JUUL Vape Alternatives: What Are Your Options if JUUL Is Banned?

On June 23, the FDA issued a Marketing Denial Order to JUUL and ordered the company’s products off of the US market. The order represents the first step in what could prove to be a lengthy process, as JUUL immediately filed suit against the FDA and received a temporary stay on the enforcement of the order. It’s highly likely that this is just the beginning of what could be a lengthy court battle to determine JUUL’s fate. In the meantime, it’s impossible to say whether you’ll still be able to find pods easily if you’re a JUUL user – and with that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to identify some JUUL alternatives that will work for you if your regular JUUL vape pods become difficult or impossible to buy.

The three most common types of vaping devices that people choose as JUUL alternatives are disposable vapes, refillable pod systems and other brands of pre-filled pod systems. In this article, we’ll describe those three types of devices and explain how they compare to JUUL vape pods. We hope you’ll find this overview useful as you consider your options for your next vaping device.

Disposable Vapes

A disposable vape is a pre-filled and pre-charged vaping device that you can use immediately out of the package. Disposable vapes aren’t designed to be refilled when they run out of e-liquid, so you’ll need to buy a new device every few days. Despite the need to buy new devices periodically, though, you may actually find that you’ll spend less on disposable vapes than you do on JUUL pods because of the amount of e-liquid you get for the money. We’ll explain that in greater detail shortly.

Disposable vapes are the simplest vaping devices. To use one, all that you need to do is remove the device from the package and puff on it. There are no pods to replace, and there are also no batteries to charge in most cases. A few high-capacity disposable vapes do have rechargeable batteries, though, which enables those devices to offer even more e-liquid per device.

Disposable Vapes vs. JUUL: How Do They Compare?

These are the three primary ways in which disposable vapes differ from JUUL.

  • Disposable vapes require less maintenance. They don’t require refilling, and only the highest-capacity devices require recharging.
  • Disposable vapes are available in many more flavors. When you use disposable vapes, you can choose from a variety of fruit and dessert flavors that you may prefer over the tobacco and menthol offerings from JUUL.
  • Disposable vapes can cost less than JUUL over the long term. You can buy a disposable vape capable of providing thousands of puffs for around the same price as a pack of four JUUL pods that only contain 2.8 ml of e-liquid in total.

What are some popular disposable vapes?

There’s an enormous level of variety in the world of disposable vapes, and no single article could possibly cover all of the options that are available today. These are a few of the most popular disposable vapes at the time of writing; we think that you’ll be very happy if you select any of them as your JUUL alternative.

  • VaporLax Mesh Disposables: Containing 6.5 ml of e-liquid per device and delivering up to 3,000 puffs, VaporLax Mesh disposables are available in 14 flavors and will give you an extremely satisfying nicotine hit thanks to their upgraded mesh coils.
  • Elf Bars: The new Elf Bar BC3500 and BC5000 deliver up to 3,500 and up to 5,000 puffs respectively and come in delicious flavors like Watermelon Ice and Strawberry Mango.
  • Air Bars: Air Bars are available in a wide variety of flavors and eye-catching designs. We love the Air Bar Max, which delivers up to 2,000 puffs and is available in strengths of 20 and 50 mg. The newer Air Bar vape, the Air Bar Box, includes fewer flavors in the lineup and fewer nicotine options but has a longer life.
  • Hyde Disposables: Hyde is one of the most popular disposable vape brands today, and the legendary Hyde Mag has truly taken the industry to new heights. The gently curved shape of the Hyde Mag feels wonderful in the hand, and the device delivers up to 4,500 puffs.
  • Vaal Disposables: Vaal is another brand that users of disposable vapes are absolutely loving, and the new Vaal Max leads the way with its awesome selection of 16 different flavors. The Vaal Max delivers up to 3,500 total puffs.

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Refillable Pod Systems

Refillable pod systems work much like the JUUL you’re currently using, but the pods aren’t pre-filled with e-liquid. When you use a refillable pod system, you buy bottled e-liquid and fill your own pods. Some pod systems are very compact like the JUUL, and others are a bit larger to offer more e-liquid storage, longer battery life and increased cloud production.

Refillable Pod Systems vs. JUUL: How Do They Compare?

Although pre-filled and refillable pod systems both store their e-liquid in plastic pods, you’ll find that the experience of using a refillable pod system differs somewhat from the JUUL.

  • Using a refillable pod system involves more maintenance. In addition to charging the battery and refilling your pod, you’ll also need to replace the pod or atomizer coil periodically when the flavor quality decreases.
  • Compared to the JUUL, a refillable pod system offers a much greater variety of flavors and nicotine strengths because you can fill your pods with virtually any bottled e-liquid.
  • Refillable pod systems often offer superior cloud production compared to the JUUL. If you find that the JUUL doesn’t deliver a strong enough nicotine hit, you’ll probably find that the experience of using a refillable pod system is more satisfying.
  • Refillable vape pods offer the most cost-effective form of vaping. Most nic salt vape juice bottles come in 30ml and are available at nearly the same price as a 2.6ml pack of Juul pods or a 10ml disposable vape.

What Are Some Popular Refillable Pod Systems?

After disposable vapes, refillable pod systems are probably the next most popular vaping devices on the market today – so there are plenty of options in this category. Here are a few of the most popular refillable pod systems currently on the market.

  • Mi-Pod Pro+: Unbelievably light and compact, the Mi-Pod Pro+ is so light that you can wear it on your neck using the included lanyard. Just fill the pod, wait five minutes and puff to vape. If you’ve never owned a refillable vaping device before, the Mi-Pod Pro+ is an ideal choice.
  • Uwell Caliburn AK2: The Uwell Caliburn AK2 continues Uwell’s long-running commitment to providing top-quality flavor even with the smallest vaping devices. It features a large window that makes it easy to see when you’re running low on e-liquid.
  • Voopoo Vinci: Featuring an available 0.8-ohm pod, the sub-ohm capability of the Voopoo Vinci allows it to deliver impressively large clouds despite its sleek design. You’ll have no trouble vaping all day with this device’s 800 mAh battery.

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Pre-filled Vape Pod Systems

If you switch from the JUUL to another pre-filled pod system, your experience will be much the same as it currently is; you’ll need to charge your device periodically, and you’ll replace your pods when they run out of e-liquid. Buying another pre-filled pod system might be the right choice for you if you want your experience to change as little as possible.

It’s important to remember, though, that no two pre-filled pod systems are exactly the same because the flavors and nicotine strengths differ from product to product. You’ll still be limited to tobacco- and menthol-flavored pods only, but the pods won’t taste exactly the same.

What Are Some Popular Pre-Filled Pod Systems?

If you decide to try another pre-filled pod system, there are two options other than JUUL that you’re likely to find at tobacco retailers: the Vuse Alto and the MyBlu. We’ll discuss them both.

  • Vuse Alto: Vuse Alto pods are available in three flavors: Golden Tobacco, Rich Tobacco and Menthol. The pods are sold in packs of two, contain 1.8 ml of e-liquid each and are available in strengths of 1.8%, 2.4% and 5%.
  • MyBlu: MyBlu pods are available in four flavors: Gold Leaf, Rich Tobacco, Tobacco Ice and Menthol. The pods are sold in packs of two, contain 1.5 ml of e-liquid each and are available in strengths of 1.2% and 2.4%.

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