Fifty Bar Black Series Flavors

To stand out in a competitive market, disposable vape makers have turned to dual mode devices with Smart LED screens. But at the end of the day, flavor and satisfaction matter most. And while many great disposable vapes boast distinctive appearances, the variety of flavors offered is often quite similar.

Cooling agents help with coil life and burning, so are found in profusion and mixed with a variety of fruit inspired artificial flavors. While these flavors are outstanding, and clearly the ones preferred by adult vapers, there are many great taste combinations that have fallen by the wayside.

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The Only American Assembled Disposable Vape

This is where the Fifty Bar excels. The Fifty Bar Collection features a number of unique and expertly executed flavors. These include the stanrd A sturdy, reliable, and American assembled disposable vape, it is filled with flavors formulated by American masters. Specifically, Beard Vape Co. has lent their expertise.


Fifty Bar Disposable Overview

The Fifty Bar is a delightful disposable with unique flavors. As it is assembled in California, it is also a notable entry in the market. As such, this is not the first time it has been reviewed. Here is our original Fifty Bar Review. We also reviewed the last wave of flavors here in the New Fifty Bars Flavor Review

Fifty Bar Disposable

The new flavors tack a similar course to the original wave, with more dessert oriented options versus filling out their fruit and menthol fusion collection. 

At least using the conversion table in use by other manufacturers, the Fifty Bar rather undersells its puff count at 6500+. This is a robust 16ml disposable vape with a mesh coil and anti-burn technology. Whether this number reflects a realistic estimate or not, the author found that its longevity was pretty much comparable to the 16 and 18ml disposable devices that dot the market. 

Nicely rounded, the centered mouthpiece has absolutely optimized airflow and there are certainly no complaints to be had about the flavor. The USB-C rechargeable battery size might seem to be a step behind compared to some of the 800mAh plus units hitting the market. But with no boost mode or enhanced wattage mode to be supported, it does not really need this to eek out a full day of heavy vaping. 

Fifty Bar Black Series 




Fifty Bar Black Series Flavors

It is not clearly marked on the box, but these five flavors are part of the Fifty Bar Black Series. They device itself is half black with a black mouthpiece. It boasts the same excellent airflow and vapor production of standard models. 

While there is no boost mode, this thing holds US made e-liquids with a nicotine strength of 5 percent. It has plenty of performance for an e-liquid of this potency. The need for a direct-lung, 22-watt disposable vape can be debated both ways. But the Fifty Bar never feels underpowered, although the lack of an e-liquid indicator is a miss.  

Apple Super Strudel Fifty Bar

A dessert associated with Bavaria makes a bold appearance in the most American of disposable vapes. You need not be familiar with the pastries of the Black Forest to enjoy this well cobblered together combination of crisp apple, buttered smooth pastry, and kick of creaminess. Ten out of ten, no notes.  

Blueberry Super Strudel Fifty Bar

The French may be famous for patisseries but the German favorites have inspired some great new Fifty Bar flavors. The Blueberry Super Strudel Fifty Bar has notes of creamy cream cheese frosting, the authentic flavors of sugar blueberry filling, and a strong take on what a flaky crust tastes like in vapor form. 

Strawberry Super Strudel Fifty Bar

Another super strudel flavor, hence its name, the strawberry version has a bit more of a creamy element to go with the bold strawberry notes. Like most vape strawberry flavors, it does a good job of taking a confectionary artificial flavor and making something more of it. In this case a lot more, as it is a delightful and outstanding strawberry disposable that manages to stand out in an exceedingly loaded field of strawberry vapes. 

Milky Loops Fifty Bar

Rediscover the joy sweet cereal milk vapes. Once a popular category, it has been largely neglected as the world moved on to disposable vapes with tropical fruit and menthol flavors dominating. As quaint as a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon, the Milky Loops Fifty Bar is an homage to the cereals of the 1980s American childhood. There is a swirl of fruity flavors drenched in a velvety and creamy finish. This is a flavor combination that works just as well in a potent nic salt as in a high-VG vape juice from a mod. Welcome back. 

Butterbean Fifty Bar

The Butterbean Fifty Bar is a butterscotch and vanilla bean custard flavor and not named after the Four Round Boxing Specialist Eric "Butterbean" Esch. But like the boxer, it is draped in the red, white, and blue patriotism as it is in an American formulated vape flavor. And it hits you with an overhand right of sweet and smooth flavor. This is a decadent flavor, competing filling in for the creme brulee style disposables that once were more common. 


Our Verdict

There is not a dud in the Fifty Bar Black Series. These are unique and outstanding flavors, adding needed variety and plenty of delicious taste to a vape industry drenched in similar flavor profiles. 

You will not want to miss the strudel flavors, which are thematic but each has a unique twist. Butterbean is significantly better than the first generation of cream and custard disposable vapes. Don't be deterred, as it has enough depth to be enjoyed all day. Milky Loops is another throwback to a simpler time when adult vapers used incredibly complex mods with buttons and settings. It punches out these still alluring 2015 type flavors but in a spirited and smooth nic salt puff. 

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