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The Puffco Plus Pen might be the most travel friendly device offered in their line-up. Described as a dab pen, it’s more like an electronic nail or e-nail. With a sleek design and a built-in dab tool, it is a convenient and compact device with excellent performance. 

With moderate draw tightness and the ability to extend heating cycles with sesh mode, it is capable of punching above its weight. The compact form does not detract from the quality or smoothness of the vapor. Designed for concentrates, it uses conduction heating and has three color-coded temperature settings. 

The Puffco Plus Kit, slotting in at $89.99, is an affordable entry point into the amazing  Puffco Vaporizer Collection. If you are looking for a personal concentrates device with more robust performance than can be offered in a compact pen, the Puffco Proxy Kit has the form factor of a classic tobacco pipe and is the more formidable device. 

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Puffco Plus Pen Design

The Puffco Plus Pen device is ingeniously comprised of four main parts.  The bottom piece is the battery, the chamber is the middle component, the mouthpiece is naturally the top of the device. It also contains the dart, which is a built-in loading tool with a silicone tip. Relevant information and controls are provided by a button that is clickable and also lights to indicate use or temperature setting. 

Puffco Plus Pen Components

Simple and portable, the parts are easily replaced and interchangeable with new components.

This includes accessories like the the colorful heat-treated style of the 2020 Vision Plus special edition device, the Plus supercharger, and the Plus Silicone device grips.

The Puffco Plus Pen also has 510-threading for the chamber, which makes the battery compatible with 510 carts. Every Puffco Plus pen comes with a 1-year warranty.  

Puffco Plus Kit


Puffco Plus Pen Specifications

  • Exterior Material: Plated Brass
  • Heating Element: Ceramic
  • Device Dimensions: 14mm x 131mm
  • Chamber Dimensions: 14mm x 25mm
  • Battery Dimensions: 14mm x 75mm
  • Battery:  520mAH Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging Cycle: Fully recharges in about 35 minutes with included Super Charger.
  • 35 Watt Max (Sub-Ohm)
  • Super Charger Input: DC5V/1000mA
  • Output: DC4.2V/1000mA
  • Chamber/Airway Materials: Chamber is made entirely of ceramic. Air path is free of all plastics and glues. Dart comprises of ceramic and food safe silicone. 


Puffco Plus Pen Temperature Settings

  • Green (Low): 2.7v (~580°)
  • Blue (Medium):  3.2v (~650°)
  • White (High): 3.7v (~720°)

Puffco Indicator Light


Using the Puffco Plus Pen

The Puffco Plus Pen is a very clever design that lends itself to portability and convenient use on the go. 

The design includes a built-in loading tool or ‘nail’ that allows the user to scoop product with the top part of the device, so no additional extractor tools are necessary.


Featuring a completely ceramic coil, the Puffco Plus Pen also has an innovative heating chamber that is free of any glue, plastics, fibers, or any other toxic materials, guaranteeing a truly clean cannabis vaping experience.

Atomizer Puffco Plus Pen

Prep time for this excellent device is mimimal. To use and enjoy the Plus pen, first remove the top mouthpiece—which contains a silicone mouth tip and the built-in ceramic extractor tool—and load the chamber with the concentrate product and replace the mouthpiece. A simple clickable button can be used to designate the desired heat setting. Hold the button and the concentrate is quickly heated and vaporized.


Puffco Plus Pen Vapor Quality

The size and simplicity of the Puffco Plus Pen design is an asset when it comes to delivering great vapor. There is no secondary heating element, or plate design. The entire bottom of the chamber serves as a conduction heating element. This allows for very even heating. Made of high-grade ceramic, the chamber is optimized for churning out delicious and potent vapor. There are no ancillary plastic components or joints within, making for a durable device that pumps out pure performance. 

The Puffco Plus Pen has superlative flavor but it does not ramp up quite as fast as coil designs, as it relies on the ceramic chamber to first heat. But the chamber, which heats from the bottom, is much less likely to burn concentrate and provides superior flavor. It simply does heat up as quickly as wires.


Accessing Puffco Plus Pen Temperature Settings 

Use the push button to access controls and settings.

  • Continuous hit—hold the button
  • Cycle through Temperatures – 4 consecutive clicks of the button 
  • Power on/off device—5 consecutive clicks of the button
  • Sesh mode- 2 consecutive clicks of the button 


Puffco Plus Pen Sesh Mode

Apart from the standard features and temperatures, the Puffco Plus Pen offers sesh mode. The Plus Pen usually shuts off after 8 seconds of use.

Sesh mode is ideal for extending your session. While the name suggests it is a mode for the most hardcore users, it is actually ideal for a novice. With two clicks, it generates 12 seconds of vapor at the preset temperature, making it a great and easy to use option. 

Sesh mode is also perfect if seshes with friends are the goal. It even has a basic function. If you simply loaded too much material into your Puffco Plus Pen, Sesh Mode is a quick way to clear it out.

To activate Sesh Mode, simply click the button twice and the pen will deliver 12 seconds of continuous vapor. 


Puffco Plus Pen Maintenance

With all Puffco devices, it is recommended that the chamber and any surrounding pieces are cleaned after each session. This will improve the longevity of the device and the overall flavor generated by each hit.

As is the case for all Puffco Smart Devices, 91-99% isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, and alcohol wipes are recommended for the best overall clean of any spent resin. 


Puffco Plus Pen Pros

  • Pocket-friendly  
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sesh Mode 
  • Concentrate-friendly
  • Outstanding Vapor Quality
  • Excellent Flavor
  • Good Vapor Smoothness
  • Low Odor Level

Upshot: A clever and effective dabbing device that delivers Puffco performance in a small package.


Puffco Plus Pen Cons

  • For daily heavy-hitter dabbers, this device may not be the best for sole dabbing use given the size of the battery and chamber.
  • Unique super-charger is quite fast but lacks universal compatibility of USB-C.
  • Sesh mode and higher-temps will drain battery.


Verdict on Puffco Plus Pen

If you are just diving into the world of dabs or looking more into electronic Cannabis vaping devices, the Plus Pen is the perfect starter device. With a compact and slim design, and an all-in-one tool plus heating element, the Puffco Plus Pen will deliver the same great, flavorful hits time and time again, virtually anywhere.  

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