Pyne Pod Boost Review

At a distance of a few feet, the Pyne Pod Disposable Vape, sometimes written as Pyne Pod Boost, looks similar to an Orion Bar OB7500.

It has a transparent case with a visible battery and some dubious rather colorful illustrations atop the section that houses the coil and nic salt reservoir. Closer inspection reveals a unique device with features not found on other disposable vapes.  

The Pyne Pod Disposable Vape Collection features the flavors that adult vapers expect in a disposable vape but upgraded features that can provide a real boost in performance. Mi-Pod carries a wide selection of disposable vapes and is the master distributor for many of the top brands. The Pyne Pod Boost is certainly a competitive device on paper. How does it play out in person. 

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Pyne Pod Boost Specs

  • 5% Nicotine Strength
  • 8500 Puffs Regular Mode
  • 6000 Puffs Boost Mode
  • 550mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging


Pyne Pod Features

  • Draw Activation
  • Selectable Boost Mode to Increase Vapor
  • Boost Setting Indicator Light
  • E-Liquid Display
  • Battery Level Display
  • On-Off Switch


Pyne Pod Boost Technology

Apart from the features found on many high-end and modern disposable vapes, such as an e-liquid level light and battery life display, the Pyne Pod Boost has a feature that allows it complete change its performance envelope.

The Pyne Pod Boost is a draw-activated, mouth-to-lung (MTL) disposable designed for flavorful and potent puffs rather than room filling clouds, but it can ramp up the amount of vapor being created with a click (actually two clicks) of a button.


Pyne Pod Boost Mode 

Most disposable vapes are free of any buttons or complications apart from displays and a charge jack. It won’t take too much customer education to catch up, but the Pyne Pod has a button and its isn’t for show. The small and round button located on the top of Pyne Pod Boost with text next to it that says “2-Click Activation”. 

This button allows adult vapers to access Boost Mode. Clicking the button twice switches between regular and boost mode. These are a high and a low wattage setting. You can track which mode you are in easily.

There is a bright red light within the device which illuminates when you take a draw in high-wattage mode. It switches to green in low-wattage mode.

Pyne Pod has done a great job of integrating its many features, the screen stays on long enough to check battery life, the light that indicates high or low-wattage mode is bright. The e-liquid monitor is colorful and easy to read.



Pyne Pod Boost Performance

Boost Mode provides an increase in the power generated by the 550mAh, 3.7v battery. This requires a chip and a coil robust enough to handle the increased heat.

Boost Mode provides a noticeable increase in flavor and vapor production. But as more vapor equals more e-liquid being vaporized, Boost Mode cuts the puff count from to 6000 from approximately 8500 if you were to remain in the lower power setting for the life of the device. Excessive use of Boost Mode did not seem to hinder the life of the coil or cause a decline in flavor as the device reached the end of its life.


Pyne Pod Boost Review

It is a crowded market when it comes to disposable vapes, and it is especially crowded when you look at USB-C rechargeable, draw-activated models. Check out our review of the longest lasting disposable vapes for a deep-dive into the competition at the top.

Even without the Boost Mode, the Pyne Pod Boost is competitive with other top-sellers. It can produce approximately 8500 puffs with its standard setting, putting it on par with Flonq Max, Orion Bar OB7500, Prime Bar and several other worthy devices. The Pyne Pod does not feel underpowered when running its standard mode.

Use the high-wattage power mode for the full lifecycle of the Pyne Pod Plus and your puff count will dip to around 6000. This slots the Pyne Pod Boost ahead of such luminaries as the Lost Mary OS5000 and the EBCreate BC5000.


Higher-Wattage Disposable Vapes 

It is important to keep in mind that the Pyne Pod Boost’s vapor production is still limited by the 3.7v battery. The devil is in the details with disposable vapes. While the addition of chips allows some tinkering with output, most of the gains and losses when it comes to vapor production and flavor can be tied entirely to coil design and airflow.

Airflow preference is subjective, a comparatively loose disposable vape still takes more effort to “draw” than pod mod. It would be interesting to discover what percent of disposable vape users manipulate the airflow more than once, can detect a difference, or attempt to block airflow holes to make a standard disposable "adjustable". 

Airflow can also be reduced in most models by covering the airhole, although we recommend against such expedients as the device was not designed to operate as such and it can influence how long the coil will perform optimally- although usually the gains are minimal enough that we are talking very fine margins indeed.  


Disposable Vape Coils

Regarding coil design, the resistance of disposable vape coils usually fall within a narrow range of 0.8 to 1.2ohms. This is the sweet spot for nic salts. There is enough vapor and great flavor produced with every puff count. The resistance is high enough so that the e-liquid is not burned through too quickly. The vapor clouds are small enough so that the potency of the nic salts contained within are no overwhelming, and this fairly conservative resistance allows mesh coils to provide satisfactory flavor until the device is finally emptied.

This is a long way of saying, do not expect a freshly charged Pyne Pod Boost to hit like a vape mod, it simply doesn’t have the power and the nicotine strength is much too high for those purposes.



Pyne Pod Boost Flavors

Pynepod Boost Flavors

Just like vapor production and comparing the tightness of the draw in various disposables, the devil is also in the details when it comes to disposable vape flavors. And much like the Pyne Pod Boost kicks out a more impressive amount of vapor per puff despite being under the same power and space constraints as other disposables, it is certainly possible for nic salt formulators to come up with tasty flavor formulas. They do this despite being limited to the same array of flavorings that are found in almost every brand. 

With competition among disposables at a fever pitch, here is a review of the Pyne Pod Boost Collection.


Lemon Lime Pyne Pod Boost

Lemon Lime Pynepod Boost

The Lemon Lime Pyne Pod Boost is one of the most delicious flavors in the line-up. Bursting with citrusy and sweet flavors, it is a refreshing and chilly vape that is sure to be a best-seller. 


Cool Mint Pyne Pod Boost

Cool Mint Pyne Pod

The Cool Mint Pyne Pod Boost is a featured flavor and one of the most popular with disposable vape users. A cool, sweet and wintry mint, there are spearmint notes and a pinch of herbaceous mint in every perfectly balanced puff. 


Blueberry Raspberry Pyne Pod Boost

Blueberry Raspberry Pynepod Boost

With fruit flavors a bit more realistic than a blue razz vape, the Blueberry Raspberry Pyne Pod delivers the tart and sweet mixed berry medley notes that adult vapers love. There is great depth extracted from this blend, with a balanced crispness for all-day vaping. 


Fizzy Cherry Pyne Pod Boost

Fizzy Cherry Pynepod

Fans of cherry flavored vapes will love this sweet and tart cherry blend, which has a unique fizzy mouthfeel that is dripping with flavors. It manages not to overwhelm with cloying notes, while still delivering the robust cherry notes that fans of this flavor expect. 


Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Pyne Pod Boost

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Pyne Pod

The bold flavor of guava has a hard confection level of tart and sweet simplicity. It anchors the flavor profile of the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Pyne Pod Boost. Kiwi adds a sweet twist, with notes of tropical passion fruit rounding out a great flavor with a drop ice. 


Watermelon Bubblegum Pyne Pod Boost

Watermelon Bubblegum Pynepod

The classic chewable watermelon flavor is in full effect in the Watermelon Bubblegum Pyne Pod Boost. There are some fruity flavors to augment the tart and sweet confection notes, making this a delightful option for adult vapers seeking a complex flavor with a hint of chill. 


Sakura Grape Pyne Pod Boost

Sakura Grape Pynepod Boost


With classic grape flavors and a hint of floral sakura blossoms, the chilly and sophisticated Sakura Grape Pyne Pod Boost features on the most novel and enticing new flavors in vaping. 


Strawberry Banana Pyne Pod Boost

Strawberry Banana Pynepod Boost

The Strawberry Banana Pyne Pod Boost will satisfy your cravings for a pair of classic nic salt flavors. The strawberry is well-executed, in that the sweet and overly artificial flavors do not overwhelm. The banana notes are naturally closer to a confection, or at least the old Gros Michel Cultivar, than something you would pick up from a fruit monger, but the combination is still vivid and delicious. 


Strawberry Watermelon Pyne Pod Boost

 Strawberry Watermelon Pynepod Boost

A traditional flavor mix that is not too far removed from being an extra fruity Lush Ice, ripe strawberry notes and entwined with watermelon flavors to create the outstanding Strawberry Watermelon Pyne Pod Boost


White Gummy Pyne Pod Boost

White Gummy Pynepod

The classic white mystery flavor, White Gummy Pyne Pod Boost is a sweet and tart flavor. It tastes a lot like a famous chewable confection and this flavor translate perfectly to a disposable vape. 


Mango Passion Fruit Pyne Pod Boost

Mango Passionfruit Pyne Pod Boost

A tropical fruit inspired fusion of dense flavor and light coolness, the Mango Passion Fruit Pyne Pod Boost has the great mango flavor nic salt vapers love and the hint of sweetness and tartness from the passion fruit flavor is folded into each puff. 


Cantaloupe Apple Pyne Pod Boost

Cantaloupe Apple Pynepod Boost

There are tons of great fruit and ice fusions on the market. This combination of crisp apple and dank cantaloupe flavors is not as common as say Blue Razz but it is delightful. It is juicy and refreshing, with cantaloupe bringing loads of great melon flavor and apple providing a delicious spark in the Cantaloupe Apple Pyne Pod Boost


Colombian Coffee Pyne Pod Boost

Colombian Coffee Pynepod Boost

A full-bodied flavor, Colombian Coffee Pyne Pod Boost is the robust and earthy flavor that fans of coffee vapes need. That it is available in a disposable vape is great news for those adult vapers who are not interested in icy fruit fusions. 


Clear Pyne Pod Boost

Clear Pynepod Boost

Anti-vapers are quite insistent that adult vapers do not deserve the artificial flavorings they prefer but instead should only have access to artificial flavors that closely resemble the flavor profile of combustible cigarettes. 

Who is to say. But the Clear Pyne Pod Boost goes in the opposite direction. A crisp and pure experience with less fruit and beverage flavor than the typical disposable, it is quite a pleasant change of pace. 


Tobacco Pyne Pod Boost

Tobacco Pyne Pod

If you live in an area with a flavor ban, the Tobacco Pyne Pod Boost is a perfect alternative to prefilled gas station pods like Juul and Vuse Alto. This is a robust and realistic tobacco flavor. The Pyne Pod is much longer lasting device with far more features. It uses the same style of nic salts, making it a no-brainer. If you prefer tobacco vapes in general, it is a great and authentic choice.  


Our Verdict: Pyne Pod Boost

The Pyne Pod Boost is handy little disposable vape. It has a high-puff count and great flavors. It has a great display to monitor battery life and an e-juice liquid indicator. These are typical features. The unique feature is the Boost, it provides a real increase in performance. It does cut the puff count a bit but draws out even more of the great flavors. 


Pyne Pod Boost Appearance

The Pyne Pod Boost does not have a kitschy of an appearance as the Orion Bar OB5500 or OB7500, but it is certainly more garish than the EBCreate TE6000 and other designs that use a transparent plastic shell to reveal the innards of the disposable vape.

The vaping industry is not putting its best foot forward with designs that include drawings of space robots and cosmic fruits. The temptation to make a more lurid design is understandable, there are dozens of pastel and shiney one-color disposable vapes on the market already. Maybe there is a nostalgic cohort that is interested in characters that vaguely resemble video game characters from decades past.

Unfortunately, critics of the vaping industry will incorporate any use of imagery and colors into their tedious and constantly amplified attacks on adult vapers. Their goal of abolishing the independent vaping industry, and funneling adults back onto combustible cigarettes or overpriced gas station pod kits with fauxbacco artificial flavors is made that much easier when they can point out anything with a splash of whimsy or color on the vape device. Even if it is blatantly being used to attract Millennial and Gen X vapers who already are in the market. 


Strange Bedfellows: Big Tobacco and Nicotine Prohibitionists


Big Tobacco lobbyists and vaping prohibitionist groups like the Orwellian-named Truth Initiative have no scruples about making misleading arguments. Our industry perhaps be better served with pared down designs and flavor names. But since the crux of the matter is money and threat vaping poses to the tobacco industry, it is understandable with Pyne Pod might want to take some creative risks with their disposable vape design. 

A recent FDA study found that areas with flavor bans witness an immediate increase in tobacco sales. The stakes are very high, as a reality where only cigarettes or Vuse Altos fast approaches. Just in the last month, a bill was submitted to the House and Senate which would make vaping more expensive than smoking by a wide margin. 

Please take the time to make your voice heard by clicking on the image below or visiting their CASAA's National Call to Action to Stop HR 5715 and S2929. 

Fight Vape Tax


Measured on a milligram-to-milligram basis, cigarettes would have a nearly five-fold advantage in terms of tax burden when compared to nicotine from vapes. Snus and smokeless products also fair poorly compared to Big Tobacco's most popular products.

Here is how the federal tax would break down on different types of vapes. Cigarettes will be hit with a tax rate of about $2.00 per pack. 



The decision to punish adult vapers and funnel them onto cigarettes is a curious one. The money raised by these taxes will surely be offset by expenses incurred when cigarette smoking rates increase. Unless we are to believe that nicotine abstinence and prohibition will work this time, despite the FDA's recently released research that found flavor bans increase cigarette sales. 

RJ Reynolds efforts at regulatory capture make sense, they stand to profit if their competition is legally barred from the market and end users must pay a five-fold higher tax rate.

But the willingness of Senators, purporting to despise smoking, to present bills that further Big Tobacco's agenda is quite odd.

The concept of a useful idiot was falsely attributed to Karl Marx. It describes a person propagandizing for a bad cause without fully comprehending the cause's goals. 

Compare US efforts at nicotine prohibition that reward Big Tobacco and strip adult vapers of superior alternatives to the UK's more humane approach to vaping. Their National Health Service hosts both a "Using e-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking" website and "Vaping to Quit Smoking" resource page.

Such a stance is unthinkable in the US. Of course, the NHS is a publicly funded healthcare system and has taxpayer skin in the game. With profit motive removed, they have no choice but to identify the most cost effective health modalities that promote optimal outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Many alternative treatments have been axed by the NHS due to cost or lack of scientific basis, including herbal therapies and homeopathic approaches supported vigorously by King Charles himself. Vaping remains in their good graces because it works, and because the punishment of adult vapers for having the temerity to use nicotine and cigarette alternatives has not been normalized by those in positions of power. 



These are a pair of tasteful and pared down disposable vape designs, so need not be admonished for leaning in a little too heavily on strange images or fonts. But this does not make them any more attractive when tossed in the street in the form of litter. 

We all know that vapers and the vaping industry have a PR problem, which has resulted in adults being denied access to the flavors they prefer. The result has been a calamity. An FDA sponsored study has found that vape sales decrease in areas with flavor bans and cigarette sales increase

Showing appropriate care and respect for disposable vapes is the very least we should be doing. They must be kept out of reach of children and pets. 

Disposable vapes are powered by lithium-ion batteries and should be treated like any electronic device. Curious if your Orion Bar 7500 is as tough as the Go-Pro case it resembles? Don't spike it on the ground to find out. Don't leave it by the curb when it is dead. Don't wrench it apart with a screw driver. 

The safe operation and disposal of disposables is crucial. Improper disposal not only contributes to environmental pollution but reflects poorly on an already embattled industry.

All manner of untrue myths swirl around disposable vapes and the adults that use them. A brightly colored disposable vape and its packaging stick out like a sore thumb when littered. So just don't do it. 

Here are some steps to ensure you're disposing of your disposable vape responsibly:

  1. Deplete the Battery: Drain the battery as much as possible, balancing the e-liquid and battery levels is easier on a device like RabBeats RC10000 which monitors both. 
  2. Locate a Recycling Facility: Many electronic waste recycling facilities accept disposable vapes. Look up local recycling programs in your area and drop off your used device there.
  3. Dispose of in Regular Waste, if Necessary: If you can't find a suitable recycling facility, dispose of the vape in your regular household waste. However, avoid littering at all costs.
  4. Spread Awareness: Encourage fellow vapers to dispose of their disposable vapes responsibly. As a community, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.


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