Fifty Bar versus RAZ TN9000

Every adult vaper who uses disposables must be aware of the technology convergence by now. With similar batteries, mesh coil designs, and flavor options, there is a ton of overlap between products. Flashy new features and a bold appearance is one method that companies use to distinguish their product in a very competitive market.

Another option, adopted by almost every brand, is to provide an ever-expanding line-up of confection-infused fruit flavors encased in a chilly layer of menthol. The coolness is ubiquitous as it preserves coil life in long-lasting disposable vapes. The fruit themed offerings simply represent the most popular and delicious artificial flavors. Whether it is kombucha, hard seltzer, confections, or beverages, the most popular vape flavors closely mirror what is found in other consumable products.

Master Vape Juice Formulators 

The most difficult way to make your disposable vape stand out in terms of performance requires master formulators to devise unique flavor combinations that are not common but still appeal to adult vapers.

The Fifty Bar and RAZ TN9000 are perfect examples of this. Their line-ups naturally included solid great versions of vaping’s greatest hits: Mint, strawberry, mango, and sundry offer sweet, cool flavors.

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What sets these two disposable devices apart, and explains their great popularity, is that they also feature an impressive array of dessert infused flavors you simply won’t find in other devices.

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Previous RAZ TN9000 and Fifty Bar Reviews

As a pair of devices with a lot of wonderful flavors, they have both been previously reviewed. 

Features: Fifty Bar versus RAZ TN9000

Raz v Fifty Bar

Apart from the Raz TN9000’s 0.96” HD screen, this is a pair of straitlaced disposable vapes. They have attractive colors, nice offset mouth pieces and are made of materials that feel nice in the hand. Neither has a boost, and there are certainly disposable devices with a great e-liquid capacity.

The RAZ TN9000 is a smart vape, it has a screen with graphics that represent both charging and vaping. It provides real-time e-liquid and battery life monitoring. The Fifty Bar monitors battery level but not e-liquid.

Fifty Bar Specs

  • 50mg Nicotine Strength
  • 6500+ Puff Count
  • 14ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • 400mAh Battery
  • Draw-Activated
  • Mesh Coil


  • US Made e-Liquid
  • Beard Vape Co. Flavors
  • Assembled in US
  • Anti-Burn Technology

Fifty Bar: Assembled in America Fifty Bar Image and Specs

The Fifty Bar has two claims to fame. The first is that it is assembled in America. The second, and more germane to this comparison, are its flavors. Crafted by American masters for the American palate, they have host of incredibly bold dessert flavors. Many are call-backs to simpler days when 18650-battery powered box mods with temperature and fire-breathing sub-ohm coils ruled the market.

Many of these are evolutionary versions of classic Beard Vape Co. juices but they also offer some great versions of the flavors that adult vapers seek in disposables.

The Fifty Bar also has anti-burn technology in its coil, an underrated feature. Using the industry standard conversion rate, a 6500-puff count seems a bit conservative for a 16ml device. It seemed to have parity with my Ice Wave and the RAZ TN9000 when it came to longevity.


  • Nicotine Strength 5%
  • 96" HD Display
  • 12ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • ~9000 puffs
  • USB-C Charging
  • Mesh Coil
  • E-Liquid and Battery Life Indicator
  • Vape and Charging Animations
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 85mm x 50.8mm x 26mm 

RAZ TN9000

 RAZ TN9000

The Raz TN9000 is a bit more advanced in terms of features than the Fifty Bar. It has a big and cool screen. The screen shows how much e-liquid and battery life is less. In theory, it generates more puffs than the Fifty Bar but has a slightly smaller e-liquid capacity.

Fifty Bar Flavors

Making a great disposable vape is not just an exercise of increasing the amount of hardware jammed inside a one-time use device.

Adding a SMART LED screen, dual mode boost, or a bigger battery is certainly great for bragging rights. And new combinations of mango and menthol are always welcome. Fifty Bar has done something different. Relying on the expertise of Beard Vape Co., a respected legacy e-liquid manufacturer, they have created an array of sophisticated and satisfying flavors that not only taste great for the first puff but are balanced enough to be enjoyed throughout the entire life of a long-lasting device.




RAZ TN9000 Flavors

While the name Raz is not as synonymous with unique flavors formulated for adult vapers, they have also broken out a bunch of options that you won’t find elsewhere. Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Cinnamon, Graham Cracker Twist, Pumpkin Pie Frosting, and Cactus Jack are four examples of the RAZ TN9000 really leaning in with some unique options.



Our Verdict

On paper, the RAZ TN9000 is the fancier device but the Fifty Bar has great build quality, making them quite evenly matched when it comes to puffs and flavors. The lack of SMART LED screen does make the Fifty Bar a bit harder to manage, and its smaller battery needs to be watched without real-time monitoring. 

But the big screen is also a bit wasteful, as it ends up in a landfill, and bright. Most adult vapers realize that their habit needs to be a discrete one. A flashy and swirling LED image can be as much a bug as a feature in these cases.

But what we are here for is the flavor analysis and breakdown. Naturally, this is a largely subjective exercise. Especially when comparing like to like. If someone wants to wager money on their ability to tell apart blue raspberry ice flavors in blind taste test, they are free to do so. But the margins are slim comparing those types of flavors. 

Where both the RAZ TN9000 and Fifty Bar stand out is their use of more complex flavors. There was close parity between the two collection until the most recent Fifty Bar Black Series flavors dropped, as added three strudel inspired vapes, a classic sweet cereal milk flavor, and an excellent butterscotch custard flavor. The Raz TN9000 did launch the Dream Edition, but these are sweeter beverage flavors. Excellent ones, in fact some of the best on the market, but not as groundbreaking as the work Beard Vape Co. is doing for Fifty Bar.

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