RAZ TN9000 Review

The Raz TN9000 is a sharp looking disposable vape with an impressive LED display and adjustable airflow. It can generate a serious amount of vapor for a device loaded with 5 percent nicotine salts, and this is a big part of its appeal.

But as outlined in our feature on the Best Performance Boosted Disposable Vapes, it is not alone when it comes bringing the heat. The core of this great disposable vapes appeal is the selection of flavors available in the RAZ TN9000 Collection.

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All the flavors you find in every disposable device are present. But there are also some great dessert vape flavors of sophistication, which pits it against the Fifty Bar and its Beard Vape Co. nicotine salt options. The Raz TN9000 Dream Edition flavors add even more depth and even more pizazz to an already impressive disposable vape.



  • Nicotine Strength 5%
  • 96" HD Display
  • 12ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • ~9000 puffs
  • USB-C Charging
  • Mesh Coil
  • E-Liquid and Battery Life Indicator
  • Vape and Charging Animations
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 85mm x 50.8mm x 26mm


Raz TN9000 Performance

Performance boosted vapes with Smart LED screens are where it is at for adult vapers today. Adjustable airflow and higher performance combined real-time monitoring of battery life and e-liquid makes these disposable vapes a perfect blend of convenience and performance.

Apart from its attractive screen, the RAZ TN9000 appears are rather unassuming device. There are of course some cool animations, for both charging and vaping, but the design looks more high-quality than flashy. And some of the color coded flavors give a positively retro-vibe.

Screen Graphics Raz TN9000

The device has quality feel to it and is about 3.3” inclusive of a nicely shaped mouthpiece. There are no “Turbo Mode” or “Boost Mode” buttons on the Raz TN9000. The airflow control is located on the base, which is also where the Orion Bar disposables place this switch and the Crazy Ace B15000.

They seemed to play it straight with the puff count, these are always optimistic, as it holds 12ml of e-liquid. The nicotine strength is the industry standard 5 percent. You need to either go nicotine free with a Lost Mary or switch to the impressive Flonq Max Smart to find any other nicotine strength choices in disposable vapes.


Raz TN9000 Adjustable Air Flow

Compared to some of its competition, which double their wattage at the push of a button, a simple airflow adjustment would not seem to be a big performance enhancer. Vapers have been plugging airflow holes since the first cigalikes.

It is easy enough to judge whether you have opened or closed the airflow, as it reveals additional channels for airflow as you slide it from side to side. Cover these airflow channels and tightness of the draw increases and the performance of the device is markedly changed.

If you want to conserve vape juice and battery, or do not need the hardest hit possible of 5 percent strength nicotine salts, the Raz TN9000 provides great flavor and relatively dense vapor when buttoned down.

Raz TN9000 Airflow Controls

When opened up, the mesh coil really gets cranking and it provides a serious punch. And the flavors seem well-suited for every airflow setting. Notably, the coil did not decline markedly in flavor as the author churned through his personal favorite flavor and the longevity did not seem compromised, despite being advertised as a 9000 puff disposable in a world of 15,000 puff count monsters.


Raz TN9000 Flavors

We have already have a Raz TN9000 Dream Edition Flavors Review and now it is time to deep-dive the full collection of unique legacy flavors.


Raz TN9000 Flavors


Raz TN9000 Flavor Review

Almost every single flavor that an adult vaper could ever want is found in the Raz TN9000. But the collection does not seem overwrought or confusing, as there isn’t the usual overlap found in expansive disposable vape collections.


Strawberry Shortcake Raz TN9000

A strawberry and cream vape, there are mild and cakey notes which make the delicious Strawberry Shortcake Raz TN9000 stand out in a field crowded with great flavors. The typical coolness does not overwhelm, and the strawberry notes are quite on point when mimicking the flavor of this quintessential American dessert.

Apple Cinnamon Raz TN9000

The Apple Cinnamon Raz TN9000 encapsulates the essence of a freshly baked apple pie. Its robust apple flavor, tinged with a warm cinnamon spice notes, creates a comforting blend that's akin to a nostalgic dessert enjoyed on a crisp autumn day. Each puff delivers the homely taste of orchard apples enveloped in the sweet, spicy zing of cinnamon.

Blueberry Watermelon Raz TN9000

Combining the sweet aromatic taste of watermelons with the tart tanginess of blueberries, the Blueberry Watermelon Raz TN9000 offers a blissful fusion of summer fruit flavors. Bright, invigorating, and perfect for those seeking a burst of juicy satisfaction.

Night Crawler Raz TN9000

Dive into the mysterious depths of the Night Crawler Raz TN9000, a flavor that is pure in its sweet and tart confection essence. With a name inspired by confection shop worms, rather than something bought at a roadside fishing shop, it is an intriguing and excellent flavor.

Triple Berry Ice Raz TN9000

Treat yourself to the invigorating chill of the Triple Berry Ice Raz TN9000, a frosty berry medley that'll tantalize your tastebuds. It's a symphony of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, all wrapped up in a cool menthol breeze, forming a refreshing treat for berry lovers who appreciate a wintry twist.

Watermelon Ice Raz TN9000

Cool off with the Watermelon Ice Raz TN9000, which combines the natural sweetness of ripe and confection watermelon  notes with an icy menthol exhale. The balance between the mellow, juicy fruit and the cool menthol creates a vape experience that's both exhilarating and immensely satisfying, especially on hot summer days It is a classic Lush Ice disposable vape.

Blue Raz Cotton Cloudz Raz TN9000

Indulge in whimsical nostalgia with the Blue Raz Cotton Cloudz Raz TN9000. This confectionery delight swirls the classic tang of blue raspberry into the airy sweetness of carnival grade spun sugar. The result is a playful flavor that transports you to the giddy yet oddly minatory world of the carnival.

Banana Coconut Raz TN9000

Savor a tropical disposable vape treat with every puff of the Banana Coconut Raz TN9000, where creamy banana notes blend flawlessly with the subtle richness of coconut flavor. This vape is a getaway in every puff, combining beautiful dessert flavors with a hint of tropical paradise.

Cherry Lemon Raz TN9000

The Cherry Lemon Raz TN9000 is a zesty dance of flavors where the bold, tart cherry notes meet a zingy lemon zest. This combination of tangy citrus and succulently sweet fruit delivers a vibrant vape experience. An excellent cherry vape, which is an increasingly popular disposable vape flavor.

Orange Raspberry Raz TN9000

Tang meets sweet with the Orange Raspberry Raz TN9000. The juicy burst of sweet orange flavor is flawlessly paired with the bright notes of raspberries, creating a harmonious, sun-kissed flavor. It's like a refreshing smoothie for your senses, perfectly mingling sharp citrus with a whisper of berry tartness.

Strawberry Ice Raz TN9000

The Strawberry Ice Raz TN9000 offers a delectable blend of ripe, juicy strawberries finished with a cool menthol touch. The warmth of the strawberry flavor, perfectly balanced with frosty ice, makes for an exhilarating disposable vape.

Miami Mint Raz TN9000

Awaken your palate with Miami Mint Raz TN9000, a revitalizing splash of crisp mint that cools and cleanses with every puff. It's a refreshing experience, capturing the vibrant nightlife and sizzling energy of Miami in a minty, palate-pleasing sensation.

Cactus Jack Raz TN9000

Not named after Mick Foley’s WCW wrestling alter-ego, the Cactus Jack Raz TN9000 is a unique blend is formulated to taste like the increasingly trendy cactus beverages on the market rather than a desperate gambit to extract liquid from a succulent plant in the desert.

Graham Twist Raz TN9000

Indulge in the homey comfort of Graham Twist Raz TN9000, which combines the honeyed slathered graham cracker flavor with hint of dessert creaminess. It's a dessert-inspired vape and comparable to some of the Fifty Bar’s Beard Vape Co. flavors in terms of depth and quality.

Citronnade Raz TN9000

Refresh your senses with Citronnade Raz TN9000, a vibrant blend inspired by zesty lemonade with sweet citrus notes. Inspired by the similarlty named beverage, this disposable vape sparkles with the tartness of lemon but is sweetened to perfection, creating a classic flavor that shares flavor elements of a cool glass of thirst-quenching citronade.

Mango Colada Raz TN9000

Drift off to tropical shores with Mango Colada Raz TN9000, which infuses the lush, juicy essence of mango with the creamy, sweet notes of a pineapple and coconut pina colada vape. This flavor is a vacation in vape form, offering a velvety taste of paradise perfect for lounging under the palm trees.The addition of mango adds a huge amount of perfectly balanced ripeness to a sweet and creamy base.

Blue Raz Ice Raz TN9000

Dive into the chilly bliss of Blue Raz Ice Raz TN9000. This vape takes the bright flavor of blue raspberries and blankets them in a frosty layer of ice, providing an electrifying coolness with the right amount of tang, reminiscent of a frozen berry slushie. A classic and excellent version of a popular and nostalgic disposable vape flavor.

Grape Ice Raz TN9000

Cool down with Grape Ice Raz TN9000, featuring the rich and full-bodied taste of dark grapes followed by a refreshing blast of icy menthol. This flavor is a perfect choice for those who enjoy the deep, decadent flavors of grape with an exhilarating frozen finish.

Pumpkin Pie Frosting Raz TN9000

Embrace the essence of fall with Pumpkin Pie Frosting Raz TN9000. This vape takes the comforting spices and sweet pumpkin flavors of the classic pie and tops it with a dollop of creamy frosting, resulting in a delightful treat that's like enjoying a slice of holiday dessert any time you desire.

Polar Ice Raz TN9000

Experience the extreme chill of Polar Ice Raz TN9000, where the coldest menthol meets a slight pinch of herbaceous mint. It's an arctic adventure for your taste buds, embodying the crispness of a bracing winter breeze in a profoundly refreshing vape.

Dragon Fruit Lemonade Raz TN9000

The Dragon Fruit Lemonade Raz TN9000 is an exotic escape, marrying the unique, mild sweetness of dragon fruit with the tartness of fresh-squeezed lemonade flavors. This vape is a tantalizing tropical refresher, perfect for invigorating your senses on a hot and sunny day.


Our Verdict

Raz TN9000 Specs

The flavors of Raz TN9000 are absolutely bullet-proof and delightful. They explain the products popularity. The airflow and screen are just additional features for perfectly formulated nic salt flavors.

Of course Mi-Pod carries all the best disposable vapes. Check out our extensive disposable vapes collection for more information of the many formidable products which the Raz TN9000 confronts for the business of adult vapers. 

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