Stop the New Mexico Vape Flavor Ban

New Mexico Bill SB 80 would ban sales of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco, even if they’ve been authorized by FDA. 

This means that several products sold in mint, menthol, or wintergreen would be summarily banned without any scientific review by the legislature or state health department. Please click on the CASAA Call-to-Action banner below or click here for more information. 

CASAA New Mexico Banner Flavor Ban

Vapers and business owners who selling vaping products in New Mexico are encouraged to take this opportunity to send a message to your state senator urging them to oppose SB 80 and any other legislation that would severely restrict you access to alternative nicotine products.

Share your story and let politicians know that you vape and you vote. 


A recent FDA study showed that flavor bans increase cigarette sales. Vapers know this first hand, as it is no accident that flavors popular with adults are the same as those found in every consumable from kombucha to hard seltzer.

With youth vaping nosediving since 2019, anti-vaping and anti-nicotine prohibitionists are on the clock to use their lobbying money to deny adult vapers access enact flavor bans. With ever more research coming out about how vaping outperforms nicotine replacement therapy products, flavor bans are in fact anti-scientific.

It is strange that politicians who once claimed to “follow the science” when seeking to impose restrictions on adults now ignore the science when the shoe is on the other foot, instead choosing to impose more restrictions. 

Adult vapers deserve better than a few fauxbacco flavors grudgingly allowed by ill-informed politicians. Access to age-restricted electronic nicotine delivery systems in palatable flavors should be a given. But will soon be taken away unless you demonstrate that your interests are not to be ignored.

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