New Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pods Review

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pods

The Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pods are an amazing improvement over the previous design and incorporate feedback received by loyal Mi-Pod customers. Designed for the current Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pod Kit, they are compatible with earlier Mi-Pod 2.0 designs as well. 

Mi-Pod Replacement Pods are crucial if you want to take full advantage of the flavor and vapor generating performance of a Mi-Pod vape pod kit. 


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Compared to the competition, these new pods provide robust vapor and flavor production. You will immediately note the difference with the fit and finish. The pod snaps snuggly into place yet can be removed with ease. This is accomplished without being too loose because of the tighter tolerances and Six Sigma quality control. 

The impressive performance and quality tactile feel of the actual Mi-Pod 2.0+ device (and Mi-Pod 2.0 for that matter) pod coupled with Mi-Pod 2.0+ pod result in vape that has a very high-end feel. But the real litmus test is how well it vapes.  

Mi-Pod 2.0+ 2-packs can also be purchased in a case of ten. Mi-Pod 2.0+ 10-Pack contains a total of twenty long-lasting pods. Now let us look at the tangible and empirically demonstrable improvements to the design. This is not just marketing jargon. We used suggestions from vapers on staff and loyal customers to create a perfected version of a Mi-Pod 2.0 pod. 

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pod Improvements

Mi-Pod 2.0 Improvements
  • Tighter tolerances result in a better fit into 2.0+ kits
  • Leak Protection Technology reduces dampness in device and danger of leaks.
  • Sculpted and less-restrictive airflow increases vapor production.
  • Streamlined pod improves fire time and precision of the draw-activation mechanism
  • Greater surface area on the coils e-juice wicking hole provides denser flavor.
  • Larger e-juice wicking holes prolong coil life.
  • Enhanced side-fill port design and juice chamber reduction of juice chamber partitions reduces air bubbles and makes filling even easier.
  • Reduced spitback when vaping.


Mi-Pod 2.0+ Vape Pod Kit

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Image

The new Mi-Pod 2.0+ kits are a pod worthy of an excellent pod kit design. The compact Mi-Pod 2.0+ has great features which make it very easy to vape on the go and a perfect alternative to a disposable vape.

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It starts with the fundamentals, a 1250mAh rechargeable battery. For most vapers, this more than enough charge for a few days. But it recharges quickly with USB-C technology. Whilst draw-activated, it has a discrete on and off power button and 4-Responsive LED lights to help you get the most out of each charge.

With enough battery power and a 0.9ohm coil, it can handle salt nic juice and regular, high-VG freebase e-liquids, and even CBD e-Juices.

Mi-Pod Plus Improvements Deep-Dive

We have covered the general improvements above. Here is how each was executed and what it means for the vaping experience generated.

Mesh Coil

The 0.9 Ohms Resistance Mesh Coil is not overpowered for salt nic juice. Yet there is enough power under the hood to use lower-nicotine freebase e-liquids as well. The size of the juice ports and wicking make vaping these thicker juices easily consumed.

The flavor production and draw have the precision and tightness that disposable vape users seek. An improved coil draw also improves how the draw-activation fires. The flexibility of the coil make it a perfect device for anyone seeking to switch from disposables to a money saving refillable pod kit. It functions just as effectively with high-VG regular e-liquids, thanks to the large oval juice ports carved into every coil.

  • An improved coil to a premium-grade mesh coil allows more airflow than earlier models.
  • Patented OAS system (Oil and Air Separated)
  • Resized and retooled for a better fit into the Mi-Pod 2.0+.
  • Tighter tolerances are apparent when inserting or removing the Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pod.
  • Upgraded Leak Protection Technology.
  • Leaks are no longer an issue with this device.
    • Strengthened rubber plugs protect against side leakage.
    • Interior retooling has reduced stray moisture from creeping out of base or wicking port.
  • Greater Surface area for e-Juice wicking.
    • Larger fill ports prolong pod life and provide more surface area for vaporization
    • Increased flexibility to vape thicker e-liquids, including high-VG juices and CBD vapes.
  • Less-Restrictive Airflow improves vapor production.
    • The improved seal between the Pod and the device provides more vapor per draw.        
    • The MP2+'s bigger battery, increased airflow, sub-ohm resistance, larger wicking holes, and no air leaks make for a powerful vape device that delivers superior puffs.  
  • Easier side-filling prevents air bubbles.
    • Interior hardware and sub-divisions moved to provide a clear path for filling.


Vaping the Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pods

mi-pod 2.0+ image

I filled the new 2.0+ Pod with my favorite juice and placed it in a fully charged MP2+ device. I waited five minutes for the cotton to soak up enough juice for a good puff, then hit it.

The puff was perfect! There is ample airflow for a strong MTL or even a decent DTL puff. The sub-ohm mesh coil, tight box, good airflow, and 1250 mAh battery provide strong, flavorful puffs. Compared to earlier MP2 devices, the new MP2+ allows more airflow, more juice on the cotton that can keep up with that sub-ohm hit, and a 1250 mAh battery. Outwash from the side of the pod has been removed and t he finished puff is terrific!

Pod Specs

Here is a link to the Mi-Pod 2.0+ user manual for more specific manufacturing information.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Box

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