New UT Bar Flavors

The 10ml UT Bar has always had a great collection of flavors and these four powerhouses augment an already sturdy lineup. For a complete review, check out our UT Bar Disposable Vapes Review feature. Click here to shop the complete UT Bar collection.


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The UT Bar disposable vapes offer a wide range of fresh and exciting flavors for vapers to experience. It's easy to find something that suits your personal preferences.


New UT Bar Flavors

  • Phoenix Sunset UT Bar (Watermelon Chewing Bubble Confection)
  • Cali Blossom (Cherry and cherry blossom with light menthol)
  • Mt. Ranier (Ultra-Cool blast with lemon-lime notes)
  • Black Pink (Rainbow array of flavors inspired by fruit confections)


New UT Bar Flavor Overview

UT Bar Specs

UT Bar Disposables had a pretty clear vision in mind when formulating the salt nic juice found in these disposable vapes. The avoided some of the cookie cutter flavors that appear everywhere while still providing familiar notes that are sure to appeal to the majority of adult vapers. 


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Phoenix Sunset UT Bar

What does a Phoenix Sunset taste like? In the case of the Phoenix Sunset UT Bar disposable vape, a sweet and tart watermelon chewing bubble confection. Hubba Bubba!

It is perfect for those who crave a refreshing vaping experience. The first inhale brings with it the familiar taste of ripened watermelons but with notes that taste quite precisely like a squishy rectangular confection infused with bold watermelon flavors.

The exhale also has this bubblegum zing but never gets chewed over like the item which inspired the flavor. The tart undercurrents make for a perfect all-day vape.


Cali Blossom

The UT Bar disposable vape now offers a unique and refreshing cherry blossom flavor, perfect for those who crave something more delicate. On the inhale, enjoy the freshness of tart cherries blended with subtle notes of floral sweetness. On the exhale, taste a mild coolness that creates an invigorating experience.


Mt. Rainier

As cold as a snowcapped peak, Mt. Ranier unleashes a whiteout blizzard of iced vape flavor. With a hint of tart to balance out the pure coolness makes for an enticing vaping experience.


Black Pink

Skittering across your palate is a rainbow of confection fruit notes delivering an array of tart and sweet flavors. 



  • Operation: Auto-Draw Activated
  • Battery:500mAh
  • Heating Element: Mesh Coil
  • E-liquid Contents: 10ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg/ml)
  • Puffs per device: ~6000
  • Airflow: Non-Adjustable
  • Charging: USB Type-C / Cable Not Included
  • Dimensions: 4” Tall x 1 ¼” Wide X 7/8” Thick
  • E-Juice Ingredients: VG, PG, Benzoic Acid, Flavors, and 5% Nicotine.
  • Indicator Lights: Power and E-Liquid levels. (approximate)


Safety Features

  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-charging protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Included in the Box: 1 UT Bar Device in a sealed bag, 1 Caution Sheet


New UT Bar Flavors Reviewed

Now that the basics are out of the way, what did our panel of disposable vape experts feel about these powerful flavors? They are a picky group and not afraid to let it be known if a flavor is up to snuff. They were very impressed by UT Bar, which is no small deal in a very crowded market.

Phoenix Sunset UT Bar

Phoenix Sunset is a watermelon flavored vape with medium-high ice on the exhale. Between puffs, you taste lush sweetness and ice. Phoenix Sunset isn't minty, so it is probably cooled with Koolada (which would also account for some of the sweetness); after vaping it for a while, the sweetness deters slightly from the finished flavor. The lingering sweetness, robust flavors, and iciness provide a flavorful vape that never gets boring. It is a unique flavor that many will enjoy, myself included. 

Cali Blossom UT Bar

The Cali Blossom UT Bar Disposable Vape is a fruity sweet cherry blossom-flavored vape with medium-high ice. The flavor reminds me of Funky Republic's California Cherry with more floral overtones and ice. In a pinch, it would work as a reasonable replacement. Cali Blossom is not a run-of-the-mill flavor found in other collections. Cali Blossom was one of my favorite flavors from this latest batch of UT Bars. It is a cherry disposable vape done right.

Mt. Rainier UT Bar

The Mt. Ranier UT Bar Disposable Vape is a blizzard of chilly ice with a slight hint of creaminess. It is very icy, almost overwhelmingly cool and intense. There is a tart citrus inspired flavor mired in the glacier of chill, but it is most buring in the avalanche of chilliness.

I enjoyed the sweet and sourness of the lemon-lime. The ice overpowers it, but you taste the sweetness mixed with sourness between icy blasts, and it is a tasty combination! If you are sensitive to iciness, this vape will be overwhelmingly cool; but if you like ice and are looking for a more interesting take on an iced vape, I highly recommend Mt. Rainier.

Black Pink UT Bar Disposable Vape

The Black Pink UT Bar Disposable Vape has rainbow of notes which are reminiscent of a skittering fruit inspired confection.  The iciness level is medium eye, and is a robust blend of sweetness, iciness, and flavor which compares favorably to a similar flavor in the BC5000 version. The UT Bar actually has the bolder and more balanced flavor of the two.  

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