Best Energy Drink Flavored Vapes

The energy vape flavor is a unique flavor that varies with each disposable vape manufacturer. Some disposable brands have a slight carbonated cola taste in their “energy” vape mix but others use a fruity blend of flavors that are similar to popular energy drinks. Some energy drink flavors utilize a sweet fruit mix while others use a balance of sweet and sour flavors to taste like a popular energy drink.

Best Energy Disposable Vapes

As previously discussed, unlike flavors that have transparent flavor names such as “watermelon”, the energy vape flavor has a wide range of meanings. Each disposable vape company has their own take on the popular energy vape flavor. Our vape review staff sampled some of the top energy disposables available for purchase today to find the best of the bunch.

Energy VaporLax Mesh

The VaporLax Mesh Energy disposable vape contains a sweet and sour fruit mix that is comparable to a popular energy drink taste. You’ll notice hints of various fruits along with a slight ice on exhale to round out the vape experience. This high performance disposable has an upgraded mesh coil that provides even more flavor than the previous VaporLax Energy vape.

Energy Kros Nano

The Energy Kros vape is a new disposable vape that has a well-built box shaped style. This energy drink flavored vape has a bit more of a citrus taste than the others with a common namesake. It uses a similar "energy" base flavor but has a sour, citrus hint on exhale.

Grape Energy Elf Bar BC5000

The Grape Energy uses the same great Elf Bar BC5000 model that is wildly popular nationwide due to its strong performance and long-lasting device. The flavor in the Grape Energy has a candied grape that is mixed with a traditional popular energy drink flavoring. You'll taste notes of other fruits mixed with a sweet grape base.

Energy Cube Vape

The Energy Cube Vape has an energy-drink inspired flavor profile (much like the others do) but adds a healthy amount of mint taste on exhale. This is a nice option for menthol/mint vapers that enjoy energy drinks. Furthermore, since the Cube Vapes are available in a quality nicotine-free vape, it offers vapers a way to get the flavor that they prefer without any added nicotine. The Energy Cube also comes in the standard 50mg (5%) nicotine strength.

Energize Lost Mary MO5000

The Energize Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape has flavors familiar to fans of energy drinks and the style of flavorful performance that Lost Mary Vape users have come to expect. 

Devine Kangvape

The Devine Kangvape flavor is available in a wide variety of different models ranging from 1900 puffs to 6000 puffs. You can find this energy drink vape flavor in the Devine Smod Onee Max by Kangvape as well as multiple earlier Kangvape models. The new Smod Onee Max is prefilled with 19.9ml of vape juice that has less of a fruity taste than other energy-drink inspired vapes. The Devine flavor has more of an artificial taste that mimics popular energy drinks on the market.

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