Best Cube Vape Replacements

The Cube disposable vapes have been discontinued and will be going away soon! If you can't find the flavor that you've come to know and enjoy, keep reading to find the best replacements on the market for your favorite flavor.

The Cube Disposable and Cube Zero Disposable flavors have unique flavors and hit profiles that were not easy to match. Where most devices are going for more puffs, more flavor, intense ice, and new spins on old flavors, Cube stayed true to its “everyman” middle of the road vape.

The device with its 560mAh battery, semi-tight airflow control and tight breathing hole can supply a robust MTL (Mouth to Lung) hit on its restricted setting and a pho-DTL puff on its least restricted setting.

The juice itself is not overly robust, sweet, or icy. It is for a certain type of vapor that is not continually searching for more robust flavors or sickingly sweet, candied flavors or brain-freeze iced flavors. As a result, most of the Cube flavors make wonderful all-day-vapes. Additionally for every flavor in their Nic line, they have an equally good tasting nicotine-free vape version.

I took all this into consideration and was not looking for “better” flavor replacements, rather I looked for flavors and devices that stayed true to the Cube vibe.

Zero Nic vs Nicotine Bias

This is not a review on the pros and cons of zero Nic vape flavors, or rather I think it hits hard enough without the added pepperiness of nicotine. I am focused on capturing the Cube Zero flavor and device/hit experience for the Cube Zero vapers looking for replacement flavors for their beloved Cube Zero Devices.

Note: If vape juice were salsa, nicotine would be the chili powder that brings the heat. Salsa without the heat is still good salsa. However, if one prefers hot salsa, it will feel like something is missing, no matter how good the taste. The lack of nicotine "heat" was the bias I had to overcome when doing this review. I love hot salsa and vapes full of Nicotine. Vapers that vape for the "Nic hit" will always feel like something is missing without Nicotine.

Cube Vape (5%) Replacements

Below I spent a good deal of time searching, trying, and writing about replacement devices and flavors for of these Cube Zero vapes. I looked for flavor matching, strength/robustness of flavor and ice matching. In the device itself I looked for similar strength puffs, similar airflow, similar draw (from mouthpiece), etc. Basically, trying to replace the experience rather than simply matching flavors. I also pulled in several Cube Zero vapers to verify my findings, or to let me know to keep looking. The Fume vapes line has a very similar hit and experience, which made it a natural fit for many flavors.

Cube Aloe Grape Vape: A flavorful grape with a smooth aloe.

Best Alternatives: Grape Ice Fume Infinity, Desert Breeze Fume Infinity (berry and aloe)

Cube Dragonade Vape: Sweet and sour blend of dragon berry, fruit flavors, tied with a touch of menthol.

Best Alternatives: Kiwi Dragon Berry Esco Bar, Lush Ice Fume Infinity

Cube Energy Vape: An energizing mix of sweet and sour fruits, refreshing on every exhale.

Best Alternatives: Energy by VaporLaxEnergize Lost Mary MO5000

Cube Fresas Con Crema Vape: Sweet, ripened strawberries mixed with a rich and creamy base.

Best Alternatives: Strawberry Cream Draco vape, Strawberry Cream VaporLax Mesh vape

Cube Frostbite Vape: Well-balanced spearmint blend. Leaves a sweet taste after every draw. 

Best Alternatives: Miami Mint Air Bar NEX, Cool Mint Orion Bar 7500

Cube Mango Colada Vape: Creamy and smooth coconut flavor, with a splash of juicy mango taste.

Best Alternatives: Pina Colada Fume Infinity, Strawberry Mango Air Bar NEX, Strawberry Mango Lost Mary OS5000

Cube Melonerry Vape: Crisp, sweet, and sour melons, blended with berries into a rich ripe fruit flavor.

Best Alternatives: Berrymelon Icy FLUM Pebble, Strawberry Watermelon Fume Infinity, Blue Razz Honeydew Orion Bar 7500

Cube Melontini Vape: Melon and pineapple vape flavors collide in this fruity disposable vape.

Best Alternatives: Melon Kiwi Air Bar NEX, Honeydew Pineapple Orange EZBAR

Cube Morango Mango Vape: Sweet mango and fresh orange vape flavors.

Best Alternatives: Mango Ice Fume Infinity, Bahama Mama Esco Bar 6000, Peach Orange FLUM Pebble, Maui Sunrise BOBO Vape

Cube Nirvana Vape: Sweetened fruit flavors blend perfectly in this candied disposable vape.

Best Alternatives: Rainbow Candy Fume Infinity, Rainbow Candy EB BC5000, Rainbow Cotton Candy Esco Bar 6000, Rainbow Skitlz Oxbar G8000

Cube Passi-Flora Vape: Fused sweet passion fruit with aromatic floral flavors for a smooth vape. 

Best Alternatives: Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime Funky Republic Ti7000, Kiwi Fuse Lost Mary MO5000

Cube Razz Lush Vape: Blue Razz and Lush flavors combined into one Razz Lush vape.

Best Alternatives: Berrymelon Icy FLUM Pebble, Raspberry Watermelon Fume Infinity, Raspberry Watermelon EZBAR 5000

Cube Red Apple Vape: A true tasting red apple flavor, bold & crisp with every exhale.

Best Alternatives: Pineapple Apple Pear Lost Mary MO5000, Double Apple Fume Infinity, Double Apple Ice Orion Bar 7500

Cube RY4 Vape: Tobacco with notes of vanilla and caramel.

Best Alternatives: Cuban Tobacco Fume Infinity

Cube Slushy Vape: A medley of berry vape flavors collide in this fruity disposable vape. 

Best Alternative: Tropical Punch Fume Infinity

Cube Strawnana Vape: Sweet strawberry flavor melded with creamy bananas.

Best Alternatives: Strawberry Banana Fume Infinity, Strawnana Oxbar G8000, Black Strawnana Lost Mary OS5000 Luster

Cube Tropic Vape: A simple & satisfying taste of tropical fruits, blended to perfection.

Best Alternatives: Tropical Island Funky Republic Ti7000, Tropical Punch Fume Infinity

Cube Turkish Tobacco Vape: Sweet and mild tobacco.

Best Alternative Vapes: Coffee Tobacco Fume Infinity, Cuban Tobacco Fume Infinity

Cube Wildberry: Mix of several berry flavors, splashing with sweet and tart flavors.

Best Alternative Vapes: Acai Berry Storm Ice Lost Mary OS5000 Luster, Crazy Berry BOBO Vape

Best Cube Zero Alternative Flavors

If you prefer the nicotine-free Cube vape line, called Cube Zero, there aren't many quality disposable vapes on the market that come in nicotine free versions.

The two best nicotine-free disposable vapes that we've tested are the Posh Max 2.0 and BC5000 vapes by EBDESIGN. There are 9 nicotine free flavors available in the BC5000 and 7 zero nic flavors available in the Posh Max line. Unfortunately, there are not 1 for 1 substitutes for all of the Cube Zero flavors. However, you will find many fruit blends available with Posh and EBDESIGN.

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