Posh Max 2.0 Vape Review

The new POSH MAX 2.0 disposable vapes came in last night, so seven new POSH devices were waiting on my desk for review this morning. The POSH Max 2.0 vape is about the same width and thickness as an BC5000 vape by EB Design but stands about ½” taller and has a circular drip tip instead of an oval shape. They have two-toned (black and pastel) molded plastic shells, use a USB Type-C charger, and have no airflow control but decent airflow. The charging/hit light is a ring that runs around the entire base of the device, creating a lot of light when you hit it. A bright light is suitable for being the center of attention at the club but maybe not so good for taking low-profile puffs.

The flavors are all okay on the initial run through the entire collection. A few standout flavors, and a couple were not my favorites. None of the flavors were outright lousy tasting.

The Posh Max V2.0 is a vast improvement in design over the Posh Max original. The Posh Max 1 looked like the Fume Unlimited or Air Bar Box 5000 (the last version). They all look like someone taped two scuba tanks with duct tape with a drip tip stuck on the top. The new design is a rounded corner box similar to the EBDESIGN Bar form factor. It is easier to hold in hand and has a more polished “posh” look and feel. They hit well, providing flavorful puffs, but no headroom to hit harder if you pull harder. This little device seems to operate at 100%, so pulling harder won’t get you additional vapor or more robust vape production. It took me a couple of hours to get used to Max 2.0 puff compared to my other vapes, but once I settled into it, they are all good devices that hit well and taste like they are supposed to.

Posh Max Vape Specifications

  • Operation: Auto-Draw Activated
  • Battery Capacity: Integrated 650mAh Battery
  • Puffs Per device: ~5200
  • Heating Element: Mesh Coil
  • E-Liquid:14ml
  • Nic Strength: 50mg (5%) and 0mg (nicotine-free)
  • Airflow: Non-Adjustable
  • Charging: USB Type-C / Cable Not Included
  • Indicator Lights: Entire bottom lights up when charging or hitting.
  • Dimensions: Approx: 2 ” Tall (3 ½ with mouthpiece) x 1 ” Wide x ¾” Deep

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Breaking Down the Posh Max 2.0 Puff

  1. The Initial Puff is where you get your first taste of the flavor and feel the nicotine hit your body. You'll see how the vape interacts with the vape juice to create a flavor profile and hit strength. You will taste whatever is the most potent flavor initially, then the more subtle flavors in the mix.
  • The flavors all tasted as expected. The fruit-flavored vapes tasted like fruit, and the candied-flavored vape flavors were sweet. All the flavors in this collection are robust and flavorful except for Mint Ice which was weak in the mint department (should have been called spearmint, maybe?). The stock airflow is just okay. It allows for a decent pull, even without an airflow controller. If I allowed equal parts vape and air (from the sides of my mouth on inhale), I could eke out a pho-DTL puff. This device is much better suited for providing MTL puffs.
  1. The Exhale. The exhale is where you feel any cooling ingredients (mint, menthol, koolada). The exhale is also where you have had time to discern any subtle secondary flavors. The "ice" in these vape flavors compliment the main flavoring.
  • None of the primary flavors morphed into new unpleasant flavors on the exhale. You do feel and taste a medium to medium-high amount of ice across the collection. All maintained good flavor on the exhale and provided flavorful semi-robust puffs.
  1. The Aftertaste. Even a great-tasting juice that leaves a foul aftertaste gets low marks because that is how I will remember that flavor between puffs. Some vapes taste great on the initial drag and exhale, but if it tastes good in-between puffs, it inspires you to hit it again soon.
  • The fruit flavors taste good in-between puffs. A couple of the flavors left a slightly odd flavor between puffs. The others left a pleasant, sweet fruit flavor with an iciness that makes you want to return for more. Sometimes I tasted artificial sweetener (Sakura Grape ICE), and sometimes a little chalkiness (Mint Ice).

Posh Vape Flavor Reviews

Below we examine the Posh vape flavors in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength as well as their popular nicotine-free line.

Blue B Ice Posh Max

The Blue B Ice Posh Max 2.0 vape consists of sweet ripe blueberries with medium-high ice and a touch of mint flavoring on the finish. It is sweet and delicious. Without nicotine, the fruitiness pops in this zero Nic alternative. It is much icier than it is minty. The iciness is high, but the mint flavor is low. 

Available in nicotine-free and 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths.

Blue Raspberry Ice Posh Max

Posh added enough fruity sweetness to this berry mix to give it a sweet, candied berry flavor. This is a sweet, candied berry vape with medium-high ice.
I am always apprehensive about trying blue, tri-berry, and raspberry mixes because many manufacturers mess up their berry flavors. Half taste like burnt olive oil right out of the box, and others bury the blueberry so deep in the mix, they could have named it any berry, and you wouldn’t know the difference. That was not the case with the POSH MAX 2.0 Blue Raspberry Ice. BRI could have easily been named Rainbow Blueberry or Blue Gummy if that helps you zero in on the flavor. The amount and type of sweetness taste more like candied blue razz than ripe fresh fruit. It is a little too sweet for me to be my new all-day vape, but if you prefer candied blue raspberry to fresh fruity blueberries, this could be your next all-day vape.

Also available in a nicotine-free version.

Dragon Banana Strawberry Ice Posh Max

Robust sweet strawberries with a touch of ripe bananas, lightly sweetened by dragon fruit. I taste much more strawberry in the mix and significantly less banana flavor. What I can taste of the banana flavor are sweet ripe bananas. The dragon fruit tastes like a cross of kiwi and pear, so its sweetness to the mix is light and measured. The lighter sweetness of the dragon fruit is a perfect sweetener for the already sweet strawberry and banana flavors present in this mix.

The Dragon Banana Strawberry Ice Posh Max is an excellent all-day vape. My hand grabbed this flavor whenever I was not paying attention to it during the review, so I will buy a couple now to have around the house.

Fanta Strawberry Ice Posh Max

Sweet lemon/citrus vape with medium-high ice on the exhale. I didn’t taste strawberries, but it was tasty enough that I couldn’t care less about the strawberries (or lack of them). It is a sweet citrus vape with great ice on the inhale, exhale, and in-between puffs. Between puffs, I get a fructose sweetness with a lot of ice that keeps your tongue and throat iced for several minutes after puffing on this vape. If the in-between puff had provided a little more natural-tasting sweetener, I would have given this vape the highest marks for an all-day vape. The Fanta Strawberry Ice Posh Max is still a fantastic-tasting flavored vape that everyone who likes sweet citrus goodness with ice will enjoy.

Grape Ice Posh Max

This Grape Ice finishes like a sweet, icy grape juice. The Grape Ice Posh Max is an excellent, flavorful vape that finishes with a nice icy splash. Usually, these grape vapes taste like grape cough syrup or cheap wine, but this is a wonderfully sweet and icy surprise. Like the rest of this Zero Nic collection, they turned up the flavors and ice.

Gummy Bear Ice Posh Max

This flavor is accurately named. The Gummy Bear Ice Posh Max is an excellent candied berry vape with medium-high ice. It tastes as much like the candied bare confections as all the other candied fruit vapes with that same name. There are candied berries in there and a medium to medium-high amount of ice. When I close my eyes, I am reminded of the California Cherry flavor from Funky Republic (one of my all-day vape flavors), so I immediately recognize it.

Kiwi Strawberry Ice Posh Max

A blend of sweet ripe kiwis and strawberries with a medium-high icy finish. No mint or menthol is flavoring to detract from the fruit flavors, but it is relatively high ice, so guessing koolada.

The fruit flavors in the Zero Nic version of the Kiwi Strawberry Ice Posh Max 2.0 is sweeter than in the Nic version. It is an excellent tropical kiwi blend with medium-high to high ice. You can taste a lot of sweet kiwis, strawberries, and icy menthol on the exhale.

Available in nicotine-free and 50mg (5%) strengths.

Mint Ice Posh Max

Medium strength spearmint flavors with medium ice. This flavor hits a little weakly for a sweet, peppermint-flavored vape, but it hits all the marks as a spearmint-flavored vape. This vape reminds me of a juicy spearmint gum flavor from yesteryear.

It is less robust than one would expect from a mint vape, but this toned-down version is again perfect if you enjoy a less intense spearmint-flavored vape. Between puffs, I got high iciness (menthol throat hit), medium spearmint flavors, and a chalkiness on the exhale.

This flavor is available in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength and nicotine-free versions.

Peach Kiwi Ice Posh Max

An excellent reproduction of ripe, sweet peaches with a medium-high iciness that makes the primary flavors pop. Some peach vapes go overboard on the sweetness. This peach variant includes some subtle sourness and tartness from the kiwi that mirrors those additional elements in peaches. The Peach Kiwi Ice Posh Max is the perfect marriage of flavors. It has a lot of iciness on the inhale, it feels like peppermint on the exhale and in-between. There is a lot of ice, but it works with the other flavors for a refreshing and robust vape experience.

While I enjoy the flavor of other peach vapes, this is the first with an interesting enough flavor profile to vape all day. In between puffs, it leaves a pleasant, sweet peach flavor with a lot of iciness, cooling your throat and mouth for several minutes after vaping.

Sakura Grape Ice Posh Max

This is a very familiar tasting Sakura Grape Ice flavor, like the flavor you would taste from any other collection. POSH sets itself apart by turning down the sour grape a few notches and cranking up the ice. The finished flavor is a nice spin on an old friend. It is not as intense as some Sakura grape vapes that taste like grape cough syrup or sour grape juice. POSH MAX 2.0 Sakura Grape Ice finishes like a sweet and icy grape juice.

Sakura Grape Ice is another flavor I always thought was too intense for a good all-day vape, but the combination produces an excellent-tasting all-day vape.

Strawberry Ice Posh Max

The Strawberry Ice Posh Max 2.0 blends a semi-sweet strawberry taste with a crisp mint. The mint plays with this strawberry vape fruit flavors, leaving an odd taste reminiscent of strawberry toothpaste. I was expecting something sweet and fruity akin to strawberry jam, but this was surprisingly not very sweet or tasty.

Watermelon Ice Posh Max

This is a robust, sweet, accurate watermelon flavor that I could vape all day. The flavors are excellent! It is sweet, ripe melon goodness in every hit, followed by medium iciness that does not detract from the fruit flavors. Less ice was a good call for reproducing a sweet melon vape.


These devices hit well and provide flavorful puffs. They are accessible to palm, and you can get a solid MTL or eke out a pho-DTL with some work. The flavors are all good. They taste like they are supposed to. Most flavors are medium to medium-high sweetness and provide medium to medium-high ice.

I have been vaping these flavors for a couple of days, and they are all excellent. If you change the Mint Ice name to Spearmint Ice, it would provide a more accurate representation of the flavor profile. It is a pleasing flavor, just not what you are expecting.

These are a good choice if you need an excellent Bar-style vape to provide ~5000 5% Nic puffs. I believe they are even more flavorful than most of their peers in this category.

Compared to the 50mg flavors, the nicotine-free vapes are sweeter, the mint ice is mintier, the fruit flavors come alive, and the odd taste I got from the Posh Max 2.0 Nic line is not present in the Zero Nic versions. Across the Zero Nic collection, the flavors are robust, accurate, and tasty. There are no strange flavors in-between puffs, and the flavors are as the names suggest.

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