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The performance, technology, and quality of disposable vapes has increased dramatically since the earliest one-time use devices hit the market over a decade ago. Intense flavor, satisfaction, and high puff counts are the calling cards of the modern disposable vape.

But disposable vapes are more than just a reductionist exercise of comparing components. If it were that easy, they would all be interchangeable. Adult vapers have made it clear this is not the case, although the Geek Bar Pulse Collection does feature excellent versions of the most popular flavors in vaping today.

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Geek Bar Pulse

The Geek Bar Pulse provides an incredibly sophisticated vaping experience for a one-time use device. Despite its compact size, it is the world's first disposable with a full-size LED screen. This makes it easier to track the remaining battery life and e-liquid levels. The display also shows cosmic themed animations, ostensibly to remind you that the performance is out of this world.


More germane to the performance of the Geek Bar Pulse, it features a dual mesh coil and a sophisticated dual core. This allows it to provide two different performance settings. These are the higher wattage Pulse Mode and the efficient Regular Mode. You can toggle between these, and they provide totally different vaping experiences within the parameters of an MTL disposable vape. 

Dual COils Geek Bar Pulse


 Geek Bar Pulse Features

  • Nicotine Strength 5%
  • Standard/Pulse Mode
  • Puffs: ~15,000 Standard/~7500 Pulse Mod
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Advanced Dual Core
  • Full Screen Display
  • 82.6mm X 52.6mm X 22.7mm

The Geek Bar Pulse is a beautiful little disposable but is jammed with features. It is only about 3 inches tall, yet the big LED screen and integrated components are not found in any of its rivals. The most important of these is the dual mode functionality.

There are two modes of operation. Pulse mode is the higher wattage setting. In conjunction with the sub-ohm coil, it doubles vapor production and generates intense flavor. Pulse Mode provides unprecedented performance in a compact disposable. The mouthpiece features an enhanced airflow design which helps when up to 20W of power are on tap for each puff. The puff count estimate for Pulse Mode is 7500 puffs.

In regular mode, the Geek Bar Pulse is an incredibly efficient disposable, extracting up to 15,000 puffs from an e-liquid capacity of 16ml. The regular mesh coil has been engineered to generate excellent performance even when at low battery power, to drain less power and burn less e-liquid all while providing dense vapor.


Geek Bar Pulse Interface

The Geek Bar Pulse also features the first full-sized LED screen on a disposable vape, battery life and e-liquid levels can be easily monitored on this prefilled device. The power controls for the Geek Bar Pulse are located on a switch at the bottom. There is Pulse Mode, Regular Mode (the center unlabelled option), and you can also turn the device off by moving the switch to the "Closed" position. This is a great feature that is beginning to appear on more disposable vapes. 


There are beautiful accent lights surrounding the LED screen. If you are in regular mode it flashes green. A rocket ship animation appears when you have selected Pulse Mode. The screen looks simply fantastic and serves a practical function.

Three Geek Bar Pulse Modes

  • Regular Mode: Lights up Green
  • Pulse Mode: Rocket Ship 
  • Close: Device is turned off. 

The ergonomics are great too. Geek Bar Pulse has a transparent shell made of durable but not overly rigid materials to allow for a pleasant vaping experience. All these features are available in a design not any larger than rival disposable vapes, despite having two integrated mesh coils.

Geek Bar Pulse Mouthpiece

Convenience does not suffer. Pre-filled with delicious nic salt e-liquids, using the Geek Bar Puff remains as simple as opening the packaging and taking a puff. No filling is required, and there are no coils to swap. Switch modes with a push of the button to enjoy the wide performance envelope of the Geek Bar Pulse.


Geek Bar Pulse Performance

Adjustable airflow and other premium features have appeared on disposable vapes ever since the graduated from the underpowered vape pens and stick bars, such as those Puff Labs made famous, to the current rechargeable disposable device designs.

Geek Bar Pulse Specs

The Geek Bar Pulse takes this a step further by combining two coils into a single device, each providing unique performance. While the Pyne Pod has a boost mode that ratchets up vapor production and the Snoopy Smoke is essentially two disposables with two coils and two e-liquid tanks connected to a single battery, the Geek Bar Pulse is the first to seamlessly entwine the unique traits of two totally unique coils and power settings.

With refillable pod kits like the Caliburn and Smok Novo 3 peak at about 25w, it is no small deal the sub-ohm coil of the Geek Bar Pulse is handling up 20w of power. You can taste the difference right way. The vapor density and flavor are greatly enhanced, the 5 percent nicotine strength really bites.


Pulse Mode

The Pulse Mode has some serious kick, although it does cut the puff count in half. This makes sense as it increases vapor production and flavor by 200 percent according to Geek Bar. The dual core chip does increase efficiency but there is no way around that vaporizing more e-liquid is required if you want thicker vape clouds, and this also takes more battery power.

It is easy to track the drain on both with the large and easy to read LED screen. The purpose of the cosmic graphics is unclear, although it certainly does not detract. But at the end of the day disposable vapes are utilitarian electronic nicotine delivery systems intended for adults. A bauble might seem to be a great way to get attention, but attention is not always what you want with nicotine prohibitionists and Big Tobacco lobbyists afoot.

Geek Bar Pulse Regular Mode

The name of the device is Geek Bar Pulse. Obviously, the amped up power mode is going to be the most interesting. But regular mode is where this vaping device really shines. The dual core allows the Geek Bar Pulse to draw less battery and e-liquid per puff while still providing satisfactory performance. An estimated 15,000 puffs are the result, which is right up there with the best in class. The smart dual core also allows the Geek Bar Pulse to pump out dense flavor until the low battery finally dies. This is a change from many disposables that really fade when the battery levels drop.

The 650mAh battery is plenty when in regular mode. The flavor quality does not suffer and with the potent nicotine salt e-liquids, the need for a full 20W romp in Pulse Mode is not strictly necessary.


Geek Bar Pulse Flavors

 The Geek Bar Pulse is available in an assortment of the most popular flavors on the market. These are excellent 5 percent strength nic salts formulas and offer very dense flavor without proving too thick to be vaped effectively. This is an issue as 15,000 or even 7500 puffs is a lot to ask of a coil. 


Miami Mint Geek Bar Pulse

Miami Mint Geek Bar Pulse

The Miami Mint Geek Bar Pulse is not the one-to-one equivalent of the popular Miami Mint BC5000. There might be a pinch of tartness behind the hard wintergreen shell but at heart this is a sweet mint, with spearmint and a dollop of ice. This flavor is robust enough to really burst with flavor in Pulse Mode, but is just as comfortable being efficient and discretely handled with the Regular Mode coil. It is one of the best mint disposable vapes. 

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Blue Razz Ice Geek Bar Pulse

Geek bar Pulse

No salt nic disposable collection worth its salt lacks a Blue Razz Ice. This is a charming and nostalgic take on one of the most beloved vape flavors ever. The Blue Razz Ice Geek Bar Pulse plus has gusts of chilly and frosty notes. There is still a lot of sweetness backing this up but enough tart swagger to make for a compelling rendition of a classic. It was a no-brainer to add this great flavor to our list of best blue razz vapes

Best Blue Razz Vapes 

Sour Apple Ice Geek Bar Pulse

Sour Apple Ice Geek Vape Pulse

A great sour green apple nic salt flavor, the ice is pretty punchy in Pulse Mode and the intricate notes really shine in the effective regular setting. With confection inspiration, the Sour Apple Ice Geek Bar Pulse is a balanced all-day vape. 


Fcuking FAB Geek Bar Pulse

Fcucking Fab Geek Bar Pulse

It is unclear how we reached a point where a delicious assorted tropical fruit confection flavor merits such a profane name, but here we are. We will attest that it is fab, with the vibrant essence of candied flavors throughout. The Fcuking Fab Geek Bar Pulse is a top-tier flavor with a rather puerile name. 


Tropical Rainbow Blast Geek Bar Pulse

Tropical Rainbow Geek Bar Pulse

There is no skimping on the confection flavors in the hard-shelled Tropical Rainbow Geek Bar Pulse. We all know which tasty treat the flavors have been patterned after at this point. If you are unsure, just consider why an optimal phenomena based on droplets of water creating a delightful spectrum of light was chosen as a descriptor. They do a great with job with it, and adult vapers show no sign of tiring of these unique, buoyant and nostalgic flavors. 


Watermelon Ice Geek Bar Pulse

 Watermelon Ice Geek Bar Vape

This is a tremendous combination of icy menthol and refreshing watermelon notes. We should be past pretending this tastes strongly like anything you might find in a produce aisle. There are some authentic notes but it reads watermelon flavored confection. And this great flavor delights the taste buds. This is actually the best approach, as there are plenty of sour notes to augment the airy sweetness of the Watermelon Ice Geek Bar Pulse. It is one of the best watermelon vapes and also one of the best lush ice vapes. 

Best Watermelon Vapes


Mexican Mango Geek Bar Pulse

Mexican Mango Geek Bar Pulse

Mango is obviously a super-duper nic salt flavor. It just works in disposable vapes and low-wattage devices. But it also shines at the somewhat higher wattage levels of the Geek Bar Pulse. There are more authentic ripe flavors than you might expect but at the end of the day this is just one of the best mango vapes. The Mexican Mango Geek Bar Pulse is a superb choice for any adult vaper who enjoys rich and fruity flavors. 

Best Mango Disposable Vaoes


California Cherry Geek Bar Pulse

 Geek Bar Pulse California Cherry

Cherry vapes are increasing in popularity again, as the ability to balance artificial cherry flavorings with smooth nic salts seems to have improved industry wide. The California Cherry Geek Bar Pulse is no exception. It is a well-rounded experience, the sweetness does not overwhelm. It really hits and shines in Pulse Mode, where the rush of fizzy cherry essence is positively delightful. 

Juicy Peach Geek Bar Pulse

Juicy Peach Geek Bar Pulse

Ripe peach flavors are met with a strong kick of ice. There are also tart confection flavors inspired by fruit essence in the Juicy Peach Geek Bar Pulse.


Sour Pop Geek Bar Pulse

Blow Pop Geek Bar Pulse

This is not a flavor to be blown off, no matter what you think of the name. It is a nice bubble flavor in a hard shell of confection, pop in this case referring to the snap of gum and not soda in the Sour Pop Geek Bar Pulse.


Geek Bar Pulse Competitors

Mi-Pod has a huge disposable vapes collection because there are so many excellent products. While the differences and changes sometimes seem incremental, the Geek Bar Pulse raises the bar. This does not mean there is no worthy competition, especially since the Geek Bar Pulse flavors are excellent but a close to bog-standard selection with nary a dessert vape in sight. 

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Flonq Max

Shop Flonq Max

The Flonq Max is getting a face-lift with new nicotine strengths, a screen, and multiple nicotine strengths. The great flavors were already there. Whereever long-lasting disposables are being shopped, the Flonq Max belongs in the conversation. 


RabBeats RC10000

Shop RabBeats RC10000

With anti-burn technology, a display monitoring e-liquid and battery life, and tremendous flavors, the RabBeats RC10000 made a strong case for being the best long-lasting disposable vape. By the makers of Lost Mary and EB Create, the flavors are perfect. It holds 18ml of nic salts, a bit more than the Geek Bar Pulse. It is advanced, long-lasting, and hard hitting, remaining the class of the field. 

RabBeats RC1000


IceWave X8500

IceWave X8500

Powered by ZoVoo, the IceWave X8500 exists for but two reasons. The first is to generate ice cold nic salt hits, the second is to generate a ton of ice cold nic salt puffs. The flavors are great, showing up in slightly less icy form in the DragBar B3500. But this disposable vape is the apogee when it comes to coolness. It is not so menthol laden as to be offputting or gross. But there should be no mistaking why it is called IceWave. 

IceWave X8500 Specs


Snoopy Smoke Extra Tank

The Snoopy Smoke Extra Tank is the longest-lasting disposable vape. Each of its tanks hold 18ml of nic salts. It does have two coils like Geek Bar Pulse, but these are installed in the individual tanks and deliver identical performance. 

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This disposable vape could just as easily be called the Snoopy Smoke Extra Coil as well, as each tank is separate and simply draws power from the same battery. The Snoopy Smoke Collection has a strong flavor line-up as well. If you wanted to know what a 36ml disposable vape looks like, Snoopy Smoke has the answer. 

Do not be deterred by the name Extra Tank. The Snoopy Smoke Extra Tank functions as follows. There are two tanks and each has a coil, airflow and its own draw-activation sensor. 

 Snoopy Smoke Extra Tank


Pyne Pod Boost

Pyne Pod Boost

In terms of performance and concept, the Pyne Pod Boost is the closest competitor to the Geek Bar Pulse. It also has a second mode that greatly increases vapor while decreasing puff count. It also is laden with features. Their flavor selection is even a bit more adventurous. It may not have the polish and interface of the Geek Bar Pulse, but the Pyne Pod Boost is a very worth adversary. 

Pyne Pod Boost


Disposing of Disposable Vapes

The use of rechargeable batteries has made disposable vapes more efficient. They are now extracting weeks of performance and multiple charges, all without requiring a fill. But they also cannot be filled and are one-time use devices. 

The very durability that makes them so useful for adults vaping on the go should be kept in mind during disposal. They should be treated with the same respect as any electronic device powered by a lithium-ion battery. 

But first and foremost, make sure you keep your disposable vapes out of the reach of pets and children. 

These are not toys. If you have dropped a disposable vape by accident, you may have been stunned that it did not seem damaged. This is not an excuse to spike them on the ground to see if they crack. They are not indestructible. 

At this point, they are also quite recognizable and when littered give vapers and the vaping industry a bad name. 



Disposable vapes offer a convenient and user-friendly vaping experience, it's essential to use and dispose of these devices responsibly. 

Improper disposal not only contributes to environmental pollution but reflects poorly on an already embattled industry.

All manner of untrue myths swirl around disposable vapes and the adults that use them. Why add to the issue by littering these often brightly colored and easily recognizable devices?

Here are some steps to ensure you're disposing of your disposable vape responsibly:

  1. Deplete the Battery: Drain the battery as much as possible, balancing the e-liquid and battery levels is easier on a device like RabBeats RC10000 which monitors both. Every device discussed here today has a battery monitoring light or display making this easy. 
  2. Locate a Recycling Facility: Many electronic waste recycling facilities accept disposable vapes. Look up local recycling programs in your area and drop off your used device there.
  3. Dispose of in Regular Waste, if Necessary: If you can't find a suitable recycling facility, dispose of the vape in your regular household waste. However, avoid littering at all costs.
  4. Spread Awareness: Encourage fellow vapers to dispose of their disposable vapes responsibly. As a community, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

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