Zovoo Dragbar 5000 Vape Review

The Zovoo Drag Bar 5000 disposable vape is 116.5mm (about 4.59 in) tall x 26mm (about 1.02 in) wide. It is constructed of a strong, smooth, brightly colored plastic. It is a tube-shaped disposable with a ½” duckbill mouthpiece incorporated into the body. On the bottom are four airflow holes, a USB-C slot, and a penlight for recharging. They come in very bright colors, mostly banana yellow, lime green, and shades of pink.

The Dragbar Disposable airflow is too restricted for a device to lung puff (DTL). Due to the lack of airflow control, the airtightness, and four very small air holes, the disposable provides a very tight draw. On the bottom of the device, there is an impression next to the other air holes where it looks like they considered adding a fifth air hole but didn’t (I wish they had). That tells me the MTL airflow level is by design.

Dragbar 5000 Specifications

Since there are multiple models of the Zovoo Dragbar, for the purposes of this article we will be focusing on the new, Dragbar 5000. Find the tech specs below:

  • E-liquid Capacity: 13mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: +5000
  • Battery Capacity: 630mAh
  • Resistance: 1.2Ω
  • Battery: Rechargeable via USB-C

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Zovoo Dragbar 5000 vs Dragbar 3000

  • Super Dense Flavor: The updated mesh coil enlarges the heating area and accelerates the heating speed. The vapor tastes quite smooth, dense, and fulfilling.
  • Freshness Keeper: DRAGBAR 5000 adopts 3 techniques to ensure each puff is fresh and fruity.
  • Six layers of Silicone: around the tank prevents leakage and keeps the e-liquid fresh and flavorful.
  • New silicone air-sealed packaging keeps vape juice fresh longer. No oxidation or flavor loss while sitting on the shelf, in transit, or sitting on your shelf.
  • More Juice: 13ML, 5000 puffs
  • Type-C Charging: faster charging.
  • Isolated Condensation Collection for fumes from the Oil Tank: Keeps secondary impure fumes from the tank from getting into your puff. Looks like a cotton donut sitting on top of the tank to isolate spillage from the juice you are vaping.

Zovoo Dragbar Durability

The mouthpiece was molded as part of the device body so that it is very solid. The bottom, however, is a piece of cheap-looking plastic that looks like it was glued to the rest of the body like a cap. I was not sure how the device would hold up upon repeated dropping. I was eager to find out. 10 drops from chest height, nothing. 20 drops from chest height, a few scratches, and the bottom cap piece started to look like it was coming loose. Five hard throws to the ground, it bounced like a golf ball across the parking lot but didn’t break. At this point, the bottom cover was loose and pulled off with some work. I verified they used a 630mAh battery and got a look at the tank, condensation collector, and updated mesh coil.

I tried to hotbox the device to see if I could make it heat up or burn the juice, but due to the tight airflow, it wouldn’t allow me to overtax the system. I was able to pull some decent puffs repeatedly, but the device didn’t overheat or perform unusually even when puffed rapidly.

What Does This Mean for Vapers?

The ZOVOO Dragbar disposable feels like a polished piece of PVC pipe. It is very smooth with no handgrip material. It is sleek, shiny, and very smooth, so it is easily dropped. It is light in the hand (no heft) considering how large the device is. It is durable even though it looks like thick shiny acrylic. It is easily dropped and when dropped bounces like a super ball (see stress test above), however, it is not easily broken or even damaged. If thrown hard enough onto cement just right the bottom comes off but is easily popped back on. I was able to keep vaping from it.

13ml of juice is more than the Dragbar’s 630mAh battery can vape in one charge, so you will need to recharge the disposable a couple of times to use up all the 13mL of vape juice that comes in the tank. Since it uses a type-C charger recharging will go faster but it does not come with a charger so be careful to get the right type-C charger or it will not work. USB-C stands for the shape and type of connector, which is the same for all USB-C cables but not all cables support the same kind of protocols and transfer speeds.

Dragbar 5000 Vape Collection Overview

The flavors found in this collection are common across most other brands. No new names or flavor combinations to wonder about. The Peach Ice is good and tastes like every other disposable Peach Ice. Grape Ice is good and tastes like every other Grape Ice disposable. If you like a flavor from some other manufacturer and see it here, they will taste very similar. The biggest difference will be the extra technology ZOVOO added to this disposable to increase and isolate good flavor. ZOVOO mentions that all their flavors are sugar-free. They do not mention how they sweeten the flavors, but it’s not sugar.

Of note is that ZOVOO included good-tasting tobacco and an authentic menthol cigarette-flavored disposable in this line. Both are very good tasting disposable vapes. As an ex-smoker, I appreciate it when a manufacturer thinks of alternatives for cigarette smokers in their offering.

Dragbar 5000 Flavors

Now let's take a deep dive into each Zovoo Dragbar vape flavor.

Banana Ice Dragbar 5000

After tasting the Dragbar Banana Ice disposable I bought one for myself. The banana flavoring itself is good. It is not a chemical banana flavoring, rather this is a sweet, fruity banana flavor followed by a decent amount of ice. It is a very pleasant flavor; the amount of iciness matches the banana flavor well. I carry this one around for hours at a time.

Grape Ice Dragbar 5000

I got sweet and sour grapes with a medium amount of ice. It was sour enough that I thought I detected melon before reading the label. The Grape Ice Dragbar disposable is enjoyable to vape, and it tastes like icy grapes while being in use. This one left a slight chemical taste between puffs. I can still taste some of the sweet and sour grape fruity flavors in between puffs, but as the sweetness subsides the flavor left in your mouth morphs into a tangy grape chemical flavor. Not my favorite for this reason alone.

Green Apple Ice Dragbar 5000

If you take the good-tasting Dragbar Grape Ice, remove the grape sweetness, and pump up the artificial apple flavor, you have the Green Apple Ice Dragbar flavor. I did not care for it at all. I enjoy sour apples from several other collections, and I loved their banana ice, so I was hopeful, but this one does not deliver for me. It is less of an authentic apple taste and more of a candied apple.

Lush Ice Dragbar 5000

Sour minty melon describes the Lush Ice Dragbar flavor well. I normally do not care for “lush” anything. To date, I have tried a lot of lushes (even dated a few). The name is always misleading. The word Lush is invariably surrounded by fruity-sounding flavors that the vape never tastes like. All the Lush Ice flavors have a certain “sour” taste in common. That said, this is a good Lush Ice. It tastes of watermelon and mint. None of the overwhelming tangy sourness I have come to associate with lush ice flavors.

Mango Ice Dragbar 5000

If you love all the mango vapes, you may enjoy this one. I personally am not a huge fan of mango-flavored vapes unless they nail an authentic sweet fruity mango flavor. This was not that. The Mango Ice Dragbar 5000 does not have the fresh fruit flavors I enjoyed in their Peach Ice, Banana Ice, and Grape Ice disposables. The mango flavor itself is understated, not very fruity, not very sweet, and does not include enough ice to make the flavor that is present, pop. If you are into mild mango vapes, this one might be for you.

Menthol Dragbar 5000

The Dragbar Menthol vape is perfect for ex-smokers or long-time menthol vapers. Nothing but menthol goodness here. The menthol flavoring reminds me very much of the menthol from a popular cigarette brand that I smoked about twenty years ago. The Dragbar Menthol has that menthol flavor, then possibly some very subtle fruit or sweetness far underneath the menthol. This is a good all-day vape.

OMG Dragbar 5000

The OMG Dragbar Vape stands for orange, mango, and guava. At first, I thought, “great guava,” time to grit my teeth and vape some old feet. To my amazement, on my first puff I tasted a sweet tropical blend of fruit flavors. It was sweet and tasty! The OMG turned into a WTF. I still taste the mango and guava, but it is mixed in with other fruit flavors that mix well together for a pleasant vaping experience. I swear I tasted some banana and something else sweet (maybe pineapple?) that I cannot put my finger on.
For me, this flavor was more like, “O.M.G. Dragbar, you got the flavor right! Kudos!”

Peach Ice Dragbar 5000

This is one of the fruit flavors in the collection that I really enjoy. The peach tastes like sweet juicy peaches, the ice is strong enough to pop the flavor profile up a notch. The Peach Ice Dragbar vape also supplies a nice koolada coolness to your throat without menthol overwhelming the peach flavor. I did not go gaga over this flavor, but I respect that it is a great-tasting peach ice on par with any other collection’s peach ice. In between puffs, there is no chemical taste left on your tongue, just a very slight residual peach flavoring.

Strawberry Ice Dragbar 5000

I liked the taste of the Strawberry Ice Drag bar vape. The strawberry flavor was fresh fruit flavoring, not candied fruit. There was just enough ice included to provide some coolness to the back of your throat. The coolness helps the strawberry fruit flavoring pop.

Tobacco Dragbar 5000

This is the star of the collection hands down! The flavor is sweet cigar-quality tobacco that is very pleasing to vape for an ex-smoker like me. My stepdaughter is looking for a Juul vape alternative and wanted to try another tobacco disposable a couple of weeks ago. She tried several tobacco flavors I had on hand. When she vaped the Tobacco Dragbar Vape she just smiled and popped it in her purse. I plan on picking up another for myself now. Follow-up note: She just texted me to buy her another Dragbar Tobacco, so now I need two more, might as well make it three.

In Summary

ZOVOO Dragbar 5000 disposables have several tasty iced-fruit flavors in their lineup. None of their fruit flavors are overly iced. Whatever ice is present, accentuates each fresh fruit flavor without overwhelming or changing the finished taste.

The disposable vape device itself is easy to use. Auto drag, no buttons, no airflow adjustment. To quote Humphery Bogart, “just stick the pointy end in your pie-hole and suck.”

I would have preferred more airflow and all the flavors turned up about 10%. Unlike every other brand, these are not overly strong flavors. However, the tight airflow does require vapers to take a harder hit which does provide a more flavorful puff by density. I would like that density at about double the airflow for deeper and bigger puffs.

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I have the bitter gene so I do not like vape juice with added sweeteners. And I do not like your peach ice. And since VG is more than sweet enough to be the only sweetener in most vape juice, I don’t see why you feel the need to add an additional one.

Andrew Taub December 09, 2022

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