Best Puff Bar Alternatives

Puff Bar, one of the leading names in disposable vapes, is now difficult to find due to complications with the FDA. Puff Bar rose to prominence by offering the fruity flavors that adult vapers prefer but unfortunately the former smokers and adult vapers who flocked to Puff Bar will have to look elsewhere.

The reason Mi-Pod offers so many different disposable vape options is to make sure that adult vapers can still find their favorite vape flavor profiles, even if the specific device they prefer is out of stock. This is made easier by the fact that there is so much overlap between disposable eCigs and the varieties of flavors they offer. Just about disposable brand has a mango, blue razz, mint, and lush ice. Here is your guide to the best Puff Bar alternatives.

Best Puff Bar Alternatives

Puff Bar Substitutes

Upon release, Puff Bars were the latest and greatest in disposable vape technology in the vaping world. However, over the last couple of years, they have been surpassed by higher quality disposable vapes that last longer, taste better, and have better defective rates. Below is our list of best alternatives for the Puff Bar. These new, long-lasting vapes give you a better bang for your buck and eliminate the need to carry multiple disposable vapes in your pocket when you leave home.

Mango Puff Bar

Delicious Mango Puff Bar, a perfect alternative to the discontinued Juul Mango pod. This small, portable, Mango disposable vape can be easily replaced by the long-lasting Mango Ice Disposable Vape by VaporLax. It provides a smooth mango flavor and adds a hint of icy mint on the exhale. The Mango Ice VaporLax vape is 5 times larger than the original Puff Bar device, which gives vapers a much more quality alternative.

Blue Razz Puff Bar

Another greatest hit disposable flavor that you can find in a myriad of devices, is the blue razz vape flavor. Our examination of the best blue razz nic salts takes a look into the best blue razz nic salt juices. If you want to stick with an easy-to-use blue razz disposable vape, the options are plentiful. However, our staff pick for the highest quality blue razz disposable vape is the Blue Razz Sirius vape. It’s massive 10ml vape juice tank allows it to be among the longest lasting on the market today.

Cool Mint Puff Bar

If you are a cool mint vaper, the most cost effective way to vape a mint flavor is by using a refillable vape pod device with one of the best mint nic salt juices. If you insist on an easy-to-use mint disposable vape, the Cool Mint disposable vape by Sirius is a high quality mint vape that is long-lasting and flavorful. If you are looking for another mint disposable vape that is smaller and closer to the size of a Puff Bar, the Mint Xtra disposable vape is a great option as well.

Banana Ice Puff Bar

Banana Ice vapes had a brisk rise in popularity once disposable vapes became the popular device for vaping in the US. A ripe banana flavoring mixed with a hint of cool mint provides a unique spin on the popular fruit. Our best banana ice substitute for vapers is the Banana Ice Sirius Disposable Vape due to it's great flavor and long-lasting build.

Grape Puff Bar

Grape disposable vapes usually are among the top sellers for any company that manufactures disposable eCigs. This is potentially due to the spot-on flavoring that grape vapes provide. While other vape flavors can tend to have more of an artificial taste, grape disposable vapes taste just like a fresh grape in every puff. Our expert picks for the best grape Puff Bar alternatives are the Crush Grape Sirius Disposable Vape and the Iced Grape Bomb by Art-X. Both of these disposables provide a quality, long-lasting vape that has a punch of grape flavor.

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