The Fifty Bar Disposable Vape Review

Fifty Bar: Assembled in America

Vape products built in America. In just one phrase, the Fifty Bar disposable vape pulls the rug out from under a recent line of attack adopted by vaping prohibitionists. 

The US disposable vape market has spoken in terms of customers preferences. Adult vapers seek satisfaction from potent nic salts, sweet and icy flavor fusions, draw-activation, high puff counts and a USB-C rechargeable battery.

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Disposable Vapes

The demands of the average disposable vape customer has resulted in something of market convergence. You will find similar form factors, performance, flavor offerings, and even color schemes. Recently, disposable vape makers have begun to advertise that their nic salt e-liquid formulations are devised by US experts for the American palate.

But one thing the disposable vape market has not been flooded with are disposable devices assembled in the United States. Nor is there a backlog of devices with flavors from the master formulators at Beard Vape Co. Apart from a vape pen from before the rechargeable disposable vape revolution, Beard flavors are not available outside of the bottle. Until now. 

The Fifty Bar Overview

The patriotically themed Fifty Bar checks all these boxes. Cowboy and free range cattle ranching imagery notwithstanding, the Fifty Bar is manufactured in Thousand Oaks, California in the beautiful Conejo Mountain Valley, an area better known for its sylvan oak woods than the Bull of the Woods and his bovine herd. 

More germane to this review, the Fifty Bar Collection currently features five Beard Vape Co. classic flavors, albeit using a less cryptic naming convention than their legacy vape juices. The five beard flavors are The One Vanilla Custard, The One Blueberry Donut, The One Strawberry Donut, Beard Vape Co. No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake), and Beard Vape Co. No. 00 Tobacco Cappuccino.  There are also four signature flavors which would look at home in any disposable vape collection. 

With historic Beard Vape Co. flavors, popular fruit-ice fusions, and competitive hardware underneath, how well does this American entry into the American disposable vapes market fare against its formidable competition?

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Fifty Bar Specs

  • 50mg Nicotine Strength
  • 6500+ Puff Count
  • 14ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • 400mAh Battery
  • Draw-Activated
  • Mesh Coil

Fifty Bar Features

  • US Made e-Liquid
  • Beard Vape Co. Flavors
  • Assembled in US
  • Anti-Burn Technology


Fifty Bar Flavors


Fifty Bars Disposable Vape Review 

Fifty Bar Disposable Vape Specs

Fifty Bar Performance

The anti-burn technology is hugely beneficial because it removes a negative from the disposable vape experience. You need not worry about dry hits and the miserable puffs one sometimes encounters when vaping the dregs of a nearly empty and older disposable vape. 

The mesh coil is of a cutting-edge design. While the battery is not the longest lasting on the market, it has an appropriate power output to deliver outstanding flavor and a solid MTL vaping experience. This is all one needs from a disposable.

If you are looking to Direct Lung vape and chase vapor clouds, a 50mg strength disposable is not the device for you. You can generate some decent vapor but there are plenty of mods, and Beard Vape Co. freebase juices that are more suitable for your purposes. 

The airflow is well-calibrated, with the centrally mounted mouthpiece allowing optimized airflow for all styles of vaping. The designers reckoned the center placement offered superior balanced compared to the more common offset design. The flavors are excellent, and the puff count is estimated at 6500. 


Fifty Bar Appearance

At first glance, the Fifty Bar looks a lot like a cookie cutter disposable. Lozenge shaped, small enough to fit in palm of hand, no buttons, battery indicator light, and USB-C charging port. The Powered by Beard Vape Co. logo on the side of the box is discrete. The names of legacy Beard flavors are not clearly marked.

The device has a sturdy and robust feel, without being overly heavy. The materials have a nice tactile feel and the build tolerances are excellent. 

Closer inspection reveals a bit more detail that demonstrates the excellence of the product. Considerable effort was made to optimize the airflow. The centered mouthpiece is somewhat larger than one would find on a Lost Mary OS5000 or an old Elf Bar BC5000. The two tone color livery is attractive without being garish, although the obligatory pastel color theme is evident. 


Fifty Bar: Assembled in the US

Box of Fifty Bar

You would have to visit the Fifty Bar website to get the full dose of American pride in which this excellent product has been swaddled. The modified Stars and Stripes logo, on both the box and device, is the most obvious giveaway as to this products roots. It is the first modern disposable to be filled and assembled in the US with American made e-liquid. There are other disposables that utilize the skills of American formulators, and nearly every one is influenced by the US market preferences, but no other disposable combines all of these elements. 


Anti-Burn Technology

The Fifty Bar is not state of the art when it comes to indicator lights, but it has a much more important feature: anti-burn technology. The advanced mesh coil has been optimized so that dry hits are not an issue and that the vapor production and flavor do not markedly decline as you reach the bottom of the 14ml e-liquid tank. 


Fifty Bars Flavor Review 

There are three major features that Fifty Bar wants you to be aware of. Their product is assembled in America, filled in America, and the e-liquids are made in the US by Beard Vape Co.

Interestingly, Beard only gets a shout out on the box, which says "Powered by Beard". But those familiar with the most popular Beard e-liquids will find five familiar faces on this list and to go with the familiar bearded man logo on the box. 

The Fifty Bar also features four signature disposable vape flavors which adult vapers have fully embraced. Similar flavors are available from just about every disposable vape manufacturer. These of course are the ubiquitous sweet and icy flavors that dominate the market. The collection is split close to 50/50 between legacy Beard flavors and disposable vape staples. Expect Fifty Bar to add more flavors in the future. 


Strawberry Cereal Donut Milk Fifty Bar

Strawberry Donut Milk Fifty Bar

You may know the flavor elements of the Strawberry Cereal Donut Milk Fifty Bar from such e-liquids as The One Strawberry by Beard Vape Co. Creamy strawberry disposable vapes are having their moment, making the Strawberry Cereal Donut Milk Fifty Bar a timely arrival. Sweet and smooth, the strawberry flavor really pops in this classic flavor. 


Blueberry Cereal Donut Milk Fifty Bar

Blueberry Cereal Donut Milk Fifty Bar

The Blueberry Cereal Donut Milk Fifty Bar was heavily informed and inspired by The One Blueberry by Beard Vape Co. Blueberry has been a great vape flavor since the days before mods even existed. The One Blueberry is pushing a decade since it was released. This is an extraordinarily rich and deep vape flavor, with all the notes that can be inserted into a creamy fruit medley. The cool and sweet milk flavor adds delightful balance to an all-star flavor. 


Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard Fifty Bar

For a name like "The One", there sure are a lot of options. The One Vanilla Custard Donut by Beard Vape Co. may have started life as a high-VG juice but it really shines as the Vanilla Custard Fifty Bar. Another donut inspired beast of a flavor, the sweet vanilla bean notes and creamy custard mouthfeel is extraordinary. A nice custard and vanilla vape, it is a classic dessert e-liquid with the balance to be vaped all day. 


Cinnamon Funnel Cake Fifty Bar

Cinnamon Funnel Cake Fifty Bar

Fans of No. 32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake by Beard Vape Co. will not be surprised to find this flavor reemerging as an instant disposable vape classic. Cinnamon Funnel Cake Fifty Bar tastes exactly as described. It seems to get better as you vape it more, as the warming cinnamon notes and decadent fried cake flavors are sublimely balanced. 


Tobaccocino Fifty Bar

Tobaccocino Fifty Bar

No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco by Beard Vape Co. has had its name shortened, but the Tobaccocino Fifty Bar is its successor. The sweet tobacco flavor is quite authentic with burly and bold notes. The sweet cappuccino inspired flavor has some of the great creamy notes that Beard Vape Co. has mastered, with robust coffee notes that pair perfectly with the tobacco inspired flavors. 


Blue Razzle Ice Fifty Bar

Blue Razzle Ice Beard Vape Co.

The Blue Razzle Ice Fifty Bar features the sweet and nostalgic flavor of blue raspberry buried in a blizzard of ice with a pinch lemon tartness. There are many blue razz disposables, the Blue Lemonade Flonq Max has a similar flavor profile with refreshing lemonade notes, so adult vapers know what to expect with this one. This is not a bad thing as blue razz ice and lemon are a delightful nic salt e-liquid pairing. 

Best Blue Razz Disposable Vapes


Mint Fifty Bar

Mint Fifty Bar

The Mint Fifty Bar is a signature flavor. No line of disposable vapes is complete without a blue razz and a mint flavor. This also means there is a lot of competition. This is a very solid mint flavor. There are sweet mint notes and there is also plenty of iciness. A classic all-day vape flavor, the Mint Fifty Bar is refreshing and balanced. 


Juicy Mango Melon Ice

Juicy Mango Melon Ice Fifty Bar

The Juicy Mango Melon Ice Fifty Bar features tropical mango and ripe honeydew flavors. The frosty finish is not overwhelming but has the requisite coolness for a disposable vape. The Fifty Bar has thrown its Stetson hat in the ring with this flavor, as it offers the exact style of flavor profile that most adult vapers prefer. 

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Aloe Grape Watermelon

Aloe Grapple Watermelon

The Aloe Grapple Watermelon Fifty Bar adds soothing aloe to a mix of grape, apple, and watermelon flavors. These fruity flavors mesh perfectly, with sweet apple and grape notes never overwhelming a confection grade watermelon finish. 


Final Thoughts on the Fifty Bar

If you are looking for a disposable assembled in the US, the Fifty Bar is currently the only game in town. The flavors strike a neat balance of the Beard Vape Co. classic flavors and the signature flavors that one expects in a disposable vape. The vapor production and flavor from the device are excellent. At 400mAh, the battery has the output but not the endurance of some rivals. The 6500 puff count is right on par, and the lithium-ion battery can be quickly recharged with the USB-C port. Alternatives include the similarly sized Flonq Max.

Flonq MAX

Disposing of Disposable Vapes

It is crucial that the vape industry and vapers put their best foot forward. An American formulator and assembly plant is certainly a step in the right direction, as Big Tobacco and the Astro-turf anti-vaping groups are seizing on the Chinese components to besmirch the reputation of disposable vapes.

The pastel colors of the Fifty Bar might be a bit too typical and basic but in general it is not too gaudy. It should still be kept out of the reach of children and pets at all times, as disposable vapes do not have a locking function. 

But the onus is not only on the manufacturers. Disposable vapes are electronic devices and should be treated with respect. Their lithium-ion batteries should be disposed of properly. Disposable does not mean throw the packaging in a mud puddle and chuck the device out the car window when it is finished. There is really no need to crack open disposable vapes, or spike them on the ground to see if they crack. 

Before disposal, draining the battery as much as possible is the best practice. Disposable vapes can be recycled like any electronic device, which can vary depending on locale.

Proper disposal also keeps these devices out of the hands of minors. Even with teen use plummeting and endless unjust restrictions of the flavors adults prefer, minor use remains an existential threat to the industry. Fostering a more positive image of vaping, or at least reducing the visibility of disposable vapes as a one-time use product, will have a positive influence on the environment and how vaping is perceived. 

  1. Deplete the Battery: Drain the battery as much as possible, balancing the e-liquid and battery levels is easier on a device like RabBeats RC10000 which monitors both. 
  2. Locate a Recycling Facility: Many electronic waste recycling facilities accept disposable vapes. Look up local recycling programs in your area and drop off your used device there.
  3. Dispose of in Regular Waste, if Necessary: If you can't find a suitable recycling facility, dispose of the vape in your regular household waste. However, avoid littering at all costs.
  4. Spread Awareness: Encourage fellow vapers to dispose of their disposable vapes responsibly. As a community, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.


Refillable Pod Kits

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Switch to a refillable vape pod kit if you want to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. The same style of mouth-to-lung vaping and draw-activated performance can be enjoyed in a refillable pod kit. Vape pod kits are easier to use than ever. They can last years before the battery finally loses its oomph. 

The issues of short-lived coils and air bubbles forming when filled have long since been resolved in modern pod kits. With access to both the same style of nic salts found in disposable vapes and lower-nicotine freebase juices, refillable devices offer tremendous flexibility. Swapping pods or coils is incredibly easy compared to a box mod.

While you can't simply open a pod kit and puff away moments after purchase, filling only takes seconds. As they are compatible with all nic salt e-liquids, you also have the widest selection of flavor options. 

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