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Brought you by the same people who are behind the popular Flum Vapes Collection, the UT Bar Disposable immediately belongs in the conversation when discussing the best long-lasting disposable vapes. 

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We provide a more thorough breakdown of vaping performance in the UT Bar Disposable Vapes Review feature. We also previous reviewed a wave of New UT Bar flavors. Click here to shop the complete UT Bar collection. Today we are looking at another wave of tremendous disposable flavor options. To view all of our great options, click here to view our Disposable Vape Collection

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapers are a huge hit with adult vapers because they deliver flavor and satisfaction in an easy to use, reliable and long-lasting package. While most disposables today require charging, this is simply because they hold so much e-liquid that a battery large enough to vape the entire contents would be prohibitively large and expensive. USB-C charging allows for a compact package, and the use of nic salts means that not a huge amount of vapor is required to get the job done. It turns out, this is all most adult vapers wanted. 

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The UT Bar excels in all of these categories, but also closely resembles many of its rivals. In fact, it was engineered by Flum. They make the popular Flum Float and Flum Pebble disposable vapes. With capable rivals like the Flonq Max Collection and Lost Mary Disposables, there is a cornucopia of great options to choose from. 

UT Bar Disposable Vape

Designed and powered by Flum, the UT Bar Disposable holds 10ml of salt nic juice and is good for an estimated 6000 puffs. With a slightly slenderer design than the Flum Pebble, the UT Bar has nicely tapered mouth piece with concave sides. It would look at home as a drip-tip, and provides an enhanced drawing experience when compared to the tapered nubs on most disposable vapes.

The 550mAh battery is USB-C rechargeable, which in conjunction with a sophisticated mesh coil design provides ample flavor and excellent vapor production for an MTL disposable. The UT Bar is a fully modernized design. It features both a power indicator and an e-liquid indicator. This is a huge feature in a disposable as there is no way to peer in to check the e-liquid level and no one likes to be left high and dry when a battery gives up the ghost.

 More Great UT Bar Flavors

Designed and manufactured by the makers of the Flum Float and Flum Pebble, the reliability and performance of the UT Bar is top notch. How does this newest wave of flavors fare?


New Flum UT Bar Flavor Overview

  • Honey Peach UT Bar (Sweet peach with dab of honey)
  • Lone Star Cactus (Orange, Citrus, Ice, and hint of herbaceous cactus notes)
  • Purple Rain UT Bar (Mixed berries, grape and ice)
  • Strawberry Lemonade UT Bar (Strawberry and lemonade)


Flum UT Bar Flavor Reviews

UT Bar is doing more than just wheeling out blue razz and mint flavors, although they have great versions of each. They have a veritable galaxy of sixteen outstanding flavors that cover every base. Here is what our expert reviewers thought of these four most recent additions.

Honey Peach UT Bar

Honey Peach UT Bar

Honey Peach UT Bar is a sweet peach flavor with ripe notes that resemble fruit as much as a peach confection. Many peach flavors overdo it a smidge with the ripe fruit notes but the Honey Peach UT Bar stays in its lane and delivers peachy, sweet notes with a medium level of ice. It is one of the best peach ice disposable vapes.


Lone Star Cactus UT Bar

Lonestar Cactus UT Bar

The Lone Star Cactus UT Bar delivers a unique vaping experience. Our tasters noted sweet and slightly sour orange citrus flavor on inhale and it is hard to miss the cold blast of ice. The cactus is more of a secondary flavor on exhale. If you enjoyed the Orange-Pineapple Soda from Coccus Cooler (before it was discontinued) and have been looking for that same citrus cactus goodness, this vape will be nostalgic.


Purple Rain UT Bar

Purple Rain UT Bar

Not surprisingly, grape notes abound in the Purple Rain UT Bar. But it is just as much a mixed berry and ice platform as well.  Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry are melded into the grape notes to create a very cohesive flavor. Sweet and icy, the robust performance of the Flum-based UT Bar gives adult vapers plenty to work with here.


Strawberry Lemonade UT Bar

Strawberry Lemonade UT Bar

The Strawberry Lemonade UT Bar was the crowd favorite from this group of disposable vapes. You can taste ripe strawberries with sweet lemonade combined to create a tasty strawberry lemonade-flavored vape. There is medium-high ice on the exhale, cooling the throat for several minutes after hitting it. This flavor suits all-day vaping if you like sweet and sour iced fruity vapes like I do. FLUM's Strawberry Lemonade is now one of my favorite Strawberry Lemonade flavored vapes.


Best Disposable Vape Alternative

Mi-Pod 2.0 plus pods

Disposable vapes deliver just about everything an adult vaper seeks: flavor, satisfaction, and ease of use. If you prefer nic salts, discrete vaping, and draw-activated MTL performance they are just about perfect. 

But it is possible to save money and enjoy the great performance that disposable vape users seek. Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pods are an amazing improvement over the previous design and incorporate feedback received by loyal Mi-Pod customers. Designed for the current Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pod Kit, they are compatible with earlier Mi-Pod 2.0 designs as well. These 0.9ohm pods are perfect for enjoying nic salts but can also handle thicker, lower-nicotine e-liquids as well. 

Mi-Pod Replacement Pods are crucial if you want to take full advantage of the flavor and vapor generating performance of a Mi-Pod vape pod kit. Switching to bottled nic salts allows vapers to save money versus disposable vapes and they are exceedingly easy to fill and use. 

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