Chicago Vape Flavor Ban Explained

The city of Chicago passed a vape flavor ban on September 9th, 2020 that banned the sale of vapes that contain nicotine and any flavor other than tobacco. The new Chicago ordinance on vape flavors passed in the city council by a 46-4 vote with relatively no room for comment against it due to the COVID-19 epidemic. According to American Vaping Association President, Gregory Conley, the bill’s sponsor alderman Matt O’Shea made a deal with big tobacco in order to pass this legislation. According to Conley, O’Shea “made a deal with the tobacco industry — don’t touch our menthol cigarettes and we will support you banning a tiny percentage of our revenues (flavored vaping products),”

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What Vapes Can be Sold in Chicago?

Due to the city ordinance that was passed in 2020 that banned flavored vape products, these are the only vape products that are legally allowed to be shipped to the city of Chicago:

  • Flavored vape juice that are nicotine-free can still be shipped to Chicago. You can find an examination of the best nicotine-free vapes in our earlier blog entry.
  • Tobacco flavored vape juice with nicotine is still permitted
  • Tobacco flavored disposable vapes with nicotine are still permitted
  • Vape hardware such as kits, coils, batteries, e-cigarettes, and pods that do not contain e-Liquid are still permitted.

Cook County residents outside of the city of Chicago limits are still allowed to purchase all vape products.

Vapes Banned in Chicago

We just reviewed the products that are no longer allowed to be shipped to Chicago, but what vapes have effectively been banned from sale within the city limits?

  • Flavored vape juice (other than tobacco) that contain nicotine can no longer be shipped to Chicago
  • Flavored disposable vapes (other than tobacco) that contain nicotine can no longer be shipped to Chicago

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