Lost Mary OS5000 by Elf Bar Vape Review

The Lost Mary OS5000 vape device itself is 1 ¾” wide x 2 ¾” Tall x 1” thick. Out of the top, it has an oval-shaped mouthpiece sticking up ¾.” It has similar dimensions too and slightly rounded corners like a bar of soap. On top of the device is the slot for a type-C charger.

The flap that covers the charge port is hard to open. I see now why several of the devices I was given to test had the little rubber cover torn off. On top next to the charging port is a light that turns green for a full charge, blue for medium, and red for a low charge. At first, I thought the hole on top was the air input, but as I vaped it, I discovered it was the battery-level light. I am not sure where the intake hole is, but it provides enough airflow for a decent MTL (Mouth to Lung).

The front and back are covered in what looks like cheap colored plastic. The top, bottom, and sides are wrapped in a more durable matted plastic that gives it some strength. The mouthpiece is the same textured plastic and is easy to hold in your mouth with the mouthpiece. The texture has some grab to it and the mouthpiece itself is shaped well to fit your mouth.

I could not find any anti-piracy technology on the bar, box, or the case. Bummer. Luckily, Mi-Pod sources Lost Mary Disposables straight from the manufacturer, so if you get them directly from Mi-Pod you can rest assured that no one tampered with them or is selling you clones. That is one of the advantages of buying from a master Lost Mary vape distributor.

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Lost Mary OS5000 Specifications

  • Vape Juice Contents: 13ml
  • Puff Count: +5000
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Recharging: Rechargeable with USB-C *Charger not Included

Even though the parts and pieces are made of light plastic, I “dropped” the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava flavored Lost Mary Bar several times, but it didn’t break or crack. I threw it on cement a little harder several times and it sounded like it was going to shatter (sounded like a cheap toy hitting the ground) not a solid sound when it hit the ground as the Elf Bar made. It didn’t scratch or break after several gravity checks.

The 13ml capacity is a fair amount of vape juice, which means you will not use up all 5000 puffs before the Lost Mary disposable runs out of battery and needs to be recharged. The battery is smaller in size compared to some of the other disposables available on the market, so there is more need to recharge this vape. Recharging is as simple a task as charging a mobile phone with a USB-C cable. A tiny light on top of the device continuously blinks to tell you it is charging. The battery LED indicator changes from red to blue to green as it charges. When it is finished charging it will blink a few times and turn off.

After about a ½ hour of charging I was ready to continue vaping to use up the rest of the e-Juice that was left in the tank after it ran out of battery. The smaller 650 mAh battery means a shorter time of vaping before it needs to be recharged.

Lost Mary Collection Overview

After vaping the collection for two days, I can say that most of their fruit flavors were spot on except for the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. Other than fruit flavors they had a Cotton Candy, Strawberry Sundae, and Cranberry Soda. Of those, the Cotton Candy and Cranberry Soda tasted good, but Strawberry Sunday fell short. There were two flavors that I personally loved (Strawberry Pina Colada and Cranberry Soda). I personally prefer strong natural-tasting fruit flavors for an all-day vape and enjoyed the full line of Lost Mary flavors very much. I set them up next to my printer and vaped them randomly all day for a few days. Most will make an excellent all-day vape.

Lost Mary Flavors

Let's dive into our team's reaction for each Lost Mary vape flavor.

Blue Cotton Candy Lost Mary Vape: Was exceptionally sweet and icy. I enjoyed a few puffs from it throughout the day, but it was a little too sweet for an all-day vape. The flavor is good. One of my co-workers really liked it a lot and bought one for himself. I have mixed feelings. It tastes good, even better than several other cotton candies I have reviewed lately but was a little over the top for me to give it the highest marks, so if you like extremely sweet and icy cotton candy you will really like this vape.

Juicy Peach Lost Mary Vape: This flavor tastes like a sweet peach. Tasty and sweet on the inhale, icy and peachy on the exhale. In between puffs, I get mostly sweetness and some light fruit flavor just under sweetness. I really enjoy this flavor. Peach has never been one of my go-to vape flavors but these taste good enough overall that the peach flavoring was less important. It is a strong MTL hit providing sweet fruit flavor with ice.

Pineapple Mango Lost Mary Vape: I taste both the Pineapple and Mango on the inhale. If you don’t read the product name, you might mistake it for a sweet and sour apple because it is so sweet and fruity. As I concentrated on the flavors, I was able to easily pick out both pineapples and sweet mango. On the exhale I taste just enough ice to accentuate the fruit flavors. Not overwhelmingly icy, nor does it miss enough ice to make the fruit flavors pop. They got it right. In-between puffs the aftertaste is just sweet pineapple and sweet Mango. Nothing unexpected, no strange chemical taste, just sweet fruit.

Strawberry Mango Lost Mary Vape: Remarkably like the pineapple mango flavor I loved so much. A great option for an adult vaper that prefers strawberry to pineapple. A little “darker” profile. Still sweet, still taste the mango and the added fruity twist.
Side Bar: To me, the pineapple flavor in the Pineapple Mango takes front and center. With this Strawberry Mango (or strawberry fruit mix) it is a little tougher to pull out and identify the strawberry from the other tastes. The mango and ice step up in the mix and still provide a nice taste (although quite different from the pineapple version of this mix). When all is said and vaped, it is a fine strawberry/fruit mango favor.

Blueberry Ice Lost Mary Vape: The blueberry is accurate, but it has less ice which makes the blueberry flavor pop less. It is named Blueberry Ice, but there is a little less ice in this one than in all their other fruit flavors. As someone who doesn’t mind ice if it’s there for a reason (like to make fruit flavors pop). In this case, I would have upped the ice to make this flavor comparable to the other excellent fruit flavors. If you are someone that prefers less ice then you are going to love this flavor.

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary Vape: It was nice getting to taste Blue Razz Ice which put blueberries up front in the mix. I can pull out a blueberry flavor that reminds me of the Smoking Vapor Blueberry eCig I loved from yesteryear. This is the same blueberry as they have in their Blueberry Ice, but the raspberry added to this flavor provides the sweetness it needed. I prefer this one to Blueberry Ice for that reason.

Cranberry Soda Lost Mary Vape: Several people on my team like this flavor as their top choice in this collection. It is not my favorite, but I do really enjoy it. You will taste a sweetish fruit flavor paired with a little ice and added flavoring to give it that carbonated drink taste. One of the highest rated Lost Mary flavors amongst the experienced vape staff.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Mary Vape: I am not sure what they were going for with this flavor, but it missed the mark. Either Kiwi, Passion Fruit, and Guava do not taste good together or they just missed the flavor profile completely. Not enough ice to cover up the bad taste so it just sits there on your tongue. I exhaled twice as hard as I inhaled when I tasted it. One of my team that enjoys guava vape hit it and said, "it isn’t as bad as the rest of us thought it was, but it wasn't the best guava I've tried either." Guava is not a favorite in the office, so it is tougher to judge this one.

Strawberry Ice Lost Mary Vape: This is an excellent strawberry ice vape. The strawberry is just lovely. It reminds me of strawberry jam. The iciness compliments the flavor nicely providing a cooling strawberry sensation and an in-between puff flavor that is sweet and tasty. I’m licking it off my lips now and it makes me want more.

Strawberry Piña Colada Lost Mary Vape: This flavor was my favorite. I was a surfer from California, and we drank a lot of Piña Coladas. This flavor took me back to my youth. It comes across as icier than it is because they pumped up the coconut flavoring to the max. That combined with a little ice and other fruit flavors provide an excellent drink-inspired flavor. I can vape this all day and am buying one now.

Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary Vape: This one missed the mark on several fronts. If you expect to taste a sweet sundae flavor forget it. It is not sweet enough, not very icy and the strawberry flavor is subdued and in its place is some taste I cannot identify.

Watermelon Lost Mary Vape: This is an excellent watermelon fruit flavor. It is sweet and icy enough to provide some pop. I get watermelon and ice on both the inhale and exhale. There is no bad taste between puffs, just sweet watermelon. I like this flavor a lot. It would make a nice all-day vape.


If you like sweet, icy, fresh fruit flavors, there are some good ones here. Most (if not all) of their flavors have iciness. (Mint, Menthol, or Koolada). The few that do not have iciness could have used it.

Some of these are excellent, juicy sweet fruit flavors comparable to the flavor from a Vaal Max (sub-ohm vape that hit like a truck). Because of the tight and lowish airflow, you can get a decent MTL from it, but not enough airflow for a DTL (Device to Lung) puff.


I bought a watermelon 🍉 and I love it. My first Lost Mary and I’ll definitely be getting another soon. It seems to be less icy than the Elfbar which I really like but I’m probably gonna use the lost Mary for a while. They are both good elf and Mary just depends on your taste I guess. I give them both 5 ⭐️‘S

Sassy April 17, 2023

As I was reading this to find out how to charge my vape of lost Mary, blue, razz ice, I finally found out that you only need to use a charger that charges my iPad. I was so happy and then while it was charging, I was able to take several hits off of it while it was charging. I love your views of this. My daughter introduced to me, because I have been smoking cigarettes for a year, even though I was a vaper that turned back to cigarettes from some for some crazy reason.

Rhon April 10, 2023

i just stopped smoking cigarettes and kids at my job vape the lost mary. im glad i found one im fond of and its excellent. just got it yesterday and im enjoying it. i sure do love a cotton candy and im so happy that it tastes just like that. i cant pin point the name of why its blue cotton candy. but i sure love it. reminds me of a cotton candy bang. i am sure going to love to try a new flavor after this vape runs out. 10 out of 10 for sure :)

amber April 07, 2023

The Pineapple Mango is my go-to. It takes me back to my childhood days…of cans of Dole pineapple juice. I can’t stand mango…and I get no taste of the mango…just pure pineapple from it!

Jenny January 18, 2023

I’ve had my lost mary for abt 5 to 6 days now and I’m so shocked at how long these last before they die and have to be charged again, mine has lasted me 4 days, and I’ve only charged it once.
The flavor is amazing and the iciness isn’t overpowering neither is the flavor, I have Blueberry ice right now. the prices are amazing. Definitely will be my go-to disposable vape from now on! LOST MARY is amazing.

Layla January 12, 2023

Idk why but the strawberry ice is amazing to me. Reminds me of a strawberry tart. Very good!

John Dough January 12, 2023

I’m new to this type of vape system. I tried the strawberry ice and it is very good. Icy and not too sweet. I like that either flavor is not overpowering. Been using it for 3 days and it finally went to a half charge. Look forward to trying more flavors and love not having to refill juice and replace coils.

Yenoh December 09, 2022

Absolutely love the Strawberry Sundae. Everytime I charge it, it’s like I just bought it has that yummy flavor. Definitely my favorite

Amber December 09, 2022

Strawberry Mango. I’ll tell you what, for a Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable I’m impressed. It has a nice MTL cloud that’s full of flavor. Strawberry with Mango, sweet but not too sweet with a touch of Ice, which surprised me as I’m not a huge fan of ice. The Strawberry is followed by a nice hint of Mango and ice. I purchased this on the recommendation of a friend who purchased the Cotton Candy, which was sweeter than the Strawberry Mango, but not overpowering in the sweetness dept also. For a Disposable, I was surprised it had enough juice in it to need a recharge on the battery. It gave me confidence that I wasn’t throwing my money down the drain and would last long enough to get my money’s worth. Can’t wait to try some of the other flavors that the other reviewers recommended. Well done on the Lost Mary line of disposables.

Paul November 10, 2022

So the cranberry soda is a great tasting and has a good full body taste. Although I like this taste of the strawberry mango full body taste that is a little sweet but I switch off between the cranberry soda and the strawberry peach. Also the grape is also a good tasting Vape that is a little sweet. So when your taste buds it’s not losing the taste of strawberry mango I go to the grape.

Anthony November 07, 2022

I love the Elf Bar in Strawberry Banana! It’s sweet but not overwhelming. The Banana really stands out. I’m very impressed with the prices. I bought a Lost Mary OS5000 in Juicy Peach…it is darn good. Anyway I have a question, when my Elfbar runs out of flavor or tastes burnt can I put peach ejuice in the coil and puff it? I’ve got the best peach and the top of the bar lifted right off.

Kimberly October 28, 2022

Strawberry Sunday is so Amazing reminds me of fruity pebbles and milk. Blue berry Ice is nice but no where close to Strawberry Sundae in my opinion

Ken kearney October 20, 2022

I have tried the strawberry pinã colada and it had too much of a creamy milk taste for me. Not a fan. However, the cranberry soda is fantastic! The only downfall is it tastes burnt way to early. Still blows a lot of vapor but tastes very burnt and I’m disappointed as my elf bars are usually good till the end (except watermelons ice which was my favorite until it also tastes burnt too early. All the other elf bars are pretty good. I’ve tried 10 flavors and they last a lot longer as far as flavor is concerned. I don’t recommend strawberries and cream. Tastes like sour milk. My favs are blue razz ice, rainbow candy, peach berry and kiwi guava. Excellent vapes. Best I’ve ever had! I’ll still buy the cranberry soda even though it doesn’t last as long because it’s so delicious!

BrattyHyena October 19, 2022

Best tasting pineapple flavor I’ve had in a long time. However, I’ve had mine from September 1st to today, September 8th, and it’s already burnt. Every time I get a new type of disposable vape I use a counter app to see how many puffs you actually get out of it before the cotton burns. Elf bars have given me 2785 puffs at the low end and just over 3k puffs at the high end. Mind you these are 2-3 second pulls 5 pulls at a time. (trying to be as accurate as possible) The Lost Mary on the other hand only gave me 1265 before having a mild after taste of burn on pull 3 and full burnt taste on pull 5. I don’t smoke a lot so something like an elf bar normally lasts me 12-14 days before it has a burnt taste. I’ve charged the lost Mary twice since getting it. Overall it’s a solid, delicious tasting vape, but it came 1500 puffs short of a regular Elf Bar for some reason. Makes no sense since they’re both made by Elf Bar.

Patrick September 09, 2022

In reference to the Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary vape, I find the taste to be very similar to Nesquik strawberry milk. It was my favorite for the longest for that reason. I am excited to try the Cranberry Soda Lost Mary vape. Actually, after reading your reviews, there’s a few that I cannot wait to try out.

Jessica Sanderlin September 02, 2022

Best vape I’m ever tried watermelon was the first 10 out of 10 trying the juicy peach next

Aaron Lowery September 01, 2022

Love Elf Bars and can imagine Lost Mary will be similar to quality. Just purchased Cranberry Soda. Excited to try it!

Lauren Gober August 01, 2022

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