Best Lush Ice Nic Salts

While this article is only examining the best Lush Ice nic salt vape juice flavors, it is important to note that you can still get the fruity lush ice disposable vape in many different styles and brands.

Best Lush Ice Nic Salts

What is Lush Ice Vape Juice?

Lush Ice may be one of the funkiest vape terms that separates a vaper’s vocabulary from the rest of the world. The Lush Ice vape flavor consists of a mix of watermelon, berry and mint flavors that fans of menthol and fruit vapes are drawn to. The vast majority of vape manufacturers produce a lush ice vape flavor, whether it is contained in a prefilled disposable vape or a bottle of vape juice.

Lush Ice VaporLax Salts

Looking for a top-notch lush ice salt nic juice? Look no further than the Lush Ice vape juice from VaporLax. This vape juice provides a sweet fruit base with fresh melon and hints of berry. On exhale vapers will notice an icy taste that will appease menthol vapers. This nic salt juice is sold in 30mL bottles and is available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

Melon Lush Ice Air Factory Salt

The Melon Lush Ice Air Factory Salt vape juice flavor is a sweet lush ice vape that has a very sweet and fruity base. The added minty notes help balance the vape juice out to make it a great all day vape.

Jewel Mint Lush Ice Pod Juice

This lush ice vape juice flavor comes from the popular line of nic salts from Pod Juice. The Jewel Mint Lush Ice vape flavor uses the same base as the popular Jewel Mint flavor but adds fruity kick to it. This lush ice nic salt liquid is perfect for vapers that prefer more of a minty vape than a fruity vape.

Melon Lush Air Factory Salt

Not a fan of minty vape flavors? We’ve got you covered. The Melon Lush Air Factory Salt e-Juice combines melon and berry flavors but lacks the cool mint flavoring that other Lush Ice vape flavors have.

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