Mi-One Brands Named #1 Workplace in Arizona

Phoenix, Az., – July 17, 2023

Mi-One Brands was selected as the winner of the State of Arizona Top Workplaces for 2023 for organizations with 35 to 149 employees. The rankings were determined by the Energage Workplace Survey, an empirical engagement survey built on sixteen years of data from over 27 million employees and 70,000 organizations.

Mi-One co-founders Geoff Habicht and Amir Hakak also walked away with individual honors as well, as they won the #1 ranking in the Great Leadership category. A well-deserved honor, as they have managed to brave years of headwinds confronting the vaping industry while providing a work environment that fosters self-actualization. 

Our Mi-One Brands company profile on the Top Workplaces website explains the company culture and core principles that serve as the foundation of our business. 

Mi-One Brands

Mi-One Brands is a leading vape distributor, retailer and manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is honored to receive the #1 ranking from the nation’s most credible employer recognition program.

This is no small deal in a political environment where vaping is under constant siege from reactionary regulators relying on outmoded information, heavily funded anti-vaping astroturf groups, and the lobbyists from Big Tobacco who tirelessly attempt to snuff out any alternatives by attempting to impose bans on the flavors most adult vapers prefer. 
Mi-One company leadership created an environment where people can find meaning in their work, and where their well-being is valued. It is a safe space where employees form genuine connections with one another. Employee job satisfaction, and advancement opportunities allowed Mi-One Brands to claim this coveted accolade.
We fundamentally believe that everyone matters and we strive to create an environment where everyone is both seen and heard, where personal growth is as important as professional development, and where everyone shares in our mutual success.  As we elevate the quality of our collective lives in this way, it vibrates outward to have positive impact and heart-centered influence on co-workers, family and the broader community.  We are proud to be able to create the habitat for people to bloom and are grateful for the amazing people that we have the privilege to lead.” 
Mi-One Brands Co-Founder Geoff Habicht 

The Best Workplaces and Great Leadership Awards for Arizona are highly competitive categories. Survey responses reflect a comprehensive picture of the workplace experience. Honorees were selected based on their ability to offer positive outcomes for employees regardless of job role, work status, or demographic identifiers. 
About Mi-One Brands 
Mi-One Brands co-founders Amir Hakak and Geoff Habicht are driven by an important mission: to improve the lives of adult smokers and their families with convenient, efficient, and high-quality vape devices supported by world class customer service. This defines the Great Leadership for which they were recognized. 
Headquartered in Phoenix, Mi-One Brands was a vape industry pioneer and founded in 2008. Before the term vaping was coined, Mi-One Brands was providing innovative alternatives to combustible tobacco products.  Mi-One Brands remains an influential manufacturer, designer, and distributor of high-quality vaping products.  

With a company culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and self-actualization, Mi-One Brands is proud to accept recognition for the Great Leadership shown by our co-founders and the company culture that led us to being named the 2023 Top Workplace in Arizona.  

High Stakes for Adult Vapers

Mi-One Brands is well-aware that there is great demand for the tremendously effective products that we sell. We know that despite the endless unfounded and counterfactual attacks faced by vaping in the US, that the products we sell have positive value.

In the words of Kenneth Warner, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan’s school of public health:

 “The problem here is we have convinced adult America that vaping is as dangerous as smoking — and nothing could be further from the truth.”

Compare the attitude in the US to how the National Health Service in the UK handles vaping. Everyone has skin the game in their system. Funding is critical and they discard any health modality that is proven ineffectual. It is also a system where profiteering machinations of pharmaceutical companies is greatly reduced. Note that they host the website Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking.

In the US, we are approaching a world where the fox is guarding the hen house and the only available vaping products will be ineffectual and outdated models manufactured by tobacco companies like RJ Reynolds. 

Being recognized as the best workplace in Arizona is a step towards acknowledging that not only can Mi-One Brands be the best place to work but that our industry makes positive contributions to the lives of adult Americans. It is a message which has been sorely lacking in recent years. Our victory is a victory for all the vaping industry.

Geoff and Amir accept Top Workplaces Arizona Award

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