools are required, and it can be returned to its housing in the mouthpiece when you are done.


Puffco New Plus Pen Chamber

Puffco New Plus Chamber

The ceramic chamber is the beating heart of this dab pen. It delivers a truly clean cannabis vaping experience, as the airway is free of any plastic, fibers, or toxic materials. It is just a straight shot from chamber to mouthpiece.

The New Plus Pen has an improved chamber design that heats even more consistently with a bit more pep, making it more competitive with other wax vaporizer dab pens. The bucket itself remains relatively small, an issue ameliorated with the convenient dart device for filling.


Puffco New Plus Pen Vapor Quality

While the heating time of the Puffco New Plus Pen may lag compared to some rivals, the temperature controls and supreme vapor quality remain huge selling points. Coil based vape pens will heat up faster than the ceramic bowl on found in the Puffco Plus Pen series. But while coils can deliver big and thick clouds fast, they also are prone overheating and burning portions of the concentrate.

A ceramic chamber provides a much smoother and more flavorful draw. It may seem like a subjective opinion stated as fact, but a quality ceramic chamber provides better flavor and performance than the faster working coil designs found in less expensive dab pens.

The actual vapor density and rate of consumption remains about even between these designs but the Puffco New Plus Pen is more discrete with more precise notes of flavor. If you are looking for something with a bit more oomph, the Puffco Proxy Pipe, shaped like a gentlemen’s tobacco pipe, is a better choice. It is a modular glass design that features an amazing 3D chamber. The chamber in the New Plus Pen heats from the bottom only. But in terms of compact dab pens with unbeatable flavor and multiple modes, the Puffco New Plus Pen is a the top of its class.


Puffco New Plus Pen Quality

Puffco New Plus Pen Components

While significantly less expensive than the smart rigs like the Peak Pro and other devices in the Puffco vaporizer collection, the New Plus Pen is premium product. The tolerances and precision engineering is on display. The components and replacement components fit snugly. The materials are high-grade, without unnecessary complexity. The built-in dart tool is better executed than in the Yocan Magento. Concentrates slide right off, which is huge. Loading waxes into a small dab pen on the go is surely among the most important steps.


Puffco New Plus Pen Maintenance

With all Puffco devices, it is recommended that the chamber and any surrounding pieces are cleaned after each session. This will improve the longevity of the device and the overall flavor generated by each hit.

As is the case for all Puffco Smart Devices, 91-99% isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, and alcohol wipes are recommended for the best overall clean of any spent resin.



Puffco New Plus Pen Recap

The original Puffco Plus Pen is hardly rendered obsolete and the new Plus Pen shares many of the same great attributes.  

Puffco New Plus Pen Pros

  • Efficient Performance
  • Quality flavor with ceramic chamber
  • Multiple Temperature Settings
  • Extremely Compact


Summary: A worthy upgrade to an already formidable dab pen


Puffco New Plus Pen Cons

  • Unique super-charger universal compatibility of USB-C.
  • Better flavor but not as fast as a coil based dab system.

Verdict on Puffco New Plus Pen

If you are looking for a discrete dab pen with great flavor, the Puffco New Plus Pen is a perfect choice. If you are looking for a more substantial device that can still be toted about, the Puffco Proxy Kit is significantly more expensive but offers 3-D chamber technology and an easy to use single button interface. 

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